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Use ontology in a sentence

Ontology Definition

  • (computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the relevant entities and their relations
  • the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence

Sentence Examples

The general requirement that predicates must conform to their subject, they translate into an ontological theory.

Kant has put this point in clear light in his criticism of the ontological argument.

Thus monism and pluralism are conceptions as proper to cosmology as to ontology.

Are you not mocking me and deceiving yourself with the old ontological argument?

The soul of man comes under the general ontological law.

This dualism is the lowest stage of ontological thought.

But both theories contain the essence of the ontological proof of God.

It is an ontological difficulty rather.

Ontological creationism.

The following theories may be enumerated as the most interesting modifications of this ontological creationism.

Ultimately, the being of things will be sought in formal ontological magnitudes, as, for example, in “pure being.”

Here we have in its lowest terms the material for the ontological question, the first and the last problem of philosophy.

Whereas motion is a property of matter, intelligence is an originative power working out purposes of its own choosing. Hence we have here to do with a new ontology.