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Use redemption in a sentence

Definition of redemption:

  • (noun) (Christianity) the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil
  • (noun) repayment of the principal amount of a debt or security at or before maturity (as when a corporation repurchases its own stock)
  • (noun) the act of purchasing back something previously sold

Sentence Examples:

The very boots on the hearthrug are whispering something about redemption.

It is Parsifal who brings redemption to the two accursed ones.

Redemption unsealed the tomb and swung wide the gates to Endless Glory.

Our mission is the redemption of the Commonwealth from the curse of intemperance.

Our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption are all in the Son of man.

The paschal festival was the redemption of the separate house, of each individual family.

Can a mortgagee enforce his equity of redemption without paying the mortgage debt?

Happily she was generous, and generosity is a sweet redemption of much crookedness.

It has begun to dream of redemption from the vassalage borne for centuries.

And this one conception will transform and transfigure all our thoughts of redemption.

The steadfastness of their faith imposes upon us the obligation to bring them redemption.

She was indeed a blonde hussy, short-skirted, low-necked, pitifully rouged, depraved beyond redemption.

In the light of the glory of redemption all relationships are assorted and arranged.

For her there is no possible redemption; she must cease to cumber the ground.

Perfect sanctification is as fully included in the word "salvation" as is "righteousness, or redemption."

Moses begins with the Author of creation, before he treats of the promise of redemption.

The most heartening sight was the steady, slow redemption of the mutilated land.

He is in us as wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption; and as the hope of glory.

The metaphor of 'redemption' and the metaphor of 'propitiation' complete and check one another.

Its ultimate redemption was made certain, and the further practice of funding successfully discountenanced.

Whenever there is a mortgage, there is an equity of redemption in favor of the mortgagor.

The Russian Government guarantees payment of the interest and the redemption of the bonds.

It is to comradeship and not to institutions that Whitman looks for a political redemption.

Again, in chapter xiv., the possibility of redemption from Sheol gladdened him for a little.

He trembles for fear it will affect the scheme of redemption or assist some theosophical system.

Our father in heaven is affluent in blessings, plenteous in redemption, abundant in goodness and in truth.

Here watches were put up for redemption, disappearing after they had hung their allotted time.

There are anticipations of redemption, though these were demoniacally perverted, which imparted to it this charm.

It is too common to view redemption as bearing merely upon the blessedness and security of individual souls.

Equity gives the mortgagee the right to cut off the mortgagor's equity of redemption by foreclosure.

He builds upon it arguments relating not to the outworks of redemption, but to its inward nature.

Most states have statutes providing a method by which a mortgagor may obtain his equity of redemption.

Power, sin and unrighteousness, righteousness, justification, faith and belief, atonement, redemption, adoption, propitiation, election, predestination.

In the Covenant of Redemption, the Redeemer himself, as the surety of the elect, was the other.

We learn that what redemption will be to the body, that sanctification is now to the soul.

It is meant to call forth deep sympathy with human nature, and unwearied sacrifices for human redemption.

Can a mortgagor enforce his equity of redemption after the mortgagee has obtained possession of the property?

And he, you know, still dreams only of Bengali souls for redemption, never of me at all.

Equity now gives the mortgagee a right to cut off the mortgagor's right of redemption by foreclosure.

My overshoes, too, are torn beyond the hope of redemption, and I get my feet wet every day.

The kings and princes came out, barefooted, to meet him, and received with respect the sign of redemption.

She was horrified when she realized how in six years her passion of redemption had grown cold.

Wherefore it was severed from the salvation of the rest, and the wholeness of the redemption destroyed.

We look too much at ourselves apart from Him who is or would be our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

With Him is plenteous redemption, and therefore redemption enough for us and for those likewise whom we love.

He had not the sturdiness to accept the facts, nor the sincerity to foresee the possibility of redemption.

He had mental exercises calling himself naught, laid hold on redemption and went on in his course of instrumentality.

As compared with the "Redemption," however, it is more interesting, because it is more melodious and less cumbered with recitative.

More important, his left foot was twisted and gnarled beyond hope of redemption by the most skillful surgeon.

And in that yesterday, in the bosom of the Father, the great plan of redemption was blessedly known.

There are special regulations for their redemption, by the payment of cattle, but the unredeemed are not mentioned.

His method was not to retire the greenbacks, but to provide a gold fund for their current redemption.

Fearing to offend his greatest supporters beyond redemption he temporized, put off his coronation, and began to negotiate.

The common people seem to connect with them a deep feeling of melancholy, as if bewailing a half-quenched hope of redemption.

