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Pipe dream Definition

Sentence Examples

Another pipe-dream.

Our pipe dream is defunct.

"It sounds too much like a pipe dream."

It's nothing but a gigantic pipe dream.

My friend's pipe-dreams came to nothing.

It was no more than a pipe dream, I reckon.

This is no "pipe dream," but an absolute fact.

"You can't fool me with a pipe-dream like this."

"This is the pipe dream to end all pipe dreams."

[From The Back of Our Heads by Barr, Stephen]

Yes, I suppose it's that pipe dream that keeps us all going, eh?

[From The Straw by O'Neill, Eugene]

The pipe-dreams of old days seemed like hen-coop dreams in the spaces in Eleanor's mind.

[From The Chinese Coat by Lee, Jennette]

"Are you really beginning to treat this pipe dream of hers as a serious possibility, Selim?"

[From Omnilingual by Freas, Kelly]

Her idea of stage life is a regular pipe dream, and she'd never be willing to begin at the bottom.

[From Concerning Belinda by Fisher, Harrison]

You're fooling yourself with a pipe dream when you let your little two-by-four run in that groove.

[From Motor Matt's Promise; or, The Wreck of the Hawk by Matthews, Stanley R.]

It sounded like a pipe dream; but if it was, it had been carefully thought out, especially the details that followed.

[From The Flying Saucers are Real by Keyhoe, Donald E. (Donald Edward)]

The pipe-dreams of retrospection are as engrossing and enjoyable as those of anticipation to the appreciative angler.

[From Favorite Fish and Fishing by Henshall, James A. (James Alexander)]

However, my boy, don't think that I'm flirting with the penitentiary for the sake of your dazzling future, or for any of your pipe dreams.

[From Sunlight Patch by Harris, Credo Fitch]

"You know, a scientific man can see all these things on the paper, but to the man with money they are pipe dreams until he sees the wheels go round."

[From Traffic in Souls: A Novel of Crime and Its Cure by Ball, Eustace Hale]

Pipe dreaming did not attract her; she was too fiercely bent upon escape, actual escape, to waste time in dreaming of ways of escape that she never could realize.

[From Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise by Phillips, David Graham]