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Use nix in a sentence

Definition of nix:

  • (noun) a quantity of no importance | nothing

Sentence Examples:

That nix of a house girl left last night.

"You got a swell chance at that little ear of mine, nix."

Carlyle to ask me questions; I can get enough of that for nixes.

"Just the same, it'll be nix with the lace curtains for you."

I'll give you nix naught nothing and my thanks into the bargain.

I wish he had been bowled for nix.

So, he thought, you sabotage Thursday's shot, and you nix their plot, whatever it is.

The fools were properly served, if there are such nixes.

"One week saw him reduced from money to nixes."

The bartender seemed willing enough to surrender me, but was nixing a deal on the weapon.

Bela knew very well what a nix was.

I bring her plenty-too-many bugs for nix.

"Now nix on the scare talk," he comforted.

"Now hereafter, nix on the butting in!"

Lily, you won't ever, ever forget that particular nix, will you?

I guess Moe is used to that from home, nix!

"Yes, with the gang of you down there hanging on like the plague, I got a swell chance, nix."

Nor have we thought it fitting to nix up the debate on differential duties in favor of the colonies with the other objects which have engaged our labor.

Of course, when moving as fast as they do, the chance of making a shot tell is next door to nix.

He wanted to furnish it and have it all ready when they come back, he is going up to get her and be married at her folks', but I put the nix on that too.

"For the purposes of this meeting I know nix, and you as part hero in the affair have got to get it off your chest."

"There is nothing of the nix in your nature, my good friend; therefore you cannot see whether I am one of your nurse's vain gallants, who have a fancy for dancing with a bundle of straw."

"Fancy ten thousand miles and eight months' training all for nix," said a disgusted corporal.

Love says his group plans to ask the Justice Department or the Federal Trade Commission to nix the merger.

Mirrors cost money, and if you pull the sheet in the night, and slide ours off, and it breaks, we got seven years of bad luck coming, and we are nix on changing the luck we have right now.

Vicious types of slang are: Expressions of vulgar origin (from criminal classes, the prize ring, the vaudeville circuit, etc.): get pinched, down and out, took the count, bum hunch, nix on the comedy stuff, get across.

It gave people something to do, and one had not time to lie dreaming about nixes and enchanted princesses.

The children saw her from afar, and the girl threw a brush behind her which formed an immense hill of bristles, with thousands and thousands of spikes, over which the nix was forced to scramble with great difficulty; at last, however, she got over.

Nix on the tremolo stop, nix on the superstition!

Get all you want in the Library canteen for nix.

It is related that a man, who once saw a nix on the shore of the March busy at his work, threw a rosary upon it.

"Yes, you're a sport right, I think nix," said the red-haired tout, walking gloomily away.

I've had to drill the whole forenoon and have got nix to eat but a poor soup.

It is hardly to be wondered at that the ancients attributed living souls to streams and torrents, or peopled their waves with mischievous nixes, for they act at times in a manner that seems fraught with intelligence.

When the children saw this, the boy threw behind him a comb which made a great hill of combs with a thousand times a thousand teeth, but the nix managed to keep herself steady on them, and at last crossed over that.

She is more dangerous than the nixes: the snares which they laid for their victims were cobwebs, compared to the one she is weaving for you.

Of course, a Billionaire pays all the workmen punctually and regularly; therefore, "Owe-nix" walls are an appropriate memorial.

You see, they'd have got their holdings in the township here for pretty well nix, and so they wouldn't have felt the cost of the depot.

Course he's a good boy, and he's a nice boy, and you can play with him, and talk to him, I'll let you just be awful nice to him, because it's polite that you should be, but when it comes to carrying and rubbing, it's nix on Junior, because he's got no family and doesn't understand.

Lost in dreams, the child gazed into the lake whence blew cool airs, while the nixes floated in mist across it.

He took a fancy to the Sarah and her way of life, and he and his crew helped to careen her in a lagoon back of the reefs, cleaned her copper (she was dead foul with barnacles and weeds), gave her a new main boom and foresail and some spare canvas, and all for nix.