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Use pin down in a sentence

Pin down Definition

  • define clearly;
    synonyms:specify, nail down, narrow down, narrow, peg down
  • place in a confining or embarrassing position;
  • attach with or as if with a pin;
    synonyms:pin up

Sentence Examples

Cartier used his cane to pin down a leaf.

"Nothing definite that we could pin down, but enough to make me pretty uneasy."

Extend the legs, pin down each foot and pin out the cut edges of the skin.

I’m going to pin down the tent-flap, and you mustn’t cry.

There's a few things connected with this case that ye kin pin down.

Instead, he feinted with his club until he managed to pin down the venomous head.

He struggled to pin down her arms, but she fought with a barbaric fury.

It would never do, we said, to pin down a human creature in that way to the damp earth.

It was hard to pin down the exact source, but it seemed to revolve around the new recruits.

There really is not sufficient solid evidence on which to pin down its invention to one man.

The art of the soubrette is about the hardest thing in the world to pin down for examination.

Shake gently and pin down smoothly on a sheet, being careful to stretch and pin each scallop in place.

He outlined the situation fully; maybe he shaded it a bit to throw suspicion on our group, but in no way we could pin down.

After a time, a wind-storm arose and flapped the tent right vigorously, causing us to pin down tightly and weight the sod-cloth.

Even that sweet green maiden-hair fern might pin down your foot so firmly that it would take a fish's sharp tooth to set you free.

I suppose it is that; and that I want, besides, to pin down these queer days as they pass, —days so utterly unlike any I ever had before.

The boy shouted his delight, and when we broke ranks he dragged his father to the tent and introduced him to as many of us as he could pin down for a moment.

It annoyed him that he could not pin down the elusive thing; and when he went on presently to be curious about more tangible things, it was only to be faced with the unexplainable at every turn.