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Use objective in a sentence

Objective Definition

  • (noun) the goal intended to be attained
  • (adjective) undistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena;

Sentence Examples

Positivism seeks general objective categories within the universal.

Once I stop, once I accept the objective truth of reality, you let me go.

A more liberal allocation of funds for the furtherance of the most vital objective is indispensable.

He is waiting to receive the good news that many more objectives have been achieved during this coming year.

They must dedicate themselves heart and soul to the fulfilment of all its objectives without delay, without any exception.

Recognizing objective signs of anxiety in another person differs from the subjective experience of feeling anxious myself.

A phenomenon may be objective (that is, external to the person aware of it) or subjective (for example, a thought or feeling).

Both are inherent in humanistic nursing for it is a dialogue lived in the objective and intersubjective realms of the real world.

As to the Second Seven Year Plan itself, its eventual success must depend on the attainment of its second and most vital objective.

The form is clearer than experienced objects; it is not an image of her fancy; it exists in the present although it is not "objective."

He guided us in every accomplishment, pointing out the objectives, counselling and urging the completion of goals set for the Community.

An effort, unprecedented in its scope and intensity, must be exerted to attain, speedily and completely the specific objectives of this Plan.

The third objective is the formation of three national Assemblies, pillars of the Universal House of Justice, in the Dominion of Canada, Central and South America.

In their daily practice, nurses are drawn toward the two realities—the reality of the "objective" scientific world and the reality of the "subjective-objective" lived world.

The principal objective of our collective response will be the rebuilding of a state that can look after its own people--their welfare, health, prosperity, and freedom--and control its borders.

Magicians are apt to assign magic properties to many of the words and symbols which they are in the habit of using, and scientists are constantly confusing objective things with the subjective formulas for them.

Notwithstanding the gravity of the times, they will pursue unswervingly the divinely-chartered course, their attention undistracted, their objective unobscured, their resolve unimpaired, their support undiminished, their loyalty unsullied.