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Definition of obscene:

  • (adjective) offensive to the mind;
  • (adjective) designed to incite to indecency or lust;
  • (adjective) suggestive of or tending to moral looseness;

Sentence Examples:

Think of the obscene word becoming a living entity, the profane oath a thing of life; the filthy or impure thought, assuming form and vitality, all starting forward to exist forever among the creations of infinite purity.

Some of them are scurrilous and obscene, deserving no further attention than a record of their existence.

I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters.

The Bulgarians, in committing those obscene atrocities, not only damned themselves forever in the eyes of humanity, but they doubled, nay, quadrupled, the strength of the Greek army.

In the most sacred places of the Temple itself idolatrous priests worshiped the rising sun, and the obscene rites of Phoenician idolatry were performed in private houses.

Marie Antoinette alone was undaunted and calm; or, at least, if in the depths of her woman's heart she felt terror at the sanguinary and obscene threats of her ruffianly enemies, she scorned to show it.

Here is the "pestiferous and obscene churchyard," completely hemmed in by the habitations of the living.

The girl was rather nervous certainly, for the most modish gentlemen were always the most obscene.

Did you ever hear a loafer on a corner using profane and obscene language?

She came to me one morning and told me about the obscene shows licensed in that city, and said that she thought of memorializing the Legislature.

All hell abounds with impurities, all of which originate in immodest and obscene adulterous love, the delights of that love being changed into such impurities.

How would an indictment for publishing an obscene book affect his candidature for Northampton?

I may say here that our worst forebodings were realized by the event; we have been assailed as "vendors of obscene literature", as "writers of obscene books", as "living by the circulation of filthy books".

Two more I discarded at the second visit for obscene allusions; and five for drollery on religion.

Rough and ready, witty, profane, and obscene, he bubbled over with tales of reef and sea, of women and men he had met, of lawless tricks on natives, of storm and starvation, and of his claimed illicit loves.

He knew that he could, better than any man living, pander to the popular appetite for the melodramatic, for the grandiloquent, and for the obscene.

One of the great means of popular reform which he proposed was the supplanting of the obscene and licentious songs, which at that time so generally defiled the minds of the young, by religious words and melodies.

From their house came midnight music and obscene laughter; there were neighborhood rumors of bootlegged whiskey and fast motor rides.

There were none of the wild and obscene acts which disgraced the German army in its first advance to and its retreat from the Marne.

Many of them commit all sorts of nuisances about the Cathedral, just as if they were heretics, to say nothing of their drawing all sorts of abominable things and writing obscene words on the walls of the staircase.

Once again popular music came into the churches, and you could hear intoned in the cathedrals all the songs most in vogue, and which were often obscene.

Every kiss sends a shiver down the spine of a Japanese observer of either sex, as we should be shocked by the crude exhibition of an obscene gesture.

And her temperament had roused itself from the obscene groves of her subconsciousness like a tiger and come up and driven her forth.

The ordinary paganism shocked him, both by its obscene and undignified myths, and by many features of its ritual.

He delivered vituperative, even obscene sermons, which may still be read in his collected works.

For how will obscene things give life, if it were not a conception of daemons?

Is it to pass the hours in revelry, wassail, blasphemy, and obscene talk, or to plot trouble to the State, or to debauch the innocent?

It does not harm a man to be certain before opening the books that Whitman is an obscene ranter or that Stevenson is a mere trifler with style.

It combines the occult with the obscene; the sensuality of materialism with the insanity of spiritualism.

The other was obscene, being generally the sight of a groom's or carter's genitals in a state of violent erection.

The women act a prominent part in them, and endeavor to excite the passions of the novices by performing all sorts of obscene gesticulations.

I think it will be found that exhibitionists are usually those who have excessive growth here, and that much that modern society stigmatizes as obscene is at bottom more or less spontaneous and perhaps in some cases not abnormal.

To the priests, as to most modern observers, these rites were offensive and obscene, but to the Indians they were only natural and simple prayers for the fruitfulness of their wives and of the other producing forces.

The young of the human creature were really too horrible; they defiled the earth, and made existence unpleasant, as the pulpy growth of a noxious and obscene fungus spoils an agreeable walk.

Well, her obscene selfishness is one of those complicated sins that have to be shriven by the very highest confessor.

