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Use pigeonhole in a sentence

Pigeonhole Definition

  • a specific (often simplistic) category
  • a small compartment
  • place into a small compartment
  • treat or classify according to a mental stereotype;
    synonyms:stamp, stereotype

Sentence Examples

He went to a cabinet across the room and took from a pigeonhole a yellow and discolored map.

Tenafly searched the pigeonholes of his memory.

She put the telegram back in its envelope and placed it carefully in one of the pigeonholes of the desk.

Bouchard's pigeonhole memory had retained the name.

Who can pigeonhole goodness, or assign it a locality?

"Every pigeonhole in my mind will be open at your call!"

"The world seemed to be nothing but neat little pigeonholes."

Her words had not been filed away in the remote pigeonhole, "To Be Forgotten."

He pulled Steeleā€™s last letter out of a pigeonhole, read it, frowned, and replaced it.

Alec wondered how many more of these bulletins were likewise resting in dusty pigeonholes.

He had the combination of two of the sections of pigeonholes, aerostatics and intelligence.

The person who has all possible knowledge pigeonholed and classified is still in our midst.

Classification is not a matter of child experience; things do not come to the individual pigeonholed.

"To tell the truth, I never had time to read it. I stuck it in that pigeonhole and there it's been ever since."

Aunt Frances took her safely through the ordeal of the playground, then up the long, broad stairs, and pigeonholed her carefully in her own schoolroom.

It is all very jolly, of course, and no doubt the world would be a far more comfortable place if it were possible to label and pigeonhole all our friends and acquaintances.

They endeavor to find the pre-appointed code pigeonhole for each concrete case, to put the case in hand into it by a purely logical process and to formulate the result in a judgment.

Something of the marketing problems his father had been able to drop unsuspected into his mind, but this was all incoherent, not card-indexed and pigeonholed and ready for instant use.

But the frame of mind that pigeonholes the whole matter as having been attended to must be shunned by the social worker, who should be always on the alert for new clues and prompt to follow them up.