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Use profound in a sentence

Profound Definition

  • showing intellectual penetration or emotional depth;
  • far-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something;
  • of the greatest intensity; complete;

Sentence Examples

"Her sentiments are profound!"

Indeed his diffidence with regard to his own work was profound.

It was a profound historic disturbance of population, destined later on to affect profoundly many younger commonwealths.

[From The Reign of Law; a tale of the Kentucky hemp fields by Allen, James Lane]

The whole night long he bewails his loneliness, in accents charged with profound melancholy. 

[From Lost Leaders by Lang, Andrew]

"My profound apologies."

"Our profound thanks."

"You inspire me neither with anger nor hatred, but with a profound pity, for you are unhappy."

Profound mystery!

Profound obscurity.

Profound peace.

Profound reasoning!

Profound silence ensues.

Profound silence fell.

Profound silence reigned.

Profound silence.

Profound stillness reigned.

profound sorrow!

A profound silence fell all around at these conciliatory words.

He gave a profound sigh.

He made her a profound bow.

He sank into profound slumber.

He seemed in a profound sleep.

He was a profound believer in the value of publicity.

He was a man of great talents and profound knowledge.

His ignorance was profound.

His many published works are all profound and useful.

His meditation became profound.

His misgivings were profound.

His sleep was profound.

His speech had made a profound impression on the men.

How profound!

How original and profound!

If it is not profound philosophy and if it does not solve the riddle of the universe, it is profound in its beauty, a prose poem.

[From The Critical Game by Macy, John Albert]

In spite of his youth, Giorgione made a profound impression upon all the artists of his time.

[From The Book of Art for Young People by Conway, Agnes Ethel]

It is a profound enigma.

It was a profound calm.

It's a profound truth.

Its meaning is profound.

My profound respects!

My emotion was profound.

Quite a number of our men married there, and it was with profound regret that we had to move.

[From A Soldier's Life: Being the Personal Reminiscences of Edwin G. Rundle by Woodside, Henry J.]

She stared at me in profound surprise, then burst out laughing.

Silence became profound.

Simple yet profound words!

That is a profound truth backed by abundant evidence.

The darkness was profound, and he could scarcely distinguish what passed him at any distance.

The darkness was profound.

The effect was profound.

The gray eyes followed him in profound contemplation.

The hush was profound.

The likeness is profound.

The moment was profound.

The night grew more profound.

The outer door banged, and a profound silence ensued.

Then the look of profound disgust vanished in a flash of light.

There was a nuance of profound bewilderment in her exclamation.

This delicious action filled him with profound bliss.

Though a man of profound learning, his faith was as simple and unaffected as that of a child.

What a profound change!

What a profound deception!

β€œProfound mind!”

β€œIt is profound unhappiness.”

His prodigious successes blinded him; but up to 1812 he never lost sight of the profound calculations by which he so often conquered.

[From Beacon Lights of History, Volume 09: European Statesmen by Lord, John]