We surrounded her and malignantly abused her in the most obscene language.

Do you imagine that its obscene allurements will promote the cause of peace?

Sometimes they take the shape of a valentine, the fourteenth of February being a great outlet for this obscene spawn.

The ceremonies were, for the most part, absurd and ridiculous, and throughout debasing, obscene, and cruel.

This was done accordingly, and the obscene creatures, when they again swooped down to seize on the cooked meats, which they relished more than any other food, were driven off, though not without difficulty.

She clasped her knees with her extended hands, and swinging backwards and forwards, sang, in a loud and impudent voice, the burden of an obscene song.

Wherever youth congregate, this subject crops up, and those who talk most freely to the others are just those with the most distorted and vicious ideas, whose discourse abounds in obscene detail and ribald jest.

Their language was loud and obscene, such as I never heard before from any but the most depraved and beastly women of the streets.

The most delicate woman, alive, the one farthest from just this sort of muck, being sworn in the Mayor's office, testifying in an obscene murder case, before the Sheriff and Constable, and heaven knows what police and vilely curious!

The female orators were the aggressors, but to use his own language he ought not to have measured swords with a woman, especially when he regarded her ideas and expressions as bordering upon the obscene.

No sneers, no low jokes, no obscene remarks are now bandied about.

She learned to lisp the language of grooms' and helpers, she cursed and swore as they did, she heard their songs and stories, and was as familiar with profanity and obscene language as other children are with nursery rhymes.

In all my association with him, I never saw an indelicate act in his conduct, or heard an obscene word in his conversation.

You have submitted to the insolent demands of Southern politicians with such prompt and easy acquiescence, that many of your oldest friends have mourned over your lost manhood, and sadly abandoned you to the worship of your ugly and obscene idol.

While the ruffians were discussing what, punishment should be meted out to her, the girl eluded their vigilance and fled, not knowing or caring where her footsteps led her, as long as she escaped from their horrid threats and obscene jests.

There are woods not far from Nancy from which there comes a pestilential stench which steals down the wind in gusts of obscene odor.

The answer is here in the quarries that, having dehumanized man, have themselves become obscene.

Here and there lurched a drunken man or woman, and the air was obscene with sounds of jangling and squabbling.

The man rolled to face them at the sound of the voice, and such a stream of obscene blasphemy poured from his lips as to cause even the Texan to wince.

A satyr on the mantelpiece whispered obscene secrets into the ears of Saint Cecilia.

An interesting chapter on erotic aberrations, the demoniacal and the obscene, completes the third part of the book.

The consciousness of the obscene is allied to the conception of the demoniacal; it accompanies modern synthetic love as its temptation and its shadow.

The purely sexual principle continues to exist, but whenever it appears in its impersonal and brutal crudity as an element hostile to personality, it creates the consciousness of the obscene.

It follows from the foregoing that the fascination of the obscene can only be fully felt by one who has completely acknowledged the principle of personality in eroticism, and who has also latent within him the possibility of erotic dualism.

This region is the obscene, and one might prophesy that it will grow in proportion as the principle of personal love acquires dominion; for pleasure will always need an undisturbed retreat untroubled by higher demands.

We may take it that the obscene which affects normal men, affects only hysterical, inwardly discordant women who try to take shelter behind prudery.

A sort of choking sound came from one of the bunks; a vague, obscene murmuring filled the whole place revoltingly.

A great raconteur, his stories were most amusing and never obscene.

It is a striking fact, to which every soldier will testify, that while the language of the barrack room and beer canteen is often reeking with the profane and the obscene, the whole tone of the Association hut is entirely different.

The air was dank and cold and presently obscene with the smell of bats, and alive with their wings, as they came sweeping about us, gibbering and squeaking.

And, again, when they stopped at the gate of the churchyard, they were the hands of friends and neighbors, and not those of cormorant undertakers and obscene mutes, that bore the dead man to his grave.

The gargoyle head lifted away from the rock, and then turned to one side as its body, somehow vaguely obscene in its resemblance to the human form, fell away, to sprawl limply down-slope.

The vulture pounces on rottenness with a cry of obscene satisfaction; but the lark seeks the sunrise with a song of worship.

