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Use once and for all in a sentence

Once and for all Definition

finally; conclusively; completely; for the last time

Sentence Examples

"We want it settled once and for all."

"Is that understood once and for all?"

"I'll get him now once and for all."  

"I may as well clear this up once and for all."

"I'm neutralizing this thing once and for all."

Tonight should solve the thing, once and for all.

"This should answer the question once and for all."

It will be a war that will end war once and for all.

"Let's see if we can get this over once and for all."

"We'll take the music out of them, once and for all."

Once and for all the educational standard had been set.

And that would settle the smugglers' hash once and for all!

"I'm going to get rid of these cats once and for all," he called.

"This book will prove, once and for all, the natural superiority of Terrans."

And the way to check that, once and for all, was to get back to the starship.

"This should tell us once and for all if their meat is our meat," Hellman said.

He went on, “Honest, Ross, I want to get the hell away from Azor once and for all."

When they were ready to leave, Kirk said, "Now let's get it straight once and for all."

Allenby said determinedly, "We'll burrow to the bottom of these holes, once and for all."

I plan to be in court as soon as possible as a test case to defeat it once and for all. . .wish me luck!

We could break their power once and for all ... but until we know what Roger Hunter found, we're helpless.

But we want you to understand clearly, once and for all, that there are going to be no speeches and no songs.

"And get yourself killed quietly some place so there will be an end to the trouble you cause once and for all."

But now, for the first time in his life, he could truly say that he had escaped their omnipresent threat once and for all.

We must keep this process and its reasons in view if we are to understand how a great people can disappear once and for all.

I don’t know what the misunderstanding between them was and didn’t find out, but they sure meant to settle the thing once and for all.

The tunnel, Naida said, had been abandoned when her people left the upper world once and for all, and its use for any reason prohibited.

"But hasn't it occurred to you that if people here are so easily set off it might be a good idea to knock out this computer business once and for all?"

There would be lots of talk, some perfunctory debate for the sake of the record, and the medical council would wash their hands of him once and for all.