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Use obscenely in a sentence

Definition of obscenely:

  • (adverb) In an obscene manner; vulgarly.

Sentence Examples:

You know I never permitted any of you to talk obscenely.

When it comes so smoothly off, so obscenely, as it were, so fit.

He never mentioned it now, or if he did, it was only to sneer obscenely at it.

Its abdomen was obscenely swollen.

Lilly felt he was being bullied, almost obscenely bullied.

I mean, if you'll give me leave to speak obscenely, you might tell, dear sir.

Drunken men were going about, swearing obscenely, dragging women after them.

Before the moon, a cloud obscenely gray Rises from decks that crash with flying lead.

She laughed loudly and obscenely and always.

For insulting my wife by thinking of her obscenely!

His corpse was dragged obscenely through every literary supplement.

They swore, laughed, and talked obscenely, and wished their wicked companions good luck with as much assurance as if their employment had been the most lawful.

Grief is the frantic, futile beating of hands against a barrier without substance, both obscenely unreal and yet the only reality.

Unless later the victim of severe traumatic injury, never again will that person need obscenely expensive medical procedures.

In speaking obscenely, or with a double meaning, which is as bad, if not worse; in listening with pleasure to such vile language.

Her perception was intermittent, for this cowardice sprang out, became almost obscenely evident, then faded and vanished as though it had been only a creation of her own mind.

Wild quavers adorned the tune obscenely; the mob marched to it, falling into step.

Talk was coarse and obscenely suggestive, and the whole atmosphere was brutalizing.

I had been smoking too many cigarettes during these three weeks, and the vampire thought continued to flit obscenely between me and the pure seascape.

The flashlight limned a ghastly, obscenely fat body and a long tapering tail.

He was an old, leprous person, not quite all there, and affected by some awful disease or other which gave him obscenely thickened lips, horrible to look at.

To speak to him rashly, to do anything before him obscenely, slovenly, impudently, is to Dishonor.

From having been at seventeen most obscenely of the streets you were at thirty a wonderfully grand courtesan: no better in what are called morals but possessed of very much inner and outer strength and luster.

It sounded above them, from the top of the dam wall, an outrageous bellow of melody that thrust itself obscenely between them and split them asunder with the riving force of a thunderbolt.

His head was riddled with bullets, there was a bayonet wound in his chest, and he had been mutilated obscenely.

A woman, also mutilated obscenely after violation, was lying dead on the ground.

An obscenely cheerful expression upon his gaunt, not too well shaven face, Captain Dylan perched himself upon the edge of a table and listened, one long booted leg swinging idly.

Women whom we place upon pedestals worthy of the holy saints come down at last with mastoid abscesses or die obscenely of hiccoughs.

Others huddle in fantastic postures within their contracted receptacles, as if convulsed by some obscenely wicked jest which forces them to throw back their heads, to fling out their hands, to writhe their limbs into unseemly attitudes of amusement.

There was as much of the frankly and repulsively animal in them as in the sharp-ribbed cats who chattered obscenely on the walls.

One day, when a distinguished foreigner elaborated some unessential detail, he spat in his face, reviled him obscenely, and turned away.

Carefully he aimed at the foremost leader of the Intermediates, and the obscenely beautiful, sexless warrior, crumpled as part of him instantly dissolved.

The old crone still played the part of ancient childhood, mumbling words of little import and obscenely fingering the girl's arms, head, and waist.

We will meet, and there we may rehearse more obscenely and courageously.

Hospital, took up the accusation and blared it obscenely.

It is not easy to talk or to look obscenely, or even to behave with rudeness and ill manners under such restraint.

Some cities were empty, obscenely bereft of population; others choked with wanderers.

His men began to believe that his league with Satan, of which he obscenely boasted, had made him invulnerable.

Covered with peacocks that strut obscenely from one screen to the other.

There was a tiny, obscenely red and gooey creature, howling till I thought my ear drums would break.

Some time since he became violent, loquacious, and obscenely erotic.

He made it scream and exult obscenely; he made it lament like a fallen angel.

As she raced up the highway, a disturbing realization mocked her, prodding obscenely at her sensibility.

It was alive; obscenely alive, a caricature of parts of a man.

We will meet; and there we may rehearse most obscenely and courageously.

There may we rehearse most obscenely and courageously.

The patients delight to talk obscenely, and solicit men to satisfy their desires, both by words and gestures.

He looked at the obscenely humped ground, and shook his head.

And all at once the drums crashed; and the dance began again, madder, more obscenely hideous than ever.

Many of them were of being mixed up with objectionable people who behaved roughly and used profane language, but, and of this she was very certain, who never talked or acted obscenely.

She knew that Roger's drunkenness would be obscenely without dignity; she knew that she would side with her triumphant son and against her son who needed her pity.

Michael longed for Alan that together they might rag this worm who wriggled so obscenely into the secret places of a boy's mind.

Reuben had known it, waited for it, now watched with no astonishment as the thing on all fours lurched obscenely from the entry into the front room and fumbled about, snorting, searching for the axe.

Then, at last, they wandered back into the grove and left the grisly object on the pole to dominate obscenely the garden they had profaned.

In this New Thought novel the hero and heroine will seek each other out, not to spoon obscenely behind the door, but for the purpose of uplifting the race.

And before them, perched obscenely on a platform elaborately laid with jewels and tapestries, was the overlord of the Harpies.

Miles Foster was expected at the terminus of the lift which opened into an obscenely large waiting room that contained a variety of severe and obviously uncomfortable furniture.

He allowed me to fondle and caress him, but our intimacy never went further than a kiss, and about that even was the slur of shame; there was always a barrier between us, and we never so much as whispered to one another concerning those things of which all the school obscenely talked.

His rebel, obscenely jocose, impaling a child, might, though a detail in a crowded etching, have been drawn for Scotland Yard; so too might a woman squatting and smoking while a wretch writhes on four pikes which take his weight and give it him back in torture.

Our licenses, diplomas and degrees meant less than nothing and the longer he went on the more rabid he got, frothing obscenely about such things as tampering with forces better left alone and man thinking with his brains instead of letting the Prince of Darkness do it for him.