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Use nimble in a sentence

Definition of nimble:

  • (adjective) mentally quick
  • (adjective) moving quickly and lightly

Sentence Examples:

The Irish mind, besides being very nimble, is subtle and complicated.

He was well nourished, gifted conversationally, of a nimble wit, resourceful, apt.

Quickly her nimble fingers unbound the leather bridle from the tree.

My heretofore nimble mind has been coagulated by a pair of innocent blue eyes.

With nimble fingers she unfastened this and dropped it upon the deck.

Active, lively, smart, agile, nimble, quick, smart, alert, spry, spirited, vivacious, sprightly.

Spry and nimble, he was up one of the dead trees in a jiffy.

And off he went, looking up towards the sky, nimble as a roebuck.

Then, impishly, she faced him, buttoning it with nimble fingers the while.

She danced with full-bodied enjoyment, chatting vivaciously, with a nimble, flash-like wit.

Then a spry, nimble form dropped from the car roof to the platform.

She was a little bewildered at first; but she had a nimble brain.

His nimble hands flew at the pages like a dog at a woodchuck hole.

His words, like so many nimble and airy servitors, trip about him at command.

He was strong and nimble, and his voice was as tuneful as a bell.

With a snort he turned about, and gave chase to the nimble little Frenchman.

In a way it is like football, as the nimble aggravation dances to and fro.

Light as a butterfly, nimble as the lightning, and with a voice like a skylark!

Vanish, my tall shoemakers, my nimble brethren; look to my guests, the prentices.

The reeve was a powerful athletic fellow, but Wilfred was light and nimble.

Green fields and running brooks laid no spell of allurement on his nimble fancy.

Active, brisk, nimble, agile, smart, lively, sprightly, spirited, supple, quick, spry, ready, prompt.

They are said to be brilliant conversationalists also, quick of perception and nimble of wit.

Mink was small and spry, and his wits were as nimble as his feet.

He's as nimble as a pony, and his hornpipe is the talk of the fleet!

He was building, buying and selling, preferring the nimble sixpence to the slow shilling.

I felt as nimble as a steamroller, and glanced uneasily on to the uncompromising objects below.

With nimble fingers, the snowshoes were quickly strapped on, when an idea occurred to him.

Two banjos and a mandolin kept time to the wild beating of their nimble feet.

The others have the peculiar quality of being at once ruminants and nimble, like the antelope.

Following his venturesome and nimble master, he pursues his pathway gravely, judicially, somewhat heavily.

In his way the foal was as nimble and alive as young partridge or lapwing chicks.

They were for the most part bowmen and horsemen, well skilled, nimble, and clever.

In the matter of memorizing, also, Regina's nimble brains utterly outdistanced those of her companions.

He discoursed upon the patent absurdities of Italian opera with a nimble wit and an incisive severity.

More nimble than he, the skua evaded the blow, and caught him by the neck.

I have never had anything ail me, Master Forester; I have never been more vigorous or more nimble.

One less nimble, and having had less training, might have been in for a split kneecap.

She was a nimble little needlewoman, and they were finished before anyone got tired of them.

And she stepped into the adjoining apartment just as the nimble Edith disappeared from view.

Many performers with nimble foot or tuneful voice add to their incomes by this extra work.

It is an old and a true saying that "a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling."

The sabots rendered him less nimble than usual, but the dodge quite disconcerted an awkward opponent.

The Phantom watched the nimble play of his long, prehensile fingers as he set the table.

They are ingenious and nimble, much addicted to indolence, obliging to strangers, but implacable when once disobliged.

The enemy could see the nimble sailors taking in sail, and furling all the lighter canvas.

The young passenger was strong and nimble, but he had found his match in the wrecker.

Nimble, robust, indefatigable, skillful horsemen, they furnish the Russian army with a formidable host of irregulars.

They have something peculiarly nimble, active, and brisk about them, and prance along, rather than walk.

Her nimble feet had quickly caught the quaint, syncopated rhythm, and Philip was a magnificent teacher.

Derek remained silent and motionless, his slower mind trying to catch up with the Frenchman's nimble adroitness.

As Spencer was lowering himself into the crevasse, he heard something that set his nimble wits agog.

It was well aimed, but the nimble redskin dodged, and the missile whizzed over his left shoulder.

With nimble feet the pony leaped from tie to tie, on and on and on after the maddened brute.

Nimble as were his mental processes, the professor was discomfited to find that hers were still more nimble.

Then, throwing it down, she ransacked the portfolio with nimble fingers, evidently to see if there were more.

