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Use redeem in a sentence

Definition of redeem:

  • (verb) save from sins
  • (verb) restore the honor or worth of
  • (verb) to turn in (vouchers or coupons) and receive something in exchange
  • (verb) exchange or buy back for money; under threat
  • (verb) pay off (loans or promissory notes)
  • (verb) convert into cash; of commercial papers

Sentence Examples:

One Spanish gentleman who had promised one hundred and fifty head of cattle as his ransom, scrupulously redeemed his word.

Spiritualism redeems the so-called 'supernatural' and 'miraculous' occurrences of the Bible, by explaining them and proving the naturalness.

In the improvement of this point, New York has a splendid opportunity to redeem the shabbiness of its seaward aspect.

And rightly should the name of the minster predominate, for it is the redeeming feature of the commonplace Dorset town.

He also remitted to Paris the amount necessary to redeem her ring, and his watch and chain, and the rest.

Shakespeare, altering the plot, redeemed it by the figure of Isabella, and by the sad Mariana in her "moated grange".

A petulant line, full of querulous complaint of a collarless father, redeemed to Cecilia by a word or two at the end.

Pitiable spectacle of weakness and folly, is it capable of any explanation which can redeem man from the imputation of unreason?

These verdant stretches on either side of the river were formerly mere waste, redeemed and rendered cultivable by means of dykes.

It seemed as if he were intoxicated with joy, and could not refrain from bursting into song in praise of Redeeming Love.

If Richelieu thus imprudently indulged his passion or his pique, he redeemed the error by activity and exertion unusual to the age.

The French war indemnity enabled him to redeem a considerable portion of the state debt and to remit certain taxes.

It would be almost faultless, were it not for the extreme effeminacy, which the delicately trained mustache fails to redeem.

The center court is paved with granite and gives an impression of bareness which is not redeemed by the architecture.

The hotel is down in a hole at the tail of a dirty Swiss village, and only redeemed by very good cooking.

The Parisian ladies had a fine pride of race to redeem their arrogance, but these women have nothing but pride of class.

If his handicraft's best skill, indifference to privation, unflagging industry, could redeem the past idleness, he would surely redeem that.

The Russian Government will signify its intention to redeem these bonds by the end of the ninth year at latest.

Its innocence had charmed her for years, but now it just seemed as one more vapid fable with no redeeming qualities.

I have borrowed ten pounds for you on it, with liberty for you to redeem the shawl and flounces at your convenience.

There is neither originality of conception nor intelligence of execution to redeem their hideousness: their horror is of the simplest bugaboo kind.

Amidst all the convulsed worlds the redeemed will rest tranquil as the infant in the storm on its mother's breast.

There are, however, two leading ideas by which Japanese myth is redeemed from summary condemnation as a mere farrago of childish nonsense.

Of course X., Y., Z. contend that their particular woman, or her ancestress, was duly redeemed from the legal owner.

I came, in the noble hope to raise and redeem myself by gilding my fate with a wealthy marriage, to this city.

Every ennobling tendency, every redeeming trait is cunningly caricatured, and so cleverly ridiculed that is impossible to respect them afterwards.

Here was the spot on which it was destined that he should redeem all the injury which fortune had done him.

She cultivated an aggressive pertness that would have seemed vulgar, had it not been redeemed by something merely frank and German.

If only that might be; if only upon the verge of night I might redeem by usefulness my lost unserviceable day.

We ask that this symbolism shall assume reality, for a redeemed and enfranchised womanhood will be the best safeguard of justice.

When the new Haitian loan is floated it will, of course, contain ample provisions for redeeming these old bonds at par.

Its music shows much dramatic force, and goes far to redeem those scenes in the libretto that are lacking in action.

Is it possible that he who created, redeemed, transformed, uplifted, illumined such a man will permit him to fall into oblivion?

His happy delineations and contrasts of character, and easy play of native fun, redeem a thousand faults of verbosity, clumsiness, and coarseness.

Harrison staved off hostilities by promising to have the tickets redeemed when Alfred collected the paper's indebtedness from the circus.

The man who could redeem a West Street barkeeper and glorify a dock saloon must indeed have been a most remarkable personality.

And the elaborate, copious emptiness of the whole Henry James exploit is only redeemed and made endurable by the elaborate, copious wit.

They reviled the meal as a whole, and in its several parts, declining to admit that it had a single redeeming feature.

He thought of the people, whose shield he was destined to be, and a sharp, redeeming pang pierced his dull heart.

Our race is to be redeemed; it is a great and glorious work, and we are the instrumentalities by which it is to be done.

The world is, in principle, totally depraved; but as the good is not a power, there is no one to redeem the world.

To obtain this advance he had pledged an illuminated missal of considerably greater value, and now he had come prepared to redeem it.

It has not one redeeming feature; but so carefully has it sheltered itself by a devil-fish organization that it stands like a Gibraltar.

He wrote with temperateness, and in pitying love of human nature, in the instinctive hope of helping it to know and redeem itself.

"You have rescued and redeemed me," whispered a manly voice in the ear of the graceful figure which leaned so confidingly on his arm.

If he did not redeem them at the fixed time the usurer sold them pitilessly by auction, and without the least delay.

They must be redeemed on penalty of insolvency; government notes need not be, and yet will circulate at par if properly limited.

It was, however, redeemed from absolute failure through the beautiful descriptions of natural scenery and the striking Scottish manners which it presented.

Rocco and he only can redeem the fortunes of your disorganized, betrayed, dishonored establishment by giving you a new and meritorious company.

