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Use preposterous in a sentence

Preposterous Definition

incongruous;inviting ridicule;
synonyms: nonsensical, ridiculous, idiotic, absurd, derisory, cockeyed, ludicrous, laughable

Sentence Examples

"I never heard of anything so preposterous!"

"Sir," said the woman angrily, "I do not believe a word of your preposterous story!"

But she was not slow in answering such a preposterous question.

Haggerty's plea was preposterous.

He has nothing to do with real life--he's a preposterous stage figure, a convention.

I have many letters equally preposterous....

I wonder why we so often use a preposterous voice,—a super-sweetened whine, in talking to children?

She was pretty,—no doubt of it,—preposterously pretty!

The preposterousness of it proved that it wasn't true.

The preposterousness of the case was beyond discussion.

The more I think over it the more outrageous and preposterous your behavior seems.

Their affection for each other was absurd, preposterous, and utterly out of place.

"Preposterous indeed!"

"A preposterous story."

"But the conclusions you draw are simply preposterous."

"How preposterously you talk, my dear friend!"

"I confess I have a weakness for that child, she is so preposterously mischievous."

"The thing's too preposterous to be worth a thought."

"Utterly preposterous!"

Preposterous as this may be, I think she likes me a great deal.

Preposterous idea!

Preposterous questions were propounded by preposterous people.

A preposterous idea, not worth entertaining.

A more preposterous demand cannot be imagined.

His preposterous simplicity overwhelmed her.

How preposterous!

How unreasonable, how preposterous it seemed!

Isn't it preposterous!

It is preposterous to offer such a hypothesis.

It was an unjust and preposterous provision.

It's preposterous!

Nothing can be more preposterous.

Nothing is further from the writer's mind than so essentially preposterous a claim.

Oh, preposterous!

Quite preposterous.

She is perfectly crazy when enjoying the sexual act and acts in the most preposterous manner.

Shelley condemned the truthful story as preposterous.

Simply preposterous!

Such a preposterous turn was beyond his comprehension.

Such talk is simply preposterous.

That was an absurd, preposterous notion indeed.

The condition of that school was simply preposterous.

The prevalent stories of their fidelity to their masters were preposterously false.

The sultan frowned at this preposterous choice; but he smiled at the artful flattery of his vizier.

The supposition was preposterous.

The theory is preposterous in every respect.

The whole proposition was preposterous and impossible.

The whole thing was preposterous.

There was something preposterous in the air.

They are all equally preposterous, and yet plausible.

We are in a muddle of the most preposterous theories!

Where did you pick up that preposterous idea?

Why, a more preposterous notion never entered into a man's head!

You're preposterous!

“How dare you read such preposterous stuff?”

“Most preposterous!”

“You are preposterously strong,” she approved.

"Just been trying to persuade Miss Liddell here to dispute this preposterous claim."