Let the Greek come to the Cross, and there he will find wisdom and righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

The heart must ever cherish the vivid remembrance that all true fellowship is inseparably connected with accomplished redemption.

Or, tottering among these rocks and sands, shall poor humanity at last discover the instrument of her redemption?

The realization that she was at last domesticated under his roof made her redemption seem easy, certain, almost accomplished.

This difficulty was met by allowing the mortgagee to bring a suit to foreclose the debtor's right of redemption.

The common method afforded a mortgagee of foreclosing a mortgagor's equity of redemption is by the petition in equity above described.

The mortgagor himself or anyone to whom he transfers, or who acquires his interest, is entitled to the equity of redemption.

The law is intended to awaken in us a sense of indigence, a desire for redemption, and the consciousness of guilt.

His "perfect work" has filled our minds with amazement as we meditated upon our adoption, justification, sanctification and redemption.

He delighted to witness Hindley degrading himself past redemption; and became daily more notable for savage sullenness and ferocity.

The stock that he held in the Canadian railway had gone down beyond redemption as far as he was concerned.

He enlarged upon the triple blessing bestowed upon us by the Holy Trinity, in creation, in redemption, and in sanctification.

He has no cosmogony, like that of Hartmann, ending in a general redemption of the universe by such a collective act.

His is the work of sanctification, as the Father's is the work of creation, and the Son's that of redemption.

Some of the most notable redemptions of so-called "hardened criminals" known to evangelistic work have been accomplished by the Rev.

When tempted unsparingly to condemn woman because through her came ruin, let us remember that by her came also redemption.

It is dreadful to see the incapacity and meanness of those to whom she had confided the care of her redemption.

Consciousness of sin and conscious reception of redemption therefrom precede true lowliness, and such lowliness should follow such consciousness.

If a mortgagor stipulates in the mortgage that he waives his equity of redemption can this stipulation be enforced against him?

If it was not destroyed by the shell or shrapnel that mutilated them it was worn beyond belief and redemption.

Simple as is the plan of redemption in its general features, it is confessedly a mystery to the finite mind in detail.

This dogma brings to naught all the rationalist systems which refuse to acknowledge in human nature either fall or supernatural redemption.

The great desideratum is to make our vast stores of silver available for ultimate redemptions, and this, natural bimetallism effectually accomplishes.

Excessive eating, drinking, intemperance in any form, self-indulgence, bad habits, and drugs destroy this delicate sixth sense past redemption.

In both these examples Mary is very nobly and expressively represented as the chosen and predestined vehicle of human redemption.

They let things take their course, and in six months the habit is confirmed, and they are gourmands past redemption.

Nor have they as yet attained to that further religious sense which sees in every man a sinless soul, requiring no redemption.

In a more general sense the word implies a peculiar fervency and earnestness in insisting on such doctrines as regeneration and redemption.

A single final act of redemption by sacrifice and oblation of one for another is not admitted as sufficient, or even possible.

The task before us is to humanize law and opinion, to raise the fallen as well as the vanquished, to create a social redemption.

He had come from the dark Catacombs where he had whispered words of deliverance and redemption with his wretched brethren.

Now in his consummated glory he is prepared to be "made wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption" to his people.

The men were past redemption, all save the Commissioner who, however, was under bad influences and an incurable wobbler, anyhow.

The system of redemption and pardon set forth in the New Testament is infinitely more than this, and must be demoralizing.

Now mark, how I became enthralled to it; and how it befell, that at last I shook it off, and found redemption.

In the early cases of irredeemable money in our colonies, the income of taxes, or similar resources, were promised as a means of redemption.

She went back South after her redemption; but she was in the North for a time and received some rudiments of education.

He has freedom and enfranchisement and with these two great rights he must work out his social redemption and political solution.

The Liberals, the traditional upholders of freer trade, after some initial redemptions of their pledges, had compromised with the manufacturing interests.

They were meant to imitate the intermediate prisons of the Irish system, where prisoners might work out their redemption, when provisionally released.

In that kingdom alone is the Americanism that is human liberty, the rights of man and the moral redemption of the world.

To Mazzini's earliest imagination, it was the whole Italian seed, who were ready for redemption, and would rise to achieve it at his summons.

What a quantity of stuffy and sick-room air there is in all that chatter about "redemption," "love," "blessedness," "faith," "truth," "eternal life"!

Gounod even tried in his "Redemption" to show how the melodic style of "Faust" could be superimposed on the ground plan of Bach.

We here see that the redeemed, with all the enrapturing facts of redemption completed before them, do not lose sight of the creation.

The wife will seek the salvation of her husband; the mother will labor with unwearied diligence for the redemption of her child.