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Perpetrator Definition

someone who commits wrongdoing

Sentence Examples

We won't stop at anything in our efforts to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice.

"I have not been able to find a soft word to describe villainy, or to identify the perpetrator of it."

Whitley went in pursuit of the savage perpetrators of this outrage, having thirty men to accompany him.

There was doubtless a difficulty in proving the identity of the perpetrator of the murders.

Active measures were taken and large rewards offered for the discovery of the perpetrators.

The perpetrator of clumsy witticisms

What could its perpetrator have hoped to gain?

The perpetrators of the murder fled into a neighbor country.

Laurie viewed the perpetrator of the melancholy sounds with a cold, unrelenting eye.

It never lets up on the effort it will make to solve a robbery and bring the perpetrators to justice.

"I want the man I love and honor to be something finer and higher than a perpetrator of jokes and doggerel."

"But I do request that the perpetrators of that act of wanton destruction declare themselves to me at once."

There were some tall bets as to what would happen to the two perpetrators when the victim arrived back.  

"If it was a kidnapping, they then wondered aloud what was the motive and where were the demands of the perpetrators?"

The perpetrator of the crime had not soiled his person with any visible evidence of guilt and so was never apprehended.

They also made up their minds that it would be one of those numerous murders of which the perpetrators are never discovered.

"Crimes are growing no fewer; and if we must have crimes I should personally prefer their perpetrators to have some little artistry."

"Kidnapping is positively forbidden in class rules," Minette managed to make heard, "and the perpetrators should be brought to trial."

And he had no intention of pocketing last year's loss without at least an attempt to recover it and bring its perpetrators to justice.

By a kind of reaction these murders—whose perpetrators often could not be found—frequently gave rise to even stranger crimes and disturbances.

If the foreknowledge of proposed crime came to him, he was as guilty, if he stood idly by, as those who became the actual perpetrators of that crime.

Great efforts were made to detect the perpetrators of the sacrilege, and it was accounted miraculous when they were identified while investigating another robbery.

It was all very silly and very absurd, but it seemed to the perpetrators of the unkind humour that it was deliciously funny, while to poor Gerry it was almost unendurable.

Some hackers, in fact, had used the false ceiling as a way to get around locked doors, an approach that generally covered the perpetrator in fiberglass but got the job done.

It was growing dusk and the alley was shadowy, but they had no doubt as to the perpetrators of this fresh insult, and grabbing handfuls of snow, they promptly charged the offenders.

"But since this long-cherished honor has been sullied by these two irresponsible persons, and this city made to suffer the consequent indignity, we have to bring the perpetrators to full account."

It was almost as if the perpetrators of these lesser conflicts had simultaneously realized that Law along the frontiers was diminished, and waited only long enough to be sure they were not caught alone in the looting and thievery.