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Use pep-talk in a sentence

Definition of pep talk:

  • (noun) a speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in a team or staff

Sentence Examples:

The old pep talk won't do any good.

Nothing but a lot of pep talk first five minutes anyway.

I'm the coach giving you the old pep talk before the big game.

What kind of pep talk did the psychology brain trust think he needed?

I dare say if it hadn't been for his pep talk I'd never have signed on.

Misinterpreting the resentment of the recruits, he decided a bit of a pep talk was in order.

You were supposed to insert a pep talk here, something about hanging in, about the opportunities here.

"Well, Manners certainly wasn't kidding when he gave us that little pep talk," Dave finally broke the silence.

Then as though to prove that the pep talk had helped, the team came up with three big runs of their own!

He still looked like a cat in an adage, and it did not take me long to realize that my very first act on escaping from this morgue must be to draw him aside and give him a pep talk.

As Brad ended his little pep talk, the boys were startled to hear a loud pounding on the closed clubroom door.