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Definition of pedant:

  • (noun) a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

Sentence Examples:

He always stigmatizes scholars as pedants.

The glorified pedants and homiletic asses!

A hero out of a dull, sexless pedant?

Get along with you, you beggarly pedant.

See the pedant wreathing the roses of Love!

Coxcombs and pedants, not absolute simpletons, are his game.

I have never been gifted with what pedants miscall courage.

Jeffrey writes like the snappish pedant of a provincial newspaper.

The pious pedants who tried to traduce him were self-indicted.

He is no pedant nor bookworm; so far I can answer.

He has not the professional taint of the German pedant.

Howell was something of a pedant, something perhaps of a coxcomb.

"Stupefied, the pedant closed his mouth, and opened his eyes."

There was nothing of the scholarly prig or pedant about him.

Pedants indoctrinated it, Generals instilled it, the Emperor preached it.

Only cramped bigots and dull pedants cheapen the value of beauty.

The girl, Lynn Graham, looked at the embarrassed pedant almost pityingly.

A German pedant has actually ventured to question the purity of Lucretia.

The pagan Emperor was above all things a pedant and a doctrinaire.

This young mind, just expanding, passed from a prude to a pedant.

Whoever works with symbols only is a pedant, a hypocrite, or a bungler.

A professor commonly became a pedagogue or a pedant; an editor became an authority on advertising.

Those dreaming pedants and praters never for a moment comprehended their position.

The ecclesiastics there are generally respected, and for the greater part pedants.

Besides, I wish you well, as you know, and I understand you German pedants.

Golfers, of all pedants who infest earth or purgatory, are the most intolerable.

Let prigs and pedants, said he, keep all the nasty manufacture to themselves.

Too much has been made of Heine's superficiality by the pedants among his detractors.

He repeated the question in Italian, at the same time feeling like a pedant airing his accomplishments.

I have never met one who was a pedant, a vain pretender or a superficial scholar.

There are plenty of pedants and martinets in religion as well as on the parade ground.

We can esteem the hero who butchers nations, and the pedant who perplexes truth.

He is no pedant or bookworm; he is always human, always a man of the world.

It has been well said of him that he never became either a pedant or a doctrinaire.

Men do not confide themselves to boys, or coxcombs, or pedants, but to their peers.

Held by timid old men or nerveless pedants, they scarcely waited for a vigorous attack.

One feels tempted to personify the whole corporation of German pedants under the same title.

In it Wagner determined to satirize the musical pedants, and he did so with considerable acerbity.

Hitherto she had always kept an ear cocked for the pedant; he for the scoffer.

The diary in question, you will have gathered, is that of a pedant, prim and easily scandalized.

Such work I leave to the ambition of dullards and pedants, as foreign to my own purpose.

That is why our civilization produces so many bigots, so many philistines, so many pedants and prigs.

His strictures are those of the academic pedant, Dryden's are those of the man of the world.

In this world a man of culture is either a dilettante or a pedant: you have to take your choice.

German, to this day, is a frightful dialect for the stupid, the pedant and dullard sort!

There are pedants and bigots who insist that the jug must be stoppered with a corncob.

Looking at his true character, it was certainly unjust to call him either a prig or a pedant.

Pardon me if I blasphemed your memory and your cult in replying as I did to the odious pedant.

The ashen face of the tottering old pedant had offered her no welcome to a happy home.

One can easily imagine its attraction for men in search of soft jobs, for pedants, for meddlers.

It misses its aim if it produces learned pedants, or simple artisans, or cunning sophists, or pretentious practitioners.

Such considerations must appear to these pedants to be characterized by a ridiculous vulgarity and a dilettante superficiality.

And culture can be built on the bare rudiments of education, at which pedagogues and pedants will sneer.

Neither can the proud treatise of a sophist weaken, nor the puerile dialectics of a pedant increase it.

He was neat and methodical in all small matters, yet he was in nowise a prig or a pedant.

Of all vanities the vanity of the unlettered pedant is the most sickening, and the most transparent.

"The Circle," to the disgust of Malherbe, lay at the feet of the Italian pedant, swooning with ecstasy.

In this lively piece he ridicules those Italian pedants who banished every word or phrase unauthorized by Cicero.

An Athenian, when he emerged from boyhood and became a man, was neither a pedant nor a barbarian.

