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Use piggyback in a sentence

Piggyback Definition

  • (noun) the act of carrying something piggyback
  • (verb) ride on someone's shoulders or back

Sentence Examples

His thoughts carried him piggyback at a gallop.

Frankie carried me piggyback to my Aunt’s house.

Sara is giving a piggyback ride to her two-year-old son.

The computer keeps the connection going, and the piggybacker “rides” on.

They galloped the doughboys up and down the village streets in furious piggyback charges.

You may have let a criminal succeed in piggybacking his way behind you into the building.

Debra used to send me out to give the children piggyback rides, just to keep our Whuffie up while she was evicting the squatters.

Environmentalists piggybacked on existing sources of conservationist sentiment--love of nature, the national parks movement, hikers, campers, birdwatchers.

In fact, assuming that the version already there is in the public domain, you can piggyback on the work already done by what is called "comparative retyping".

You punch in a password or key on your terminal and hook up with the computer, unaware that the piggybacker has a hidden terminal connected to the same phone line.

Everything had its alternative, and considering the uncertainty riding piggyback on my shoulders, I felt that I had only one route to pursue, even if it included pain.