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Use over the top in a sentence

Over the top Definition

extreme; above the limit; exaggerated

Sentence Examples

Blake’s check put the campaign over the top.

Men were crawling over the top of the ridge.

“Your contribution will put the Cubs over the top!”

He looked calmly at them over the tops of his glasses.

Soon they had gone over the tops of the trees and high into the sky.

They crowded along the path and spread out over the top of the plateau.

We just ran as fast as we could, with our shoes off, over the top of everyone.

The building was doughnut-shaped, and fitted nicely over the top of the mountain.

He held his book a few inches from his nose and stared over the top of it sullenly.

Just above the final, first-floor flight, I stopped and sprawled on the floor with only my head and the nose of my gun over the top step.

Jerry, like a goose, filled it over the clean paper we were going to use for the letter, and it slobbered blue ink all over the top sheet.

At the touch of a lever which lay under one of Dirk’s hands the plane rose straight out of the water, and he maneuvered it directly over the top of the strange enigma.