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Use primarily in a sentence

Primarily Definition

  • for the most part;
    synonyms:principally, chiefly, in the main, mainly
  • of primary import;
    synonyms:in the first place

Sentence Examples

Livid means primarily black and blue.

Right whales feed primarily on copepods.

"The fault is primarily yours, Hard," Milton went on.

"The work is primarily a practical one."

Primarily I took it because I liked it.

Primarily I'm a business builder.

Primarily my purpose was to study art.

Primarily they wished to capture slaves.

A hen is primarily intended to lay eggs.

A law is primarily a rule of action.

All taxation is directed primarily against the rich.

Archimedes was primarily a mathematician.

He did not die primarily of the wound.

He is primarily a man of action.

He was primarily a poet.

He wore primarily a guilty expression.

Her illness is not primarily physical.

His point of view is primarily humorous.

If the mix is primarily clay, we call it a clay soil.

It is primarily a manufacturing city.

It is primarily a matter of attitude.

It is primarily an expression of emotion.

It is not primarily speculative.

It takes, primarily, a certain impudence.

It was primarily a question of haste.

It was he who was primarily responsible.

Its purpose is primarily devotional, not pedagogical.

[From Works of Martin Luther, with Introductions and Notes (Volume II) by Luther, Martin]

Others are primarily bibliographic.

Poetry appeals to the ear: it is primarily sensuous.

Sheep were kept primarily for their wool.

The Prince Regent was chiefly and primarily a soldier.

[From Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire by Headlam, James Wycliffe]

The affair was a banquet primarily.

The ancient state was and remained primarily military.

[From The Greek View of Life by Dickinson, G. Lowes (Goldsworthy Lowes)]

The live stock consisted primarily of hogs and cattle.

The motive of printing is not primarily an art motive.

The occupants primarily were Mahicans.

[From Footprints of the Red Men by Ruttenber, Edward Manning]

The streets serve primarily for traffic.

Their motive is primarily security.

They were there primarily to learn.

War is a condition of mind primarily.

We eat it primarily for the protein.

But his sister was primarily to blame.