There the nimble climber stood a moment balancing himself lightly, though the ivied stones rocked beneath him.

Although I am very fond of the nimble little gecko, I must admit that he is an out-and-out glutton.

Several Arabs, splendidly mounted on nimble Arabian horses, and waving their long, tufted spears, appeared on the scene.

A nimble little chipmunk paused upon a stone wall, looked at them pertly, and disappeared in a crevice of rock.

He told of his travels and his labors, interspersing them with inventions, for he had a nimble wit.

Nimble and light-footed, they began the descent, clinging to rocks and bushes and sedulously keeping under cover.

Sail after sail was set, and the bellying sheets tautened as flat as the nimble seamen could draw them.

She could pitch the prettiest teepees, and her nimble, small fingers worked very skillfully with the needle.

Lovely she is, nimble and quick and palpitating, with all her sails white and bright and eager.

The nimble bills of the hens, the greedy, overbearing beak of the rooster, had gobbled them all up.

The nimble Frenchman escaped; but the Spaniard being not so swift, was taken and heard of no more.

Charles was nimble, strong, and good-natured; ready for any adventure or exploit, and the very soul of drollery.

In this country this nimble art never took root, and was purely known as an exotic of an Italian growth.

Scaling the trunk of a tree spirally, they have almost the appearance of lizards, and they are certainly as nimble.

Right up the hill pressed the nimble Highlanders, and over it into the very heart of the straggling column.

The widow was no gossip, no backbiter, but a woman of opinions and a nimble tongue undeterred by fear or favor.

They sped along at a twelve-mile clip, their nimble hoofs tattooing the dash with a fusillade of snow chips.

You should have been a mountebank and cried cures on a booth, for your wit is as nimble as an apothecary's flea.

It was a sunny day, with just enough wind to help the nimble, seaworthy English ships in their guerilla tactics.

There nimble, swift-footed Iris stayed the steeds, having loosed them from the chariot, and set before them ambrosial fodder.

"He gave the old harp a nimble sweep with his dexterous fingers that filled the air with enchanting music."

He added as he saw the mule, with nimble feet, send the revolving, endless string of slats around and around.

Pell-mell out of the hostelry they tumbled, and ran up the highway as rapidly as their nimble limbs would permit.

A lark rose shrilling from the fields, and soared, pouring its throat in a strain chastened by the nimble air.

He was as nimble as a monkey for all his stoutness, and never ceased climbing until he was far above us.

For "raised bread" is a great rarity and luxury in these parts, the nimble "dodgers" being the staff of life.

The nimble gray squirrel, too, chattered away saucily in his high leafy nest, secure from attack from his very insignificance.

Mine host raised his blunderbuss, the girl screamed, and Jacob, more nimble than usual, rolled quickly from the robber's back.

She brought out a fine linen square on which we wrote our names to be embroidered by her nimble fingers later on.

What wonder then that Roger's trembling fingers bungled his straps, and Jim, kneeling, fastened them on with nimble fingers.

This time there was no shelter for his haunches, and his feet were no longer nimble as the pack rushed him.

Only by a nimble maneuver did I escape being tripped; but it was heartening to know Patricia could respond to my needs.

No appliances are required (as with dominoes), except one's own nimble brain; and I think Platitudes will soon sweep the country.

I was made for airy thinking, Nimble sallies, champagne-drinking, Badinage and argument, Reading's infinite content, Ill-considered merriment, Friendship, anything but love.

Her nimble fingers were deftly expert in the work and her beloved was visibly elated over the demonstration of her affection.

However, he was too nimble for us; and we went on, and inland once more, luckily not leaving our bamboo stoups behind.

The nimble little schooner spun round upon her heel as smartly as a dancing girl, presenting her starboard broadside to the brigantine.

Why, there were fifty years of life in this fine, nimble body but for any contretemps like that of the deplorable present!

Even more than the air of gentility that surrounded her, Jeannette esteemed the shrewd brain, nimble wit and judgment of this woman.

For a moment the huge bird rests on its back, silhouetted against the luminous sky, to interlock talons with its nimble foe.

Nimble acrobats that they are, the little Spiders scramble up, one after the other, and reach the top of the stem.

The nimble band of demons seized their moment to astonish the people with various small wonders which amazed and overawed the more credulous.

Her nimble, thin fingers searched for and found three crimped wire hairpins which she secreted in the meshes of the plait.

He was a thin but extraordinarily nimble and lively little old man of sixty-five, with an everlastingly laughing face and drunken eyes.