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Use pasty in a sentence

Definition of pasty:

  • (noun) small meat pie or turnover
  • (noun) (usually used in the plural) one of a pair of adhesive patches worn to cover the nipples of exotic dancers and striptease performers
  • (adjective) resembling paste in color; pallid;

Sentence Examples:

The white women and children, though rather pasty and washed out after at least two years' residence in the country, do not appear debilitated after their long tropical sojourn.

"Have them shown up, doctor," cried the benevolent baronet, who loved to see every one as happy as himself, "and give them some of your excellent pasty, for the sake of hospitality and the credit of your cook, I beg of you."

Indeed, so entirely non-existent is the mosaic, the twisted and channelled columns showing nothing but places "where the pasty is not," that the more probable solution may be that want of funds or of devotion has left the work unfinished.

One is to rub or wash off the coloring matter with water, allow it to subside, and to expose it to spontaneous evaporation till it acquires a pasty consistence.

And with that fell upon the pasty as if it were the Spanish Armada in one lump and he Sir Francis Drake set on to do the job alone.

It was a young man of no very distinguished appearance, thin, red-haired, with a pasty complexion and a scrubby mustache; his clothes were approaching shabbiness, and he had an unwashed look, due in part to hasty travel on this hot day.

He could play anything, could this pasty Dominique, but of all instruments he was at his tuneful best on the alto saxophone.

For there were pasties of larks, with sauce of butter and herbs, most excellent and toothsome.

The result is a coarse, pasty mass of almost raw oatmeal, an extremely indigestible compound, the use of which causes water brash.

When starch is added to several times its bulk of hot water, all the starch granules burst on approaching the boiling point, and swell to such a degree as to occupy nearly the whole volume of the water, forming a pasty mess.

To this unflattering description, Saint-Simon adds the fact that his "large, pasty face was so covered by pimples that it looked like one large abscess.'"

The pedant quickly came back, carrying a large basket in each hand, and with a triumphant air placed a huge pasty of most tempting appearance in the middle of the table.

He turned his attention to the ladies first, and it perhaps will not be out of place to give a little sketch of them here, while the pedant attacks the gigantic game pasty.

We are able to trace the gradual changes through which the pasty mass of decaying vegetation passed, in consequence of the fact that we have this material locked up in various stages of carbonization, in the strata beneath our feet.

A faint tinge of color began to liven the somewhat pasty cheek of the Billionaire.

Then came, not unacceptably, a little cup of pasty chocolate and a long roll for each of us.

Pasty then outbalanced property for "Jim."

Through it, glorified and softened, I saw the face of my betrothed, pasty yet alluring, her large white fleshy arms stretched out invitingly toward me.

He was a German, with a large pasty face and a yellow mustache.

Fetid dark brown stools are present in chronic diarrhea Putty-like pasty passages are due to aridity curdling the milk or to torpid liver.

A flush of embarrassment crept into the pasty cheeks and a sparkle into his fine old eyes as he withdrew to acquit himself of being an eavesdropper.

On the other side was a door into an old chapel not used for devotion; the pulpit, as the safest place, was never wanting of a cold chine of beef, pasty of venison, gammon of bacon, or great apple-pie, with thick crust extremely baked.

A pasty, even to a Cornish child, makes a satisfying meal, and when it is flanked by sandwiches, and apples, and a good draft of river water, there is no disinclination to remain still for a little while.

She said it with as little emotion as if she had spoken of an underdone pasty.

He looked about him; eagerly, his great paunchy figure pictured grotesquely beneath the pasty, fearful face.

Mother Mary-of-the-Angels, once Elise Gautier, was short, fat, and bustling, with large round-eyed spectacles upon her nose, and the pasty complexion and premature flaccid wrinkles that come with long seclusion from sunshine and exercise.

One was flabby, large, and overdressed, with a pasty complexion and eyes like a fish, in which was a lack of all moral sense.

They stitched and spun, brewed gooseberry wine, cured marigolds, and made the crust for the venison pasty.

The gap between the two classes of bodies may be filled by certain substances with intermediate properties, such as pasty bodies and bodies liquid but still crystallized, because they have not yet completely lost their peculiar structure.

A "Sheffield whittle" stuck in his baldric; and in a pouch was deposited the remnant of a magnificent pasty.

Digestion, or rather assimilation, is impossible; and pasty face and lusterless eyes become the rule.

The pasty mass of sulfur was treated with alcohol, which extracted the glycerin, subsequently recovered by evaporation.

The venison pasties of Margaret's make disappeared with a truly marvelous rapidity, while Dorothy's confections had a very short lease of life, and fared no better, either because they were nice or that Dorothy was the maker of them.

