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Use prodigious in a sentence

Prodigious Definition

  • of momentous or ominous significance;
  • far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree;
    synonyms:exceeding, olympian, surpassing, exceptional
  • so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe;
    synonyms:stupendous, colossal

Sentence Examples

Prodigious mind!

eat prodigiously!

prodigious bosoms.

Prodigious accident!

His prodigious labors.

Oh, prodigious change!

He winked prodigiously.

I laughed prodigiously.

he yawned prodigiously.

what prodigious wealth!

Prodigious ingratitude!

Such prodigious misery!

The list is prodigious.

He tells prodigious lies.

Her memory is prodigious.

I took prodigious bounds.

It was a prodigious roar.

Its power was prodigious.

The noise was prodigious.

"I like you prodigiously"

It was prodigiously plump.

he is a prodigious fellow!

she prodigiously repeated.

A prodigious force wasted.

The shops are prodigious.?

He had a prodigious memory.

He was a prodigious worker.

His courage was prodigious.

Its success was prodigious.

Its voracity is prodigious.

The queues were prodigious!

"You're a prodigious liar".

He made prodigious advances.

His strength was prodigious.

That success was prodigious.

His endurance is prodigious.?

His enthusiasm is prodigious.

The confusion was prodigious.

The sensation was prodigious.

This was a prodigious stride.

Your sale will be prodigious.

He was prodigiously respected.

He showed prodigious activity.

She was a prodigious favorite.

What a prodigious undertaking!

Crow was yawning prodigiously.

I am prodigiously proud of him.

A prodigious system of anatomy!

They grew at a prodigious rate.

We continue to like our house prodigiously.

Prodigious shouts were made by both armies.

He was a man of prodigious bone and sinews.

He was prodigiously flattered and fluttered.

A prodigious whistle announces his feelings.

The amount of corn destroyed was prodigious.

The effect of the apparition was prodigious.

The fuss she makes about them is prodigious.

She sighed prodigiously, and rolled her eyes.

What a prodigious distance those bells can be heard!

It was prodigious toil, obscure heroism unbelievable.

His powers of memory are said to have been prodigious.

On the long table was spread a map of prodigious size.

His prodigious size made his timidity the more amusing.

Their effect was, in reality, prodigious and universal.

Their images are awful, and their ignorance prodigious.

His legal genius was superb and his judicial labors prodigious.

The event produced a prodigious excitement throughout the camp.

This man of a century possesses a prodigious obstructive power!

Their tongues wagged with prodigious activity utterly unleashed.

She was a prodigious flirt, and soon set her husband at defiance.

This insect can make a prodigious leap in proportion to its size.

Hence, a prodigious rise in rents and a plague of landlord profiteering.

This prodigious intellectual power was one of her chief characteristics.

He is a man of prodigious talents, and replete with variety of knowledge.

What a prodigious variety of animals there appears to be in this country.?

What mechanical force allowed it to move about with such prodigious speed?

He has taken prodigious pains to flatter and win over many to his interest.