He made light of many of the occurrences of the Old Testament, and whenever the students applauded one of his obscene jokes, he was tickled into childishness.

Here, for once, orchestral music is really wonderfully rascally and impudent, horns gleeful and windy and insolent, wood-wind puckish and obscene.

Popular novels have doubtless done more to arouse a prurient curiosity in the young, and to excite and foster passion and immorality, than even the obscene literature for the suppression of which such active measures have recently been taken.

In vengeance at once she would have rushed off to poniard this obscene fellow.

He prowls furtively among public and private libraries, inserting wetted threads, which slowly eat away the illustrations he covets; and he broods, like the obscene demon of Arabian superstitions, over the fragments of the mighty dead.

It was beginning to get light and the indignant Turks suddenly perceiving lines of rough looking men advancing upon them, opened a brisk fire, to which was soon added the obscene stuttering of machine guns.

As he looked around at the inhuman landscape of trees, with taunting and almost obscene outlines, he could almost fancy he was Dante, and the priest with the rivulet of a voice was, indeed, a Virgil leading him through a land of eternal sins.

Immediately after all the business was transacted, the religious service was celebrated, the ceremonial of which varied according to the season of the year; and it was followed by the 'obscene' fertility rites.

The moles and the bats held their revels undisturbed within its once hallowed courts, and the "obscene owl nestled and brought forth in the ark of the covenant."

The spectacle was obscene, nauseating to the eye, the nose, and the ear, and it powerfully recalled to Edwin the legends of the Spanish Inquisition.

Some in the prison are merry, and enjoy a dance, while others are indulging in obscene jests and ribaldry.

The whole of humanity seemed to her unclean as she thought of the obscene secrets of the senses, of the caresses which debase as they are given and received, and of all the mysteries which surround the attraction of the sexes.

For out of the countenance of this latter looks forth everything that is hostile to life; and its expression has in it the obscene cunning, mixed with frozen despair, of a corpse which has become utterly dehumanized.

For this unproductive commercialism, this "unreal reality" projected by the malignant power which resists creation, is not only an obscene outrage to the aesthetic sense; it is actually an assassination of life.

All I remembered of the story was that a certain Colonel Stapleton debauched the mind of the heroine by lending her obscene books with obscene prints attached.

Nobody who is at all instructed ventures any longer to say that Zola is indecent because he loves indecency, or is pleased by the contemplation of the squalid and obscene.

These data are so improper they're obscene to the science of today, but we shall see that science, before it became so rigorous, was not so prudish.

Madison got a bottle and he and I got sloppily drunk, leaning on each other, singing innocently obscene songs of our youth.

Also, she speaks of everyone, herself included, in the most rough and downright terms, yet terms which are so simple that, though her talk may be disconcerting to listen to, it could never be called obscene.

Swedes who have little and Indians who have none other English will yet be volubly profane and obscene; in the latter case often with complete ignorance of the meaning of the terms.

To accomplish this purpose of offending the demons, the most blasphemous and obscene epithets were used by the exorcist, which were allowable and perfectly proper when addressing demons.

I knew it to be the obscene bird of the plains, the buzzard vulture.

On the other hand, the walls of the degraded are lined with amorous and obscene images, that vicious habits and debased tastes may find their suitable incentives.

The sensual glance, the bawdy laugh, the ribald jest, the smutty story, the obscene song may be met with on street corner, in the car, train, hotel lobby, lecture hall and workshop.

Wherever there was deviltry, there was Bill Jones, profane and obscene beyond description, but irresistibly comical.

In spite, therefore, of the obscene rhapsodies which were printed, and put into circulation, as his discourses, I see no reason to believe that his opinions were ever adopted as those of the community.

Indeed, I have heard many of them telling or exchanging obscene stories with prisoners, and using the vilest language and bandying thieves' slang, in which they become proficient.

In fact, where menhirs are found, an obscene creed has persisted.

I beat about most warily, and at length started him up again from the jaws of an obscene and broken catacomb.

A Eunuch had a dispute with a scurrilous fellow, who, in addition to obscene remarks and insolent abuse, reproached him with the misfortune of his mutilated person.

If they are not made the theme of obscene lampoons they may count themselves fortunate.

The girl answered him as calmly and proudly as if she were the very divinity of justice rebuking some obscene brawler.