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Definition of paralysis:

  • (noun) loss of the ability to move a body part

Sentence Examples:

The result of their loquacity had been a seeming paralysis of her organs of speech.

The paralysis is not directly the cause of death, except as it closes the glottis.

Bad signs in the same disease are deep stupor, strabismus, convulsions, paralysis, involuntary defecation and urination.

As little could she wonder at the paralysis which had petrified her own people.

The same author records paralysis as occurring in one case from extravasation into the spinal meninges.

On June 3, 1657, he was attacked by paralysis and died, in his eightieth year.

The paralysis is generally paroxysmal, and is frequently associated with contractures, shortening of the muscle.

It has been discovered recently that germs of infantile paralysis are conveyed by the housefly.

The point, however, is that we are not benefiting by this paralysis of German industry.

The redskins halted with one accord, as if they had suddenly been struck with paralysis.

In one part of the Irish race, however, this cold paralysis of distrust had no operation.

Acetic acid is irritant to the gastrointestinal tract, and may cause sudden paralysis of the heart.

This little ganglion of aborted economic processes, the home, tends to a sort of social paralysis.

This paralysis develops when the general health and the nutritive changes are all improving.

Only irritated nerves are tender and the effects of subluxation may be either irritation or paralysis.

The terror of the unaccountable and wholly mystifying situation held them now in its paralysis.

The possible coexistence of laryngeal paralysis with tracheal compression is frequently overlooked by the surgeon.

Of nervous diseases there were nineteen cases, all of which were neuritis except two cases of paralysis.

Evidences of paralysis or paraplegia develop, retention or incontinence of urine, and oftentimes sexual excitement is present.

Leprosy was the symbol of the uncleanness of sin; paralysis of its impotence and pain.

According to Murchison, paralysis does not supervene until several weeks after the commencement of convalescence.

A creeping paralysis had bound their tongues to trivialities, their souls to silence and constraint.

In some cases there was photophobia, and he has also found paralysis of accommodation and conjunctivitis.

It continues to do business so long as no obvious weaknesses appear, analogous to measles, adenoids, or paralysis.

She had stood as one transfixed, a slow paralysis of surprise laying hold of her faculties.

Alcoholism and paralysis generally give rise to tremulous handwriting with unsteady strokes, as in old people.

In progressive muscular atrophy and advanced pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis a waddling or rolling gait is seen.

His knees still knocked together in a loathsome paralysis, but he made effort to shamble forward.

To his horror, he saw that it had stopped, stunned with a natural enough electrolytic paralysis.

Iodide and mercury secured considerable improvement in the mental condition and some diminution in the paralysis.

He had a complete paralysis of the left arm and a paresis of the left leg.

Diseases of the recurrent nerves produce paralysis or paresis of the other muscles of the organ.

Alcoholic paralysis, so called, is a mixture of chronic alcoholic symptoms with those of general paresis.

Pushkin suffered agonizing torment before his death; Heine lay for years in a state of paralysis.

In the evening of the same day, all the precursory symptoms of paralysis made their appearance.

The benediction dissolved the paralysis which held all but Saunders McClellan; but stupefaction remained.

This may occur in inflammation of the bladder; or in retention of urine caused by paraplegic paralysis.

Speech disturbances, paralysis of the muscles of the eye, diplopia and loss of accommodation have been noted.

It is attended with febrile symptoms, motor paralysis, and muscular atrophy, often producing permanent deformities.

If a neurologist were to have a hysteric paralysis a very interesting problem in diagnosis would be presented.

Would the drug remove paralysis, affect organization, or restore will and action to cerebrum and cerebellum?

In paralysis arising from lead, small doses of strychnine and its preparations may be cautiously administered.

He could still see, could still think, but his muscles were fettered by an overwhelming paralysis.

When this loss of power is complete it is called paralysis; when it is not complete, paresis.

It is characterized by paralysis and fatal effusion, also neuritis, which is an inflammation of the nerves.

In 1827, an octogenarian and worth seventeen millions, he was carried off by a stroke of paralysis.

When she comes out she is a wreck, suffering from alcoholic neuritis which is leading to paralysis.

Paralysis has unnerved and unstrung the whole system and yet the mind has remained uninjured.

It dies of respiratory paralysis, death many times being hastened by the asphyxia following the vomiting.

Paralysis and apoplexy are often, through ignorance, used synonymously, but they really mean very different conditions.

Tea tasters, as is well known, are subject to headache and giddiness, and prone to attacks of paralysis.

Paralysis of the abductors of the vocal cords, openers of the glottis: (a) unilateral, (b) bilateral.

