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Use poke holes in in a sentence

Poke holes in Definition

to find faults or mistakes in something or someone in a disapproving way.

Sentence Examples

"Stop trying to poke holes in my accomplishment."

"Any freshman math major could poke holes all through this mathematical explanation he offers."

But Clipper’s designers withheld the information that outside experts could use to poke holes in the concept.

You are too fond of poking holes in others; you are a little hard upon your sister Molly.

Joe arguments are to try to poke holes in John's theory, under the presumption that if the theory is wrong, then Joe's own theory must be right.

Poking holes in my argument.

Muriel stood mutely poking holes in the sand.

I won't have you poking holes through it in that way.

He slowly picked a fleck of tobacco off his lip and flicked it away, his sharp black eyes poking holes in the situation I'd built up for him.

The mathematics that Baker said a kid could poke holes in.

"I poked holes in his road, and he wanted to swallow me alive."

If men have a peculiar fancy for poking holes in each other's bodies, I do not quarrel with them for it.