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Use paramount in a sentence

Definition of paramount:

  • (adjective) having superior power and influence | Of the highest importance

Sentence Examples:

For a moment Ursula felt nonplussed, but her pity rose paramount.

In this the influence of the civil rights spokesmen was paramount.

This difference Koch showed to be of paramount importance in splenic fever.

Here is a paramount reason for the strength of the modern Russian school.

From this time on German influence was to become paramount in the province.

I am told that the Victorian school has had paramount influence in America.

The paramount need of France was ten years of peace, retrenchment, and reform.

To certain harried physicists and engineers, it was a moment promising paramount achievement.

The German influence also threatened to be paramount in the south of the peninsula.

The paramount claim of missions to the ablest, holiest, and most experienced men.

Amidst the grave interests which were then paramount, the Greek question passed unperceived.

To Anderson, a Kentuckian married to a Georgian, preservation of peace was of paramount importance.

This paramount characteristic of the good indexer is by no means an easy one to acquire.

To free the new country from the curse of internationalism was a paramount object.

The trait is paramount for this people to show consistent affection for their wives.

Throughout early December it formed the paramount topic of conversation in the Spanish capital.

Of paramount importance is the pasteurization of milk during the summer months, as mentioned elsewhere.

He remained paramount throughout the civilized world until within the last three hundred years.

She had pictured herself as the protagonist, the cynosure, the paramount object of interest.

"His paramount aim was to make the world better by the humanizing influences of literature."

The taste for the Italian school was still paramount at the musical capital of Austria.

The characters are all brimful of wholesome human interest with Brenda as a paramount attraction.

There were two other spheres in which Greek influence was paramount in the Turkish Empire.

Fifthly, the notes become "a first and paramount lien on all the assets of the bank."

Everything that could save the disbursement of a shilling was now of paramount importance to him.

Russian influence was still paramount, however, and the viceroy controlled the organization of the administration.

The Hellenic movement was paramount, and the aristocratic families did their best to further it.

Maximum augmentation merchant tonnage and anti-submarine work where most effective constitute the paramount immediate necessity.

The selection of a practical fingering is, of course, of paramount importance for a good legato touch.

The Aztec sovereigns had always been allowed a paramount authority in questions relating to the succession.

Even had they still been pending issues, they paled into insignificance before the paramount question of disunion.

She acquired from the first a paramount sway over the weak and uxorious mind of her husband.

The paramount emergency bewildered the strongest understandings, and dismayed the stoutest hearts at the Presidency.

It is therefore of paramount importance that elocutionary culture should be based on the mechanical function of respiration.

Thirdly, that the Dominant order of traits are paramount over and extinguish the Recessive order of traits.

He impartially promoted deserving men of the Spanish immigration to offices, whereby they gradually obtained paramount influence.

Strangely enough, though his woodcraft naturally was not inconsiderable, it did not hold his paramount interest.

The presence of the rustlers in the cabin was of importance, yet not so paramount as another possibility.

A natural desire to unseat the daring stranger becomes paramount, and the pony proceeds to carry out the idea.

Of course the paramount supremacy of the Russian Czar, as established in 1814, underwent no change on this account.

The paramount influence of the English authority was abused, for purposes of private interest and selfish rapacity.

The complete immolation of self was set as the paramount aim before those who looked forward to holy orders.

Your secretarial work in that body imposes upon you a paramount obligation which no other service can equal in importance.

All this shows the paramount importance of perfect evenness in the bed on which the tiles are laid.

The selfishness which rated its sordid interest paramount to any consideration for others appalled the young man.

Hope, however, is a paramount force, and very soon Marjory was swinging up through the hole in the rock.

She looked at it until her lips blanched and were tightly compressed, and the memory of Gertrude became paramount.

From this time onward, other events of paramount historical importance supervene to crowd the Topeka Constitution out of view.

Men who have a paramount aim in life should never hesitate in strangling all irrelevant and inferior appellants for sympathy.

The apparition of Greek philosophers since the time of Socrates is a symptom of decadence; the anti-Hellenic instincts become paramount.

All mythology opens with demigods, and the circumstance is high and poetic; that is, their genius is paramount.

He must be taught the paramount importance of thoroughly ventilating his dwelling, alike in the winter and the summer.

Stolypin extended Russian authority by making it paramount in all matters which have a bearing on Russian or Imperial interests.

Later events will show how far these sentiments were destined to be lasting; for the present they were paramount.

As has been already intimated, the paramount accomplishment of this modern luminary was his colossal development of orchestral resources.

This solemn right, so inseparably linked to a sacred duty, is paramount to the rights and powers of the individual.

That was what she was, and his imperturbability irritated her vanity, and made it, for the moment, paramount.

