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Platonic Definition

free from physical desire; "platonic love"

Sentence Examples

He did not believe in much platonic constraint.

But their indignation assumed only platonic forms.

Larcher vowed and protested were purely platonic.

Yours, ever Platonically, Albert de Berlins.

"Platonic friendship is impossible up to sixty-five."

"His metier is platonics."

Platonic Friendship.

A Platonic Lover.

A mere platonic friendship.

Intimacy is not only platonic, but sexual as well.

It was not even warm enough to be called Platonic.

'I understand that! It must be a secret and we must appear the most loving couple. Our platonic marriage will be very amusing. The men will envy you, the women will envy me;'

Everything was entirely respectable and platonic

The erotomaniac individual’s love is of a platonic nature.

"True, this is still platonic friendship––with one of us––but all tropical twilight is of short duration. It won’t be platonic much longer."

Platonic Affection.

Platonic Love: The only kind that is blind.

Platonic love is purely a delusion of the male mind.

A Platonic affection, at least, was soon established.

I had established a platonic friendship with her.

I have laughed him into most submissive platonics.

I resolved to cultivate only Platonic relations.

Is Platonic love possible?

It was an idea in the strict Platonic sense.

It was more platonic—a friendship relationship?

Such platonic regards might be all very well.

The Cupid of the hotel was strictly Platonic.

The world's platonic attachments are laughable enough.

Their relations by degrees returned to a platonic basis.

They had become ostentatiously Platonic friends.