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Use patsy in a sentence

Definition of patsy:

  • (noun) a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

Sentence Examples:

"I was a nice patsy," she said.

"Just a bunch of patsies," Jack said.

He could have been set up as a patsy, couldn't he?

The boys who ran the local club were no patsies.

The Captain's particular patsy was, of course, young Bailey the Cook.

We are always willing to be trade partners but never trade patsies.

As a result it is perceived by some as a bully - by others as a patsy.

Not knowing how I got it, he'd have been sore, thinking I'd played him for a patsy.

I supposed that eventually they'd pick the dumbest day laborer in the place and make him the patsy.

Anyhow, they might have set the three of them up as patsies, just in case we stumbled on to this mess.

Worse still, it did not take too challenging a flight of imagination to figure out who would end up being the patsy.

Even if they can find some other patsy to train for the job, it'd take maybe a year before you could even send him on a Moon hop.

It was like roping a patsy and holding back the buzzer until the dough was down.