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Use preceding in a sentence

Preceding Definition

existing or coming before

Sentence Examples

The sentences that precede that quoted by Sir Martin are Greek in tendency.

But this instance is equally or even more inconceivable than the preceding.

[From The Philosophy of the Practical: Economic and Ethic by Ainslie, Douglas]

No precedent existed for the mode of action to be adopted by this assembly.

Cyclones are preceded by a singular calm and a great fall of the barometer.

[From The Wonder Book of Knowledge The Marvels of Modern Industry and Invention, the Interesting Stories of Common Things, the Mysterious Processes of Nature Simply Explained by Hill, Henry Chase]

"Precede me."

Bad precedent.

A preceding act.

A good precedent.

"He preceded me."

Ned preceded them.

preceding row. ....

preceding time ....

See preceding Note.

See preceding page.

Ideas precede words.

Shock preceded sound.

Robbery preceded murder.

But I ask you if I have effected anything or nothing in the preceding days?

[From Cicero's Tusculan Disputations Also, Treatises On The Nature Of The Gods, And On The Commonwealth by Cicero, Marcus Tullius]

Their court staff was the solid foundation of unyielding precedent in form.

[From The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari Tales of the Tokugawa, Volume 1 (of 2) by De Benneville, James S. (James Seguin)]

There was no precedent for the collection of so great a force of artillery.

[From With the British Legion A Story of the Carlist Wars by Paget, Walter]

Goethe says, "All art must be preceded by a certain mechanical expertness."

[From Elocution Simplified With an Appendix on Lisping, Stammering, Stuttering, and Other Defects of Speech. by Fobes, Walter K.]

He unlocked the door, and the deliberate figure preceded him into the room.

[From The Girl in the Mirror by Jordan, Elizabeth Garver]

Language and prototypes precede and necessarily antedate writing and prose.

[From Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No IV, April 1863 Devoted to Literature and National Policy by Various]

Louis was more memorable in many respects than at any preceding exposition.

[From Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission by Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission]

Something might have occurred on a preceding day which had not reached him.

[From Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 by Disraeli, Isaac]

The ornamentation of pottery showed some advance over the preceding period.

[From Archæology and the Bible by Barton, George A. (George Aaron)]

They have been active all through the preceding winter, spring, and summer.

[From Gwen Wynn: A Romance of the Wye by Reid, Mayne]

They were the culmination of a great ascent, preceding as great a downfall.

[From The Story of Milan by Noyes, Dora]

This last article, I own, piqued me more than all her preceding civilities.

[From Lady Mary Wortley Montague, Her Life and Letters (1689-1762) by Montagu, Mary Wortley, Lady]

This was too much like what had preceded the slaughter of their companions.

[From The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley by Mitford, Bertram]

None of the great inarticulate may more justly claim place and precedence

[From A Study of Shakespeare by Swinburne, Algernon Charles]