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Use pageant in a sentence

Definition of pageant:

  • (noun) an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc; usually involves a parade with rich costumes
  • (noun) a rich and spectacular ceremony

Sentence Examples:

She had come before his eyes as unsought as the flowery pageant of summer.

From this bewildering pageant it was but a step to the beach below.

In the glowing coals he saw the pageant of his past unroll itself.

What is this strange pageant that unrolls itself before us from hour to hour?

I do not believe that a pageant should follow the facts of history slavishly.

It was an ecstatic experience, a fairy pageant, a supernal revelation of an enchanted landscape.

At no date were the public pageants so magnificent, or the private luxury so unbridled.

Moreover, a Greek pageant was unusual presented by groups of American girls and boys.

The pageant in the catacombs that night had stirred her strangely beyond belief.

The pageant grips both actors and audience with a common loyalty to their forefathers.

Between these two bridgeheads passes a good deal of the historic pageant of Old Prague.

As monkeys, mowing and moping, might mock a pageant, so did these people simulate religion.

They will all have faded like an unsubstantial pageant, and not left a wrack behind.

His generalship is great enough to preserve the unity and the progress of the pageant.

There was nothing like exultation or triumph exhibited by the peasantry as this pageant passed.

In this way they gradually sank into the unsubstantial though glittering pageant of a court.

Every pageant became more gorgeous, every service more sweet and ravishing, every sermon more passionate.

The sounding of brass and the tinkling of cymbals have heralded in many State pageants.

Ward more accurately describes this rural drama as a combination of miracle and processional pageant.

It is not fighting, it is this delay, these pageants and proclamations, which sicken me.

The love of processions and public pageants of all kinds is deeply rooted in Belgian traditions.

Shafts of the dawning or waning sun, as the hour may be, illumine the fair pageant.

Now but a brief half hour remained to determine the creditable success of the rose pageant.

What was a mere peaceful triumph but an unmeaning pageant, a protracted and somewhat wearisome dream?

It was, indeed, a mere pageant; and a very costly, but not wholly a profitless one.

How mysterious the pageant, stretching its long train over the barren and trackless sands.

However, late in April, he posed in one of the pageants, rather ungraciously, in a khaki uniform.

The flames of persecution were not extinguished with the conclusion of the solemn expiatory pageant.

The prentice lived amid these glories, which seemed like pageants invented entirely for his delight.

Ultimately, life is for him a pageant with intervals for sentimental threnodies and rhetorical declamation.

Sunset as seen from the lower foothills of the Balkans is a rare pageant of glowing color.

In the early days he tried to work, to attune himself to the pageant of sunlit life.

Picnics, pageants, encampments and excursions all united in proclaiming its remoteness, its silence, its vacuity.

Up this corridor was coming, slowly, with dignity, as befitted the occasion, a pageant of royalty.

And even in the most secluded places the imagined pageant of these folk suggests the theater.

Several banners, borne aloft at intervals, added a final stroke of picturesqueness to the moving pageant.

Assembled for a pageant the passengers were horrified into silence by the unexpected turn of events.

There was nothing like exultation or triumph exhibited by the peasantry as this pageant passed by.

We might make of them strong soldiers or superb courtesans, admirable in a pageant or at a ball.

Did the representation succeed in realizing, for a moment, the awful pageant of the Athenian stage?

A good revue must be a pageant of music, color, scenery, song, dance, humor, and the impossible.

Like a bird her heart rose up and sang, at the lit pageant of London swinging by.

Not even a crowd of five persons might gather to watch the military pageant; it was verboten.

To Gertrude all the sickening details of the little pageant were as the shadows of a nightmare.

The craft gilds remained important until after the Reformation, a pageant still being held in 1566.

It was the fifth of May, and a bright Italian sun shone down upon the magnificent pageant.

The arrival of this famous Spanish court was the most impressive feature of the whole gorgeous pageant.

His funeral here was most impressive, and saddened the countenances of thousands who witnessed the pageant.

An historical pageant is to take place during the week and many sightseers are already on the ground.

Henry himself was but the vainglorious figure in the international pageant; the motive power was the Cardinal.

The moving pageant unrolled itself before him like a vision, rousing new sensations, tremors of strange desires.

Their criminality must be legally proved and stigmatized, or the pageant itself would soon be restored to essence.

Day by day the populace of the capital were summoned to see pageants of Italian standards, cannon, and prisoners.

Lots and lots of money is spent on things which aren't nearly so educative as our pageant will be.

Then came archery and quoits, drills by the Boy Scouts and a pageant by the Girl Scouts.