If he felt more niggardly than other members, it was because his paramount duty consisted in guarding the public purse.

His Irish regiments were not to be trusted, and the maintenance of the city and the seaboard were paramount considerations.

Can any antiquated feudal right to this useless tract properly supersede the paramount claims of the poor and the public?

Their influence was considered paramount, and very solicitous were the laboring classes and tradespeople for their patronage and countenance.

The poet's strictures upon classicism are entirely in line with his philosophy, placing as it does the paramount importance on living realities.

Now then, I and the egoistic are the really general, since every one is an egoist and of paramount importance to himself.

Before this paramount consideration, all others, such as seniority, social or financial status, family connection or personal friendship, must give way.

Because you are a treat to the senses and because sensuality is the paramount thing in life, whether we admit it or not.

Her secret mainspring was love, or rather gallantry, and the interest of him whom she loved became her paramount object.

It was silent on the paramount question of impressment, and left the commercial regulations between the two countries for subsequent negotiation.

A dull, unutterable loathing remained paramount in his soul, and the foppish figure of Paris, the actor, rose clearly before his fancy.

For the Japanese, however, the question was a matter of paramount importance, connoting as it did nothing less than a national emancipation.

Through the stress of the home infelicity, her beauty waned; but her bearing and breeding kept her paramount in her set.

Hence, the firing or vitrification of the colors is of paramount importance, and the art thus becomes a two-fold trial of skill.

He does not attempt to disguise the fact that the faultlessness of his coats or of his uniforms is an object of paramount importance.

The framers of the latter had realized the fact that the vocabulary is the first and paramount consideration for an artificial language.

He discards the idea of one Homeric "school" of paramount authority, but presumes that, as recitation was a profession, there must have been schools.

It is, however, the large casts of Oriental objects and ancient German shrines that will probably be of paramount interest to an American.

In spite of all these proofs, exogamy and the capture of women from strange tribes differ as regards one feature of paramount importance.

Above all, we can learn from Greek philosophy the paramount importance of what we call the personality, and they called the soul.

Parisian fashions as to cut and material are very generally adopted; and, as has been intimated, the French model is paramount in all things.

The nuncio sought to control everything in the paramount interest of the Papacy, which thus once more appears as a power of temporal ambition.

Once there, he issued a proclamation convoking an assembly, for his paramount desire was to have the military power subordinated to the civil government.

We venture to point out, that this is precisely one of the occasions where the opinion of a first-rate Greek Father is of paramount importance.

Her sister Amelia was paramount in her own house, ruling indeed with a moderate, endurable dominion, and ruling much to her husband's advantage.

It is undeniably true, then, that the framers of the Constitution intended to create a national judicial power, which should be paramount on national subjects.

To this mode of gaining help, therefore, in part the difficulty, but much more the paramount fear which I have mentioned, habitually indisposed me.

The movement had the widest ramifications; and the whole of the internal policy of Hungary was being directed to that paramount object.

"No other way of being useful compensates for the one which seems to you paramount, above all others, and from which you are debarred."

This interpretation is particularly adopted by those expounders with whom grammatical construction is of paramount importance and the first thing to be considered.

The rivalry was rather in knowledge and reasoning than in eloquence, mere declamation was discouraged; and subjects of paramount importance were conscientiously thought out.

They all seem alive to the paramount necessity of finding fault and condemning what they term cheap literature, as calculated to demoralize the community.

It was a project of world-wide importance, and destined to set the seal to the paramount influence of Great Britain over the whole of Africa.

And for this historical purpose, the writings of the great Gentile Apostle are of paramount value, and justly occupy the inquirer's first researches.

Rides for pleasure as well as for gainful pursuits required better conditions, and for both purposes good roads became everywhere a question of paramount importance.

The union of Ireland with Great Britain rendered it an object of paramount importance to facilitate and expedite communication between the capitals of both kingdoms.

Nevertheless, a fact which was destined to be of paramount importance in the life of the poor creature escaped the notice of the wily old doctor.

In this event, the one who has the paramount title coupled with the right of immediate possession, may take the property from the bailee.

Authentic accounts of the actions of the great, the valiant, the loyal, have always been of paramount interest with a brave and civilized people.

Small wonder that service in the State Governments was considered not only more dignified, but more agreeable in these days of paramount State rights.

This art, therefore, owing to the greater variety of means at its disposal, and its greater adequacy to express emotion, became the paramount Italian art.

Perhaps daily familiarity with death and pain and wretchedness, hourly contact with the paramount mystery of all, has broadened me, or benumbed me.

A nearer examination, however, will convince every candid enquirer, that individual character exercises, if not a paramount, yet a very powerful influence on human affairs.