How admirable is the Italian organization, which can understand poetry without needing a pedant to explain its beauties!

By it, they vivified dry studies, which seemed only fit to occupy pedants of the academy or seminary.

They will gladden your sight after looking at those dreary pedants who are like a flock of wise ravens.

It is hard for an Englishman to be a pedant; it is not easy for a German to be anything else.

The practical person, the wary pedant, and the supercritical will scoff at this, but let it stand.

A kindly old pedant, Fulcher interlards his history with much discourse on geography, zoology and sacred history.

Or is all this alleged Greek superiority an idle dream of the pedants, with no solid basis in facts?

Was he to sink into the mere pedant; or, if he could not do that, into the mere court versifier?

"These bloodless pedants smell unduly of the lamp," my guru remarked after the departure of the chastened one.

Perhaps he would only have laughed ... but no, he wouldn't, he's such an accurate German, such a pedant.

The atrocities were not the blunders of drink-sodden reservists, but the result of the theories of half-witted military pedants.

Shall we be such pedants as to reject them because they do not fit in with our preconceived ideas of fitness?

The coxcomb criticizes the dress of the clown, as the pedant cavils at the bad grammar of the illiterate.

He wrote, for all his scholarly grace, like a man of flesh and blood, not a pedant nor a doctrinaire.

He may be justly termed a pedant, but neither his book nor himself can be spared from Italian literary history.

He abuses his predecessors: when he speaks of Cromwell's biographers, he takes the tone of a man of genius astray amongst pedants.

Meanwhile, let me pass for the pedant, and the bookworm: like a sturdier adventurer than myself, 'I bide my time.'

Her lips had much scorn on them that day, scorn for her husband, jejune and jealous pedant that he was.

He knows how pedants hoodwink people, how priests act the hypocrite, how physicians act the rake, how lawyers peculate.

Every pedant of the press displayed an unexpected and astonishing acquaintance with Persian history, Persian geography, Persian manners and customs.

Surely a man may be a prig and a pedant, though he is familiar with the very last researches of German professors.

He poured contempt over political economy as "that science which quacks have corrupted, which pedants have obscured and which academicians have depreciated."

It was the happy period of the doctrinaire, of the pedant, and of the student of 1688 and the pupils of Si?y?s.

This literary curiosity I cannot boast of having read, but from other sources I know the author to be a spiritless pedant.

And such is the advantage of a classical education, that he mumbled a line from a Greek pedant, another from a Roman bore.

Your pedant should provide you some parcels of French, or some pretty commodity of Italian, to commence with, if you would be exotic and exquisite.

I have observed some satirists to use the public much at the rate that pedants do a naughty boy ready horsed for discipline.

He did not, perhaps, imagine that a competent share of Latin and Greek would make his son either a pedant or a coward.

John Lyly is a person of much more consequence in English literature than the conceited and pragmatical pedant who wrote Pierce's Supererogation.

The original book is written with such depravity of genius, such mixture of the fop and pedant, as has not often appeared.

"It is common sense," replied Butler, "which accords with philosophy and religion more frequently than pedants or zealots are apt to admit."

His learning, however, made him a pedant, he carefully measured every step, and cogitated deeply whether he should take it or abandon it.

A Frenchman in Corinne who calls a learned woman a pedant, receives the reply: "What harm is there in a woman's knowing Greek?"

In this he differed from many a pedant, many a courtier, many an ecclesiastic, and many a woman about him, especially his wife.

Always preaching, always moralizing, always acting the pedant, you give them twenty worthless ideas when you think you are giving them one good one.

And what a queer creature Lucy was to willfully choose the depressing society of a superannuated teacher, a deformed pedant, and a country bumpkin.

Court flattery could not be carried further than it was in this case by Hieronymus, an affected pedant, an empty-headed braggart, a fanatical papist.

All these, and such like affected peculiarities, are the characteristics of learned coxcombs and pedants, and are carefully avoided by all men of sense.

Different stages of culture and a hundred other circumstances will modify these, and nobody but a pedant or religious martinet will care about uniformity.

That which pedants of that time and this time would have called the sentimentalism of Dickens was really simply the detached sanity of Dickens.

By this I understood my letter had been ill received, and the frankness of my zeal had been mistaken for the rusticity of a pedant.