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Use readout in a sentence

Definition of readout:

  • (noun) the output of a computer in readable form
  • (noun) the information displayed or recorded on an electronic device
  • (noun) an electronic device the displays information is a visual form

Sentence Examples:

The readout display showed zero thrust.

Ramirez looked down at the weapons' readouts.

He studied its scopes and readouts carefully: eight minutes.

As Sue entered the various access codes, the readout changed.

The satellite readout only confirmed what his eyes and instincts told him.

He flipped his helmet screens back and looked over the readouts one final time.

Ramirez bent his head and examined the wing, then checked the status readouts on the weapons system.

She watched the readout on the computer screen in front of her as the numbers continued to scroll.

Another was filled with music books, a third with computer readouts, and a fourth with movie films.

The digital readout on the phone told him that it was an internal call, not from outside the building, but he didn't recognize the number.

The digital readout at the bottom of Bessie's console showed the computer's prediction of fifteen seconds remaining until the expected flood of protons began to arrive from the sun.

Instead of using a machine that makes a recording of the brain's electrical wave output, we've developed a device that will take the computer's readout tapes, and turn them into electrical patterns that are put into your brain!