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Use prerogative in a sentence

Prerogative Definition

  • a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)
    synonyms:perquisite, exclusive right, privilege

Sentence Examples

Royal Prerogative.

Woman's prerogative.

It is her prerogative.

"Use your prerogative!"

The king's prerogatives.

I yield the prerogative.

I know no such prerogative.

Exercise of the prerogative.

It is a glorious prerogative.

His watchword was prerogative.

Endurance is woman's prerogative.

His prerogatives are very limited.

"I will not waive my prerogative."

Powerful and beautiful prerogative!

Choice is the prerogative of kings.

They claim prerogative above others.

Leading was his special prerogative.

Their prerogative had been assailed.

Whose prerogative is it to sit there?

"And perhaps I exceed my prerogative."

Joe was proud of his male prerogatives.

You have robbed him of his prerogative.

No prince ever held less to prerogative.

'The prerogative of a man is to command.'

[From Oliver Twist by Dickens, Charles]

You have encroached upon my prerogatives.

Country, time, birth have no prerogative.

The king yields some of his prerogatives.

You have disobeyed the will of him whose prerogative yields only to ours.

He was of a bold undaunted character, and stood high for the prerogative.

"I'll have no eavesdropping in my house, prerogative or no prerogative!"

Such prerogative he respected and would take up arms to protect against any who should rebel.

"That would be a more regular method of proceeding than limiting your own prerogative by the exercise of that very prerogative itself.”

[From The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco by Dilke, Charles Wentworth, Sir]

Danby wished to strengthen and extend the prerogative; but he had the sense to see that this could be done only by a complete change of system.

[From Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Vol. (4 of 6) With a Memoir and Index by Macaulay, Thomas Babbington]

Thus, they are devoted to the prerogatives of the Crown, although in truth the Crown has been stripped of every one of its prerogatives.

[From The Earl of Beaconsfield by Froude, James Anthony]

As to disputing the King’s prerogative, give me leave to explain, to those who are ignorant, what the meaning of that word prerogative is.

[From Ireland in the Days of Dean Swift (Irish Tracts, 1720 to 1734) by Daly, J. Bowles (John Bowles)]

This was a stretch of the king’s prerogative that produced results immediately welcome to the Nonconformists, who sent up addresses of thanks. 

[From An Essay Upon Projects by Defoe, Daniel]

They concentrated so many prerogatives in the State as to leave no footing from which a man could deny its jurisdiction or assign bounds to its activity.

[From The History of Freedom, and Other Essays by Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron]

In this instance, the vindication was not against the prerogative of the sovereign, but against an arrogation of power on the part of the House of Lords.

[From The History of Parliamentary Taxation in England by Morgan, Shepard Ashman]