Being an egotist also, if I may say so, on a national scale, he thought humanity could only be redeemed by German art.

It is a lofty ideal that redeems the life from the curse of commonness and imparts a touch of nobility to the personality.

You must bring fifteen thousand dollars here within an hour, and redeem that piece of paper, or I shall proceed against you criminally.

It was a good recruiting ground in itself; the Chilean exiles were numerous and all anxious to join in an effort to redeem their country.

And now I redeem my pledge, which you will be kind enough to accept as my apology for obtruding this letter upon you.

Old maids are a much-abused class of the community; I trust to her to redeem their character, but Josephine is a frightful counterpoise.

The liberal, are those who redeem the captive from the plunderer, assist the poor, or discharge the debts of their friends.

If I could, without absolute ruin, have redeemed the promise which my passion produced, you should never have had occasion to upbraid me.

They ought, therefore, to use only an unimportant portion, or even none, of the funds in their treasury destined to redeem their notes.

Then, it may be, she thought that if necessity demanded this lover-like pose, she ought to redeem its literalness by conversation.

Having had these sacraments I have also received the extreme unction, which is the last sacrament for the redeeming of my soul.

For a time his activity seemed to be equal to the task of redeeming that paper, but, the entailments of indebtedness were too great.

They cannot righteously direct the new life of the Italian people, and redeem them from a profound unconscious immorality of ancient date.

"You, yourself, shall be hostage and surety for me; and on my honor as a knight well will I redeem my pledge."

The room we entered had very little furniture, but was redeemed from bareness by a wonderful old stone fireplace at one end.

The tree is not graceful nor symmetrical, but there is a picturesqueness and strength about it that redeems its coarseness and irregularity.

Here is bravura indeed; but the reckless extravagance is redeemed by the amazing cleverness and poetry and even pathos of the show.

From now onwards the Italian people must be the arbiters of their destinies, and labor must be redeemed from speculation and misery.

The contrast which this forms to the selfish cruelty of the usurer Shylock was necessary to redeem the honor of human nature.

And because of that I want you to know my fullest value, I want to redeem, in your eyes, some small measure of my unworthiness.

And now that these promises cannot be redeemed, they are wroth, and peevishly threaten the great states with disobedience and revolt.

Certainly he did not love babble nor little persiflage; he had neither the art to coin it nor the humor to redeem it.

I have no fear that every solitary greenback dollar will not be redeemed; but, my friends, we shall have some trouble doing it.

Perhaps in his nature was still some element of good, dormant and unrecognized as yet, which might develop in time and redeem him.

We here see that the redeemed, with all the enrapturing facts of redemption completed before them, do not lose sight of the creation.

Even her earliest pieces, chiefly short dance forms for piano, are redeemed from triviality by interesting rhythms and fresh, almost abrupt, modulations.

Nor, in his subsequent capacity as deckhand, did he redeem in our eyes the high qualities of seamanship which we had anticipated from him.

If we preach sanctification to a congregation of unawakened sinners, no power of treatment can redeem the sermon from the cardinal defect of inappropriateness.

To those who only knew him casually he was sarcastic and seemingly uncivil; but to his intimates Willie had many redeeming qualities.

It is to be regretted that the author has not redeemed his pledge of continuing his notices to the Castilian era of Spanish poetry.

Such imperiousness would have damned a little less beauty; and on the other hand, such beauty would have redeemed a little less imperiousness.

We returned to camp with sorrow in our hearts, but two days later we redeemed ourselves and brought in the first new gibbons.

As the great swinging doors closed behind him, he realized that whatever price he had paid for it, he had redeemed his soul.

The affectionate memories he has of our family, and especially of my mother and father, redeems him from the obloquy of his race.

The man had eaten with a zest that was redeemed from greediness only by a delicacy of manner that no tramp ever possessed.

The grabbers had made a clean getaway, and it had been several months later before she heard the boys had been redeemed safely.

Could aught in this petty purblind existence of ours redeem it and exalt it so: her love, this pure sweet girl's, and mine.

We may now hope that the balloon will be redeemed from the service of charlatanism, and will contribute to the advancement of science.

A mortgagor has the right to redeem the property at any time within the statute of limitations, after the mortgage debt becomes due.

There have been men, whose virtues may well redeem all the contempt with which satire and detraction have sought to overwhelm our species.

Some of these walls are redeemed from utter dreariness by the pendulous cactus which hangs from their tops, fringed with yellow bloom.

Then it will stand out before us in its true value; we shall see that it should have been redeemed, and that it is now irredeemable.

Pilfering, fighting, murder, without counting other sins of the breast, the body, and the feet, which were also redeemed by this unction.

Often he asked himself if he were capable of redeeming his promise to his dead wife, or if he shirked the uncongenial labor it entailed?

This cartoon would be incomplete and would deserve condemnation as inartistic if it were not redeemed by the priest and the old woman.

You have promised to assist us with act and counsel, and, instead of redeeming your word, you are wasting the time in useless revivification experiments.

It has made it easier to redeem a continent from the ancient wilderness and to build on new ground a civilized state sufficient to itself.

What is said of the means and instrumentalities by which his redemption would have to be accomplished if man were ever redeemed from idolatrous worship?

They would redeem as many drunkards as all our prisons and inebriate asylums taken together; they would do more: they would prevent drunkenness.

Yet the gleams of arch brightness which lighted up his face, as he talked, went a long way towards redeeming it from homeliness.

It was a tiny abode, as desolately situated as it was possible to conceive; the only redeeming point about it being that it was clean.