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Use ramification in a sentence

Ramification Definition

  • the act of branching out or dividing into branches
    synonyms:fork, branching, forking
  • a development that complicates a situation;

Sentence Examples

The ramifications would be endless.

The ramifications have been enormous.

Its ramifications are many and astonishing.

This entire prospect has vast ramifications.

Life is rather comparable to a ramification.

Alas, how wide are the ramifications of evil!

[From Queechy, Volume II by Warner, Susan]

The modes of ramification are rather variable.

The subject expands into endless ramifications.

The ramifications of this tale are most intricate.

You must understand the ramifications of Societics.

The ramifications of this character were innumerable.

The ramifications of the catastrophe were unbelievable.

He was familiar with all the ramifications of commerce.

The ramifications of this industry are naturally numerous.

The medical ramifications of witchcraft have been suggested.

Cultures are ramifications from a common Asiatic sub-stratum.

[From Culture & Ethnology by Lowie, Robert Harry]

The ramifications of this transportation system are wonderful.

This epistle developes a new ramification of the postal system.

[From Ten Years Among the Mail Bags Or, Notes from the Diary of a Special Agent of the Post-Office Department by Holbrook, James]

The matter spread out before Potter with sinister ramifications.

How numerous and extensive are the ramifications of social life!

How simple life was then compared with the ramifications of today!

A thousand ramifications of thought he pursued in his active brain.

These air-tubes branch and form an elaborate system of ramifications.

It led into a ramification of small passages and tunnels underground.

Through ramifications of narrow streets I steered the car out of Cadiz.

With this trail and all its ramifications Jerry was thoroughly familiar.

Thus my analytical mind threshed out the ramifications of possibilities.

The ramifications of the secret service of our enemies are indeed amazing.

Words were given with their original meaning, without their ramifications.