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Prosecution Definition

  • the institution and conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behavior
    synonyms:criminal prosecution

Sentence Examples

He was prosecuted and sent to prison.

He was prosecuted for high treason.

He is indicted and prosecuted.

He is bound to prosecute, and will have to pay the penalty.

Evidence for the Prosecution.

For this publication he was prosecuted.

Prosecuted and imprisoned.

Prosecuting attorney!

Prosecution was inevitable.

Prosecutions are not left in private hands, but are conducted by a public official.

[From Bonnie Scotland Painted by Sutton Palmer; Described by A.R. Hope Moncrieff by Palmer, Sutton]

Prosecutions at law are conducted in nearly the same manner in the different states.

[From The Government Class Book Designed for the Instruction of Youth in the Principles of Constitutional Government and the Rights and Duties of Citizens. by Young, Andrew W. (Andrew White)]

A prosecution for seditious proceedings might follow.

A prosecution hangs in the air.

[From The Slave of Silence by White, Fred M. (Fred Merrick)]

A man of the name of Fries was prosecuted for treason in the State of Pennsylvania.

[From Abridgement of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856, Vol. 3 (of 16) by Various]

A royal injunction put a veto upon the prosecutions.

[From A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 6 by Black, Robert]

Adams might have been prosecuted for a breach of duty.

All I ask of you in return is, not to press the prosecution.

All the prosecutions had been dropped, at last.

An anti-Prosecution government took office.

[From Port O' Gold A History-Romance of the San Francisco Argonauts by Stellman, Louis J. (Louis John)]

Counsel for the prosecution.

Criminal Prosecution.

Dean turned state's evidence and assisted the prosecution.

[From Twenty Years a Detective in the Wickedest City in the World by Wooldridge, Clifton R. (Clifton Rodman)]

Deep-sea fishing is largely prosecuted all round the coast.

Francis Smith was also prosecuted for publishing this book.

[From Index Expurgatorius Anglicanus Or, a descriptive catalogue of the principal books printed or published in England, which have been suppressed, or burnt by the common hangman, or censured, or for which the authors, printers, or publishers have been prosecuted by Hart, W. H. (William Henry)]

He appeared as counsel for the prosecution.

He dared not prosecute them.

He took a lively interest in the prosecution.

He was prosecuted, and his paper and press were seized.

[From My Life in Many States and in Foreign Lands, Dictated in My Seventy-Fourth Year by Train, George Francis]

He was the Prosecuting Attorney.

I am determined to prosecute.

I am under no prosecution now!

I was prosecuted, and found guilty.

It cannot have been prosecuted with much persistence.

[From Virgin Saints and Martyrs by Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine)]

It required great moral courage to prosecute such a movement.

It was a purely malicious prosecution.

It was believed that the Constitution did not furnish adequate safeguards against unjust prosecutions.

[From Our Government: Local, State, and National: Idaho Edition by James, James Alton]

Mackenzie was prosecuted for libel.

[From The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation Volume 1 by Roger, Charles]

Most of the prosecutions had failed utterly.

No prosecution was instituted in this case.

Ryan was avowedly pro-prosecution.

[From Port O' Gold A History-Romance of the San Francisco Argonauts by Stellman, Louis J. (Louis John)]

She was prosecuted and acquitted.

Should directors of insolvent companies be prosecuted?

Six hundred were burned under this prosecution.

Smugglers prosecute honest men.

The prosecuting attorney did not oppose him.

The prosecution again struck in.

The prosecution consulted its notes.

The prosecution dropped all the other charges.

The prosecution made its case very quickly.

The prosecution made out a strong case.

The prosecution then closed their case, and the defense began.

The Excise would prosecute you.

The Press was prosecuted for its utterances on this occasion.

The State does not prosecute for fraud.

The case for the prosecution was closed.

The case just mentioned shows how difficult it was to secure prosecutions beyond the State boundaries.

The inquiry was prosecuted deliberately and temperately.

The man was not prosecuted.

The man was the prosecuting attorney.

The natural sequel was the prosecution of Canning for perjury.

The policy of monopoly-prosecuted is merely negative.

The sham prosecution came to nothing.

The siege was now prosecuted with the most determined vigor.

The war thus renewed was hotly prosecuted on both sides.

The witnesses for the prosecution were called.

The work was prosecuted and suppressed.

There's no one to prosecute.

They did not care to prosecute.

They were to conduct the prosecution.

This is the case for the prosecution.

This led to prosecution and arrest.

This was followed by further prosecutions.

Those who disobey will be prosecuted.

Traffic in dead bodies was more actively prosecuted.

Transgressors must be prosecuted, as the board says.

Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Under Canon Law a woman could not bring an accusation unless prosecuted for an injury done to herself.

Was twice prosecuted for libel.

What offenses may be prosecuted without an indictment?

Why the prosecution used him as a witness is a mystery.

You may prosecute and get damages.

You'll never get out of there alive to prosecute me.

You're a walking prosecution.

“I must prosecute the villain!”

"Why didn't he prosecute him for swindling?"

"He is prosecuted for treason."

He was prosecuted and got imprisonment for it.

He was arrested and prosecuted.

"The man who prosecuted me must be punished."

[From Black Star's Campaign: A Detective Story by McCulley, Johnston]

"What have you got to prosecute about?”

"You'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

“He has threatened me with prosecution."

"Let him prosecute and be hanged!"

Competitors will be prosecuted.

[From Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, July 25, 1891 by Various]

He immediately prosecuted hostilities with great boldness, and on a gigantic scale.

[From A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon For the Use of Schools and Colleges by Lord, John]

He was prosecuted, and took refuge in London.

Settlements prosecuted vigorously....

The prosecution told the media they had about 800 computer disks full of evidence and court materials.

The prosecution's dropped.

The case of the prosecution was clear enough. 

“I’ll prosecute you if you use my name,” said Lauson.

[From First Love, Volume 2 (of 3) by Loudon, Mrs. (Margracia)]

"The prosecuting attorney will never consent," said the general manager.