Soon there came into the hall many servitors, who brought forth the tables and set thereon all manner of meats, haunches of venison and boars' heads and great pasties, together with huge flagons of wine.

It consists in applying to the clean and dry metallic surface a film of a pasty amalgam of tin with mercury, and then exposing the surface to heat, which volatilizes the latter, leaving the tin adhering to the metal.

The venison had to be prepared, and a part of it dried and salted down for winter use; whilst of course a great batch of pies and pasties must be put in hand, so that the most should be made of the meat whilst it was still fresh.

There, around him, crowded as sheep to a shepherd, twenty figures in German uniform stood with hands up and wet tears running down pasty cheeks.

Sybarite fishy, unemotional eyes in a pasty fat face.

It was a slender, pasty young person, an inch taller and a year or two older than Mattie, with yellow ringlets, and more pale-blue ribbons on her white dress than poor Mattie had ever seen before.

The interior looked like a white pasty, a sort of soft crumb, the flavor of which was like that of an artichoke.

Slaves were kept busy bringing boar's head and sow's udder and roasted fowls, and fish pasties, and boiled teals.

He sat staring at the congealed remains of a pasty on his plate.

He noted the pasty skin, the hollow chest, the strong, unformed features, the thin lips that were trembling, despite the cigarette stained fingers that pressed against them.

"Get me a flagon of canary, and we will wash down the remains of the pasty."

It was not a good fight, for the three were pasty-faced, overgrown young men, in no training and stupid with liquor.

There is a pasty yellowish pallor, afterwards dropsy of the abdominal and chest cavities.

If a handful of flour mixed with a little cold water is tied up in a coarse cloth bag, and the bag is then put into a large vessel of water and well kneaded with the hands, it will become pasty, while the water will become white.

The skin, especially of the face, sometimes becomes coarse and red, sometimes is pale and pasty and covered with blotches or pimples.

The student class of Fez, drawn from all sections of the population of Morocco, actually makes a boast of the pale and pasty complexions attained by life amid the shaded cloisters and covered streets of the intellectual capital.

James Sydney, the celebrated wit, his pasty face wearing an air of settled melancholy, while he gazed vacantly at a curious old Turner, which glowed like an American sunset against the stamped-leather hangings of the room.

The venison pasty of high festival becomes the daily pork and mustard of home life, with such an array of scrofula and cutaneous disorders as are horrible to think on.

"Tell me where you put it, and I'll look," said Martha, much amused, and, when found, she punched a hole through one corner of the pasty squares, and tied each to a button of the ulsters.

I will send down to the buttery, for a couple of tankards and a pasty.

The walls are often pasty, and may be eroded, or ulcerated, and they may show vessels or cicatrices.

Half-pint mugs were handed around, and the tea ladled into them: the result, a pasty tea forming meat and drink, satisfying both hunger and thirst.

Dates in the pasty condition are not relished by those who live on them; nor, on the other hand, would we probably fancy the dried, almost tasteless fruit which, strung on long straws, is carried in bunches by the Arabs in their pouches.

Sweat had once streaked his haggard face, but it was dry and blanched to a pasty gray.

The face was round with full cheeks, the complexion pasty, the nose short and insignificant, the lips full and protruding, the jaw broad and strong; the hands, like the rest of the body, were plump, and the fingers thick and short.

With this scrap of love's lore and youth's philosophy I turned my back on my companion, and having walked to where the battered pasty lay beside the empty jug sat down in high dudgeon.

On another table a huge venison pasty and tarts and cakes of many kinds were temptingly arrayed, and madame's pride in her housewifely preparations for the Christmas feasting was pretty to see.

The roasted fowl and venison pasty, smoking hot, were flanked by tarts and cakes and jellies and cordials beyond my power to inventory, for I had ever less of a talent for the description of such things than for making away with them.

Horses, ponies, and oxen were all tethered deep in the forest, while young men and maidens were running to and fro, arranging tempting piles of broiled fowl, venison, and game pasties on the white cloth, spread on the green grass.

It does not effervesce with acids, as when adulterated with chalk; nor become pasty with boiling water, as when sophisticated with starch.

Unless proper skill is exercised in its preparation, the sienna has the objection of being somewhat pasty in working.

He had a dish of venison pasty and a flagon of wine in his hands, which he set before me, and in dumb show bade me eat.

The lime used should be of good quality, free from stones, badly burnt pieces or any other insoluble material, so that when slaked it should give a fine smooth pasty mass.

As walking without them, however, was impossible, Lumley had no other course left than to put them on and plod away heavily through the deep and pasty snow.

These sat down in a row, and, each man unrolling a parcel containing a pasty or a thick lump of cake with currants in it, commenced the demolition thereof with as much zeal as had previously been displayed in the demolition of the rock.

