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Use predicament in a sentence

Predicament Definition

a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one.synonyms:quandary, plight

Sentence Examples

What a predicament!

"Truly his predicament was hopeless."

An Alarming Predicament.

And there was no one but himself to blame for this predicament!

"We’re in a predicament and will welcome help from any source."

He is in the predicament of a dog running round after his tail.

Stan grinned in spite of the seriousness of their predicament.

In that cold, gray dawn she felt her predicament more gravely.

I read all the papers carefully, and sized up his predicament.

Holman's airy manner of discussing our predicament annoyed me.

Joe was in a predicament, and a very tantalizing one at that.

"Nothing could be more serious than our present predicament."

How he came to be in this awful predicament, he had no idea.

He was searching his brain for a way out of the predicament.

Despite his predicament, Alvin was cool and did as directed.

This is the "egocentric predicament" in its ethical aspect.

He saw all the ins and outs of his predicament at a glance.

"He may be able to save himself from an awful predicament."

It was certainly a safe way out of an awkward predicament.

He had always looked to Galen for advice in a predicament.

Perhaps he would advise me what to do in the predicament.

"Well, no predicament is so bad that it can't be mended."

Even in that predicament they continued their applause.

This thought cheered Judy in spite of her predicament.

I ceased to be annoyed at my unexpected predicament.

"This is the queerest predicament I ever heard of!"

"Whitmore's death leaves him in a sad predicament?"

The war threw Lindsay into a perilous predicament.

Vancouver’s uneasy face betrayed his predicament.

At last I devised an escape from my predicament.

It placed me in a most trying predicament.

It was a truly frustrating predicament.

"In that predicament, silence is best."

You see in what a predicament I stand.

He was in a parlous predicament

This places him in a bad predicament.

Realizing predicament, riot resulted.

And my predicament made me desperate.

I saw no way out of the predicament.

It was a discouraging predicament.

"Isn't it a pitiable predicament?"

This was no ordinary predicament.

Robert's predicament was fearful.

He pondered anew his predicament.

It is an outrageous predicament.

It was a delicate predicament.

This was his sad predicament.

There’s an awful predicament!

Relish—Dreadful predicaments.

It was an absurd predicament.

I am in the same predicament.

"What a ghastly predicament!"

None knew of my predicament.

The predicament was tragic.

I explained my predicament.

A frightful predicament!

Piteous predicament!

Awkward predicament.

A Queer Predicament.