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Use ravage in a sentence

Definition of ravage:

  • (noun) a destructive action; "the ravages of time";
  • (verb) make a pillaging or destructive raid on (a place), as in wartimes
  • (verb) devastate or ravage;

Sentence Examples:

The dilatation of the liver or of certain glands may cause ravages which unobservant physicians attribute to a thousand different causes.

The whole Ionian coast was ravaged, and the cities punished by the loss of their most beautiful maidens and youths.

Two or three small descents of vikings are recorded, but the ravaging was purely local, and the invader soon departed.

Plundering Visigoths, ravaging Normans, Catholics and Huguenots, even the Germans in 1870, all in their turn assailed the unfortunate city.

It feeds voraciously on geraniums, tomatoes, peas, and many other garden plants, where it often commits the most serious ravages.

Jaguars were at one time so numerous in the Llanos, that their ravages upon the calves and young foals were truly frightful.

Dacia they had ravaged for some time; "and here," says a German writer, "observe the shortsightedness of the Emperor Trajan."

Its very simplicity makes it appalling; we do not understand how anything so innocent in appearance, can occasion such terrible ravages.

Turning against the king to whom he had promised to act as a vassal, he savagely ravaged the Danish coast lands.

They were completely beyond control now; drunk with slaughter, intoxicated with liquor, mad with lust, they ravaged and plundered.

Her beautiful, yet pale and delicate face, revealed the ravages of a protracted illness from which she was only recently recovered.

You don't reflect that the tendency to excess of reproduction in animals is wholesomely checked by the ravages of other animals.

Showers and warm sunbeams contribute their aid ofttimes to repair the ravages which war has made in the aspect of nature.

The Burmese intercepted all their convoys and they themselves were in danger of famine owing to the excess of their ravages.

Some German divisions, it was reported, were for a time not in a fit state to move or fight owing to its ravages.

The frontiersmen did not molest them in any way or trespass upon their lands; yet their ravages continued without cessation.

The floors were strewn with rags, bandages, and straw, which proved how terrible the ravages of the plague had been.

Chemotherapy ravaged the body and tainted the mind just as the cancer against which its debilitating powers were supposedly aimed.

The capitals are well carved and the dog-tooth molding above them has not suffered much from the ravages of time.

Moreover, this portion of the island had hitherto escaped the ravages of the war and the depredations of the natives.

It was ravaged by the Danes in the 9th and 10th centuries, and by the Irish in the 11th century.

We continued our march along this open campaign country, passing several villages where the destructive ravages of war were distinctly perceivable.

I say "has been," because, fortunately, his ravages in all civilized countries have been greatly restricted during the last fifty years.

Yellow, ravaged, clothed almost to the eyes in a stubbly grayish growth of beard, with blackish teeth, and haunting bloodshot eyes.

Amongst the victim populations, the cruelties and ravages committed by the German armies have brought to birth a desire for reprisals.

Soon afterwards it was invaded by the Swedes, and for a long while continued to be ravaged by these several powers.

This interesting relic of cannibalism has not escaped the ravages of modern vandalism, numerous fragments having been chipped off as curios.

His face was unusually handsome, of a high-born and rakish type, but ravaged in a ghastly fashion by want and illness.

These ravages had to be repaired, guns mounted upon the high parapet, and others, whose carriages had gone to decay, remounted.

As it was, you bore over all your person, and particularly upon your hands and calves, the prints of his ravaging, omnivorous mouth.

Her face, with its look of blended physical pain and spiritual ecstasy, was as parched and ravaged as the drought-stricken landscape.

Helen's countenance, indeed, exhibited comparatively but little of the ravages which the pernicious aliment, administered so noiselessly, made upon the frame.

He marched to that town, and caused his men to ravage the country in front of the battlements, and burn the villages.

The fisherman perished in his bark, while the salt waves inundated the land and ravaged the fields of the husbandman.

Tears and entreaties were in vain; and the washerwoman returned to her husband with drooping head and a soul ravaged by despair.

We have heard of several libraries being ravaged by this insect, the leaves being so perforated that the books looked like honeycombs.

The French proprietress of the hotel told me the town was not ravaged by Ottoman Greeks, but by the Hellenes.

An annual tax formerly laid on the English nation to buy off the ravages of Danish invaders, or to maintain forces to oppose them.

For these children come from the frontier villages, ravaged by the German advance, and still, some of them, in German occupation.

The first body had arrived early in January under the command of Arnold, and a general marauding and ravaging took place.

Some few years, indeed, before the foundation of this colony, the small pox committed the most dreadful ravages among the aborigines.

Many tribes were decimated and others wiped out entirely by the ravages of strong drink and disease, especially smallpox and cholera.

Why he permitted the beauty of the world to become disfigured, as it has been, by the dark invasion and ravages of sin?

Now that our mutton has been tasted, I suppose it will be difficult to put a stop to the ravages of these freebooters.

Perhaps the most puzzling, yet curiously rewarding, aesthetic principle in Zen art is its seeming celebration of the ravages of time.

Thus situated, the scurvy began its usual ravages, and extended its baneful influence, more or less, through all descriptions of persons.

He that witnesses its influence on another with most horror, and most fervently deprecates its ravages, is not therefore more safe.

His hair had whitened, and his countenance was ravaged by all the terrible anxiety he had experienced for some time past.

The King, shut up in his fort, found it impossible to attack the enemy, and they ravaged and despoiled the kingdom.

We must return before the morning, lest we encounter any of the Spanish forces, who are ravaging the country on every side.