Instead, there leered back at him a pasty-faced, underfed vagrant, dressed in the tatters of unambitious, satisfied poverty.

The pollen is also quite different in its character, being here in the form of a pasty mass, whose entire exposed surface, as the anther opens, is coated with a very viscid gluten.

His pasty yellow complexion did not show well on a person of his years, and his look was a mixture of irresolution, bravado, and very cheap smartness.

On this particular morning, however, it required no courage at all, and we devoured the pasty mass as though it were one of the choicest of viands.

He stood tall but hunched over; gaunt, with pasty skin, vapid eyes, and a kind of yellow-nondescript hair.

At the end of the exhaustion process the clamping screws are tightened as far as possible, the condenser remaining in its bath until the paraffin is pasty.

James Shepherd with his face more pasty even than usual, his eyes a trifle greener, his whole demeanor one of unconcealed and unaffected terror.

I have seen this trick performed by other natives, and whenever ignited coals or ardent metal was used, the hands of the operator were copiously anointed with the pasty unguent.

Everything was rolling, tumbling, and falling about the floor, and the little rats dabbled in puddles of green sauce, the mice navigated oceans of sweetmeats, and the old folks carried off the pasties.

These are jaundice (yellowness of the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, and eyes) and the condition of the dung, it being light in color and pasty in appearance.

His puffed, discolored lips stood out against the pasty whiteness of his face with the grotesque effect of a mask and his eyes gleamed malevolently, but he lifted his hat with the old airy insouciance.

With him lived his two daughters, who overtopped him head and shoulders, and a pasty-faced, lean boy of six, languishing in the dark rooms in blue cotton overalls and clumsy boots, who might have belonged to either one of them or to neither.

The thought of that flat, pasty, sullen face stirred in her a sudden repulsion.

To whatever place you fly it will always follow you, will seize upon you in every limb, even after your death, and will cook you like a pasty in the oven of hell, where you will simmer eternally, and every day you will receive seven hundred thousand million lashes of the whip, for the one I received through you.

Robbie was but a puling, pasty-faced little thing, thin and miserable, not a crowing, bright little thing like the others.

The three broken sailor men attacked the ample venison pasty with a zeal and thoroughness that betokened long abstention from work of a similar nature, and the sack trickled gratefully down parched throats.

Under one arm a pasty sack of flour was tucked, under the other a smoked venison haunch.

In the mouth, therefore, the food becomes first broken down by the teeth, impregnated with saliva, and reduced to a soft pasty substance, capable of passing with these, through the esophagus, into the stomach.

The knots show that the matter is supplied in small, pasty mouthfuls, solidifying outside in slight projections which the animal does not remove, being unable to get at them, and polished on the inside surface, which is within the worm's reach.

And here in good time come flagon and pasty, both.

I might have let that poor shrivelled preacher cut into the center of my pasty, and ravish the heart of my deer; stuffed, as it is, with tomatoes and golden pippins!

If we sup at all, it is upon pasty, German cheese, full of holes, as if it had been made in water, or a hot liver sausage, as an extraordinary indulgence.

Bakers' bread is generally made from poor flour mixed with a little of the better sort; or with a little alum, which added to the wheat grown in wet seasons, keeps the bread from being pasty and poor in taste.

Mercier was a black-haired, thick-set youth with heavy features in a heavy, pasty face, a face oddly decorated by immense and slightly prominent blue eyes, a face where all day long the sensual dream brooded heavily.

Why she should have shown it to me, the wretched little pasty-faced gutter-bred art student, I could not conceive for many of the after years during which I wrestled with the head- and heart-splitting perplexities of women.

He was a big stoop-shouldered Englishman with a pale, pasty face beginning to sag at the jowls.

Knowing the sun's mass and distance, it was not difficult for Newton to calculate the height of the protuberance caused by it in a pasty ocean covering the whole earth.

I say pasty, because, if there was any tendency for impulses to accumulate, as timely pushes given to a pendulum accumulate, the amount of disturbance might become excessive, and its calculation would involve a multitude of data.

If the earth rotated on its axis in three hours, when fluid or pasty, it would be unstable, and begin to separate a portion of itself as a kind of bud, which might then get detached and gradually pushed away by the violent tidal action.

Saying which he arose, and, pushing a table near the bench, took the remains of a huge venison pasty and a loaf from a hutch standing on one side of the cavern.

Bring us a pasty and a flagon!

He had an umbrella under his arm, and two great straw baskets in each hand, which contained, when unpacked, a cold leg of mutton, half-a-dozen of beer, a bottle of port, and all sorts of pasties and luxuries.