He had had two strokes of paralysis, and had risen from his sick-bed a broken man.

With the men it is generally due to intemperance and excesses, and is occasionally accompanied by paralysis.

When Montezuma had unrolled the scroll, he seemed for a moment, as if struck with instant paralysis.

If there is neuritis from the virus it becomes intense and causes muscular contractions, paresis, and paralysis.

As these cases advance paralysis may intervene, more or less profound, generally in the form of paraplegia.

This whey is administered in cases of epilepsy, melancholy, paralysis, leprosy, elephantiasis, and diseases of the joints.

Paralysis had supervened, and poor Constance had totally lost the use of one half of her body!

When he had finished, she gazed at him in a dumbness which had attacked her like paralysis.

Must we lose even a hundred years in shaking ourselves free from the paralysis of the German nightmare?

Can virtue arrest consumption, or self-devotion set free the agonized breath of asthma, or heroic energy defy paralysis?

A young girl suffering from hysterical hemiplegia (paralysis of one side) came up one day from the country.

This one injures the cephalic centers and produces death; that one respects them and produces paralysis.

The good humor and megalomania of those affected with general paralysis of the insane also is well known.

A German veterinary surgeon after feeding the green plant observed symptoms of delirium, paralysis, and flatulence.

Wounds of the mastoid process obtained their chief interest in connection with paralysis of the seventh nerve.

This condition is known as unilateral abductor paralysis, and is accompanied by interference with inspiration and phonation.

He was seized with most excruciating agony, spasms of the stomach, temporary paralysis, and loss of intellect.

Paralysis of the thoracic duct enables the patient to overeat without taking the edge off his appetite.

It left him with a paralysis of the right side and an utter confusion and enfeeblement of intellect.

There may be, besides, paralysis of both legs, and occasionally also of one side of the body (hemiplegia).

Amazement isn't the word for the look on her face, it was a stupefaction, a paralysis of astonishment.

I tried to rise, but a paralysis of the will held me, though my senses seemed preternaturally acute.

That the mental paralysis connects causally with the political conditions will perhaps not now be denied.

The night turned cold and damp, but Andy Larson, in his sheathing of paralysis, didn't feel it.

This tardy neurasthenia frequently accompanies cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, and incipient general paralysis, as well as incipient arteriosclerosis.

The soft, dense fur of the Dormouse was of repute anciently as a remedy for ear diseases and paralysis.

Alcoholism produces the most varied and fatal diseases of the stomach and liver, paralysis, dropsy and madness.

After severe attacks there may be one-sided paralysis (hemiplegia) which usually disappears in a few hours or days.

Since his relatives had seen him he had suffered what is genteelly called a slight threatening of paralysis.

Paralysis of the vagus endings increases the rate of impulse formation and therefore the rate of the heart.

My limbs were stiff and rigid as though I were struck by paralysis, while the pain was excruciating.

The stresses of field service lead to a sometimes complete paralysis of mental power, interfering transiently with service.

Her head began to wag portentously, and in a little while her tongue recovered from its temporary paralysis.

Moreover, a few weeks later, a right hemiplegia again developed, leaving the patient with complete paralysis and aphasia.

The symptoms of botulism are dryness of skin and mucous membranes, dilatation of pupils, paralysis of muscles, diplopia, etc.

They overwork themselves and bring on nervous breakdowns, palpitation and weakness of the heart, and often paralysis.

Several cases with partial or complete hemiplegia, hemiplegia and aphasia, or facial paralysis are recorded below. Frontal injury.

The irritation spreads over the entire extent of the vasomotor system and causes a paralysis of the vasomotor nerves.

As in animal, so in mental life, there are gormandizing and gluttony, tending always to paralysis of voluntary effort.

Her glance, absorbing the gilt letters and their significance, communicated to her poised body a species of paralysis.

Was it a paralysis of the terminations of the veins, which absorb the blood from the tumid penis?

Conversely, paralysis of the vasomotor system produces fall of diastolic pressure which, if long continued, results in death.

In consternation that was almost paralysis, they stared at her outstretched hand, then looked at her wheedling smile.

He also noticed congestion of the ears, muscular incoordination, tetanus, paralysis, diminished reflexes, and contraction of the pupils.

We who have listened spellbound to explanation are getting over our paralysis, and are the first to jump on land.

He was one of ten brothers and sisters who were in good health, except one who died of syphilitic paralysis.

They bled in pleurisy and pneumonia, and they bled in paralysis, and cases where there was severe pain.

A sort of paralysis locked her, and, although she wanted to scream, she lay there drenched in terror.