He could bandy a jest with a court wit, and manage a pageant with a master of the ceremonies.

They fell to dreaming of the surprising pageant they would blazon forth upon the world a little later.

The movement of the glittering host was one of the most wonderful pageants which Peruvian eyes had ever beheld.

Gloom, intensified by contrast with the developing pageant of morning, still lurked among the shrubs and tussocks.

There, with pomp and pageant, lived the most influential of the Spanish Viceroys, whose word was law.

The few laggards who remained behind were discussing the chief actors in the pageant which they had witnessed.

The stories of Greek and Roman mythology were ransacked to provide scenes and subjects for the rural pageant.

Thomas's pages, shrouded girls, swashbuckling youths, peasants, princes ... it is an amazing pageant that he presents to us.

Phillips was starting a rehearsal of the Greek dance that was to form a part of the coming pageant.

The garrison furnished for the pageant the waving of silken banners and the exhilarating music of its band.

Finally, the tempter filled the tree-top with his own birds of pride, the starry pageant of the peacocks.

At what time the personified exhibition of this pageant commenced, or when it was discontinued cannot now be correctly ascertained.

The King would have me present the Princess with some delightful ostentation or show a pageant or antic or firework.

The industrious apprentice who refused the allurements of pageants, theaters, tailors, and taverns, was sure to have his reward.

The Venetian ambassador was perhaps prejudiced in reporting that the Italian pageant excelled the others in design and workmanship.

She brooded, while outside, in that seething summer street, the pageant of life passed by and no voice summoned her.

Not including the wandering mummers, the Theater was preceded by the Religious Drama, the Pageant, and the Masque.

Philippine, a vision of pink and white girlish beauty, stood at a long, open window, looking down on the gorgeous pageant.

Here then was no ordinary pageant, no mere display of soldiery and of arms such as the Spaniards were overfond of.

We are on the regatta committee, and we'd like to get as many entries for the water pageant as we can.

From their aerie upon the surrounding hills the Confederates complacently viewed the magnificent pageant, mistaking it for a grand review.

I looked for a splendid reception, tournaments, carousals, pageants, and festivals; instead of which, all has been seclusion and obscurity!

As summer drew to its full, Vashti watched the splendid pageant of it in the sky and moor with unappreciative eyes.

Would you like to realize a dream of some magnificent pageant, in which the great notabilities of all the earth take a share?

The second pageant presented by this brotherhood was accompanied by bevies of white-robed boys swinging censers and chanting anthems.

In its northern range, its leaves turn beautifully, and it becomes one of the most brilliant masqueraders in the autumn pageant.

In the first and third acts we behold the pageant of religious rites; in the second the diorama of bacchanalian orgies.

This seems no pageant of the present day, but a troop of freebooters starting on a foray in the Middle Ages.

Noon deepened through many shades of hot and slumberous splendor, the very silence intensified by the brilliant pageant of sound.

No more splendid pageants in the fields, but close, hard, unromantic destruction in the woods and among trenches and craters!

He was an automaton, a pageant; not because the constitution imposed checks on his power, but because he was weak and vacillating.

Many torches illumined the path of the procession, exhibiting to the thousands of spectators the solemn pageant of the burial.

"Thick clustered as are its walls and chimneys, are its grand achievements, pageants, frivolities;" all interspersed with toil and care.

The moon, in all her majesty, witnessed the solemn pageant; and unseen choristers wafted the tidings from pole to pole.

The military element was not allowed to preponderate; something in the style of a medieval German municipal pageant was aimed at.

The idol of stone was there, joyless and impassive amidst its worshipers, taking its lifeless part in this last pageant.

Following the household troops, apparently acting as an escort, came the royal standard-bearer, a personage of decided importance in an Oriental pageant.

Hearing no pipe and tabor, or, more strictly speaking, no fiddle, the almost invariable accompaniment of these pageants, I inquired the reason.

These pageants occupied the whole of several days in presentation and employed, including all supernumeraries, as high as three hundred people.

He revives for us the princesses and queens, the knights and troubadours, and they move before us, a fascinating, glittering pageant.

After dinner, actors and tumblers came in, and they had pageants and shows, and marvelous feats of skill and legerdemain.

She was never tired of descanting upon the pageant, and telling about all the aristocratic people who had come to see it.

Testators often give directions as to the place and manner of their burial, as well as the expenses of their funeral pageant.

He wrote many of the annual city pageants, besides plays, which caused Meres to call him "the best plotter" of his age.

The last act can be the splendid pageant of a Turkish Abdication, in which a sultan abdicates in favor of his son.