"The poor animal escaped the ravages of the destroyer only to be seized by the cruel headsman and quartered for my pleasure."

The frost of a premature age sheds its snows upon my temples, the ravages of a sickly mind shake my tottering frame.

This place had experienced all the ravages and desolation a civil war could inflict; the houses were in a most dilapidated state.

I have missed a long line of spring peas through his ravages, and he has objectionably decorated many places about my own home.

The country had suffered terribly from the ravages of war, and was destined to suffer still further before the war ended.

Here fresh trials awaited it; the plague broke out, and so awful were its ravages that the town was soon a veritable sepulcher.

After this they extended their ravages with a sudden outburst, to the whole of the Infirmary, with all the adjoining offices.

We may repair the ravages of sin, rebuild the shifting foundations of character, and join again the sundered strands of our spiritual fabric.

Their ancient enemies, the Iroquois, bought these weapons with furs and carried their ravages upon the Western tribes with increased deadliness.

We look upon sacked towns, upon ravaged territories, upon violated homes; we behold all the sweet charities of life changed to wormwood and gall.

You have been most seriously ill: you have been much reduced by a low diet and purgatives, and the ravages of the disease itself.

Wood soaked in it is preserved from the ravages of insects, especially of white ants, for which purpose it is used by bookbinders also.

Bands of mercenaries and freebooters ravaged and pillaged the people with a cheerful disregard of the political party to which they belonged.

Vast fields of clover bloom in red and white, and butterflies and bees intoxicate with honey swarm and flit in all-day ravaging.

It demonstrates that they must live at their ease; and be free from those cares, oppressions, and diseases which depopulate and ravage luxurious states.

Some of his plays have suffered severely from the ravages of time, the ignorance of copyists, and the more dangerous officiousness of grammarians.

The failure of provisions obliged them to ravage the neighboring countries, the people of which began to combine for defense against the marauders.

Occasionally a box or barrel was found to contain garments disgracefully dirty and ragged, or dropping in pieces from the ravages of moths.

Her mother had dared to compare herself to the sea nymphs, for which they, enraged, sent a huge monster to ravage the coast.

They there informed the Korean generals that they did not want to ravage Korea but that they were seeking a way into China.

You spend whole days elsewhere, and when you come home you bring with you an air of unreason and death, which ravages our poor home.

Washington, at the beginning of 1777, determined to have the army inoculated for the smallpox, which had made fearful ravages in the ranks.

With the spring of 1787, the ravages began on an enlarged scale, with all their dreadful accompaniments of rapine, murder, and torture.

About this time a new element began to exasperate and extend the ravages of Indian warfare, along the whole line of the frontier settlements.

"Beat 'em to it and stand 'em off," said Laurence, staring at the ravaged nest, the unhappy mother, the gorged impenitent thief.

Timber placed in these oil pits, and thoroughly impregnated by its preserving properties, would be almost proof against the ravages of time.

It is said that the fishermen belonging to the latter were greatly annoyed one season by the ravages of the hake among the mackerel.

Nearby was his busy wife, Lucy, short and active and with possibilities of plumpness to compensate her for the ravages of time.

The Russian peasant woman has a child every year, but terrible epidemics decimate these numerous families; scarlatina and diphtheria make awful ravages.

The contagion increased as autumn advanced; and when winter came, far from ceasing, as the priests had hoped, its ravages were appalling.

This time it was certainly he, tall, thin and ravaged, with dreamy yet flaming eyes, which set his pale starveling's face aglow.

Since that day various eruptions have temporarily desolated portions of the territory, but only in very small fields have the ravages been irremediable.

The savages repaired to the ships which contained the pestilential tea, and had begun their ravages previous to the dissolution of the meeting.

It comprised rehabilitation after many years of Spanish misrule and neglect, and rehabilitation after the ravages of three years of peculiarly destructive war.

Troubles there were on the Scotch and Welsh borders; but these were of slight importance compared with the earlier ravages of the vikings.

If he had only been roused to repair the ravages of the old Babylonian invasions, there would have been nothing very courageous in his undertaking.

Others have gone down with their crews, entirely caused by the ravages of these relentless enemies, which are terrible from their unapproachable littleness.

Its absence has been marked by pestilential ravages, as in the cholera visitations; and to its excess are attributed epidemics, such as influenza.

The marvelous character of this record may be realized by remembering how appalling were the ravages of disease during the South African campaign.

Henceforward his life was that of his master, ravaging the Italian coasts, pillaging Mediterranean ships and dragging thousands of lives away into slavery.

Here is another of these terrible mushroom places, with a thousand instructors, and ten thousand students exposed to all the ravages of commercialism.

A fragment of a wall, that had withstood the ravages made by war in the adjoining fences of wood, fortunately crossed his path.

No person can doubt that these will continue to be indispensable, if it should only be against the ravages and depredations of the Indians.

The disease is peculiarly fatal in some epidemics occurring among those living in unhygienic surroundings, and in communities unaccustomed to the ravages of measles.

Not so easily quenched is the fire within me: it may ravage all around it, but it will not smolder away, consuming only myself.

Even for a tooth or a feather to wear on our vanity marauders are sent through the forests of the earth to ravage and depopulate them.

He will here have the pleasure of reviewing a scene which his military maneuvers covered from the robberies and ravages of an unsparing enemy.

I shall never forget how the mother of a dejected home cried and pleaded for help from the ravages of her drunken husband.

As a result of its ravages a vast amount of invalidism, suffering and financial loss is brought about each year, and a frightful mortality results.

A fragment of wall, that had withstood the ravages made by the war in the adjoining fences of wood, fortunately crossed his path.