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Use overplay in a sentence

Overplay Definition

to exaggerate
to make something seem more important than it really is
synonyms:ham, overact, ham it up

Sentence Examples

"You're overplaying your part."

"I kinda overplayed my hand, anyway."

"A man's a fool to overplay his luck."

"Aren't you overplaying your part, sir?"

"The fellow has sure overplayed his hand."

I shall either overplay it or underplay it.

"Some day, though, he'll overplay his game," Benito prophesied.

"A good pony'll always overplay his safety a little in a close match."

"Don't overplay it," cautioned Dimanche, who had been consistently silent.

“It isn’t overworking that breaks men down; it’s overplaying and overeating."

But in their anxiety to have a full hand to play against the enemy below they nearly overplayed.

Fred and Eustace took this to mean that he would not Overplay his Attentions, so they escorted him to the House.

I reckoned I was overplaying my air of importance, so I found a chance to slip him a wink which promised a good deal.

As a consequence, to offset his disinclination, he overplayed, and left the theater thoroughly exasperated, and out of heart.

We either misjudged that Feltman bird wrong or else we overplayed the big improvement you’ve been making these past few months.

"Friends, your nature underlies us and your pulses overplay us; Ye, with social sores unbandaged, can ye sing right and steer wrong?"

There were blood-feuds in bygone days but they have been so overplayed that scarcely a vestige of the real story remains recognizable.

"Well, this friend of yours overplayed his hand; he didn't succeed in killing Farrel, but he did succeed in getting himself captured."

I could not help wondering if the whole truth were told in her rather plaintive remark, or whether she was overplaying what was really a minor complaint.