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Use penny-pinching in a sentence

Definition of penny-pinching:

  • (noun) extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily
  • (adjective) giving or spending with reluctance

Sentence Examples:

He practiced a penny-pinching economy.

You get in trouble if you're too openly penny-pinching.

That penny-pinching Skinner wants me to cut corners and get myself into trouble, so he can fire me.

Jan Paderewski swore that his boy would have a chance to study there, no matter how much penny-pinching would have to be done at home in order to finance the venture.

A housewife will respond to a luxurious evening out; putting on an evening gown can separate her from her housekeeping, penny-pinching view of herself, and the sight of her husband in a tuxedo can fill her romantic cup to the brim.