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Use prerequisite in a sentence

Prerequisite Definition

  • (noun) something that is required in advance
  • (adjective) required as a prior condition or course of study

Sentence Examples

Lincoln imposed certain conditions on individuals as a prerequisite to participation in reconstruction.

[From Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama by Fleming, Walter L. (Walter Lynwood)]

Good homes and good schools on good roads are prerequisites to the solution of many rural problems.

[From American Rural Highways by Agg, T. R. (Thomas Radford)]

Indeed, it may be argued that richness of experience in doing is prerequisite to verbal expression.

[From How to Teach by Strayer, George D. (George Drayton)]

A certain degree of education should therefore be regarded as an indispensable prerequisite.

"The name of an individual is a prerequisite to the transaction of business," he interposed.

Improvements in mathematical, physical, chemical and biological science were prerequisites.

[From Reconstruction in Philosophy by Dewey, John]

The first prerequisite for a normal mental life is the acceptance of all biological facts.

[From Psychoanalysis, Sleep and Dreams by Tridon, André]

I heartily recommend this book as a supplement, perhaps even a prerequisite, to this one.

To know what it is that makes for interest is one of the prerequisites of good teaching.

[From Principles of Teaching by Bennion, Adam S. (Adam Samuel)]

It may be that the holding of land will become a prerequisite to active citizenship.

[From Towards the Great Peace by Cram, Ralph Adams]

The human element is one of the greatest prerequisites to successful leadership.

[From Learning to Be a Schoolmaster by Cole, Thomas R. (Thomas Raymond)]

Politics is the plane where objective prerequisites intersect with subjective.

[From Our Revolution: Essays on Working-Class and International Revolution, 1904-1917 by Olgin, Moissaye J. (Moissaye Joseph)]

They all assume the existence of needs as a prerequisite to their validity.

[From Distributive Justice: The Right and Wrong of Our Present Distribution of Wealth by Ryan, John A. (John Augustine)]

Let us now examine in detail the prerequisites of spatial measurement.

[From An essay on the foundations of geometry by Russell, Bertrand]

Is a college education an essential prerequisite to success in mining?

[From The Business of Mining A brief non-technical exposition of the principles involved in the profitable operation of mines by Hoskin, Arthur J. (Arthur Joseph)]

And one prerequisite I have felt it unnecessary to dwell upon.

The ability to do good handwork rapidly is the prerequisite.

It has been said to be the absolute prerequisite of genius.

[From The Glands Regulating Personality A Study of the Glands of Internal Secretion in Relation to the Types of Human Nature by Berman, Louis]

This enchantment is the prerequisite of all dramatic art.

Therefore, a prerequisite of social reform was democracy.

[From Socialism and Democracy in Europe by Orth, Samuel Peter]

System and care are prerequisites of good administration.

Citizenship is a prerequisite for voting in the country.

A geologic survey of the conditions is a prerequisite.

[From The Economic Aspect of Geology by Leith, C. K. (Charles Kenneth)]

Money was, of course, an indispensable prerequisite.

[From All's for the Best by Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay)]

All good work involves the prerequisite of training.

Oxygen is not a prerequisite for all living systems.

Balance is a vital prerequisite for specialization.

Freedom is the first prerequisite to a noble life.

They constitute the prerequisites for democracy.

[From The China of Chiang K'ai-Shek A Political Study by Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony]

There are prerequisites.