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Nuance Definition

a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude;

Sentence Examples

These different varieties and nuances demand methodic classification.

"When you lose one sense you seem to become more aware of nuances."

The nuance was lost upon her.

Morals and mores, and nuances of behavior.

That quivering response to the subtle nuances of thought!

There was no attempt at the traditional nuances of shadowing someone.

In, behind, and around each statement, other, dimmer nuances of thought gleam through.

They were artistic, but not artistic enough to appreciate the nuance of the story-telling art.

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but there are certain subtle nuances you just don't seem to have caught."

Nuance—delicate shading; subtle variations in tempo and dynamics which make the rendition of music more expressive.

There was a repellent characteristic about the man's mental emanations, and he seemed to fail to comprehend nuances of meaning.

Simply because the family is not afflicted with the illness does not mean that the individuals are immune to its emotional nuances.

In Europe the medium did not survive his disappearance in 1755; no doubt it seemed to later artists intractable and lacking in nuance.

Apparently there were nuances he didn't understand because he still didn't have it settled to his satisfaction when Mary Ellen returned.

"It is so with painters, writers, musicians—they must have that sense of color, that instinct that brings each subtle nuance of expression into being."

Because all through European painting runs the idea of copying nature—somehow, however subtly, however influenced by the nuances of color and light, copying.

I was very depressed, yet so busy that my depression had taken on emotional nuances of its own before I took the time to utilize objectivity and see my problem.