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Use reenact in a sentence

Definition of reenact:

  • (verb) To enact again. | To recreate an event, especially a historical battle.

Sentence Examples:

Reenacted with alterations.

Then Babel was reenacted.

I reenacted the part of Penelope.

Some poor tragedy reenacting itself in slumber.

The Fugitive Slave Law was not reenacted.

The former commercial system was reenacted in a worse form than ever.

Mary Magdalene, prostrate at the Master's feet, was being reenacted once more.

Perhaps we shall mutually do for each other, and reenact the historical song.

The horrible scene was being reenacted within her and was torturing her.

Gestures explained somewhat; he was reenacting the scenes of the last half hour.

This clause was again reenacted by the second statute concerning the poor of Edward's reign.

In 1795 this provision was substantially reenacted in a law which repealed the act of 1792.

Day after day, for the ensuing weeks, the same scene reenacted itself with endless variations.

The sons reenact the old tragedies on a new stage, and so line up with their fathers.

Hot and excited, Mackay endeavored to reenact his case for us with all the histrionic ability of a popular prosecutor before a jury.

Pointing toward the great hall they knew was somewhere above, she reenacted the scene there; she evidently knew what had transpired.

For in the plaintive voice of the moist, fitful southwesterly wind how, to his bearing, the buried, half-forgotten drama re-lived and reenacted itself!

She had not imagined that such a multiplication of wakefulness was possible: her whole past was reenacting itself at a hundred different points of consciousness.

They begin by rewarding the violation of the ancient law; and then they gravely reenact provisions, of which they have given bounties for the breach.

I should like to have the Theban law reenacted, which required the imitation in art of the beautiful and forbade the representation of the deformed and grotesque.

After the smoke has rolled away, the historian finds a position whence the scenes deliberately reveal to him all their connection, and reenact their passion.

You see that to have a Tory Government is virtually to reenact the Test Act, and that to have a Whig Government is virtually to repeal the law of libel.

The boys startled Fritz out of his sleep by their return to camp, and the scene that had occurred when Dick met the others was reenacted.

If the Reichstag reenacts it by a two-thirds majority, the President of the Reich must duly proclaim the law within three months or else order a popular referendum.

The Irish Lords and Commons had presumed, not only to reenact an English Act passed expressly for the purpose of binding them, but to reenact it with alterations.

Each had brought their lunch basket, and the scene of the feast at the Christmas tree was reenacted, only under more favorable circumstances and on a much larger scale.

Nor can there be a doubt that by his influence more than that of any other man, the Empress Dowager was induced to reenact and to enlarge that program.

Each will enter it at a slightly different point, since no two experiences are exactly alike; he will reenact it in his own way, and transfuse it with his own feelings.

Leaping up, he came dancing and singing towards me, and there, to the amusement of all, reenacted the quarrel, and mimicked rather cleverly my attempt at separating the combatants.

Whence the drama of the origin of corn is not merely reenacted, but is revived and reproduced in all its many details with scrupulous fidelity each summer as the new seed is ripening.

In 1792, when the legislature of the new state government revised the law relating to organization of the local courts, it reenacted most of the features of the system which had been followed in colonial times.

And the further fact that it was thought necessary to reenact those odious laws frequently in subsequent Irish Parliaments proves that they were not carried into execution, since new legislation on the subject was demanded.

In even more effective ways the stories were kept alive when the principal scenes were reenacted in dramatic entertainments, by towns or guilds in honor of their particular patron saints, or by schoolboys in honor of their patron Saint Nicholas.

The crowd moved on, laughing and chatting, casting backward glances at the two who remained behind, wondering a little but knowing scarcely anything of the drama that was being reenacted with lightning-like rapidity in those two hearts.

If, to describe an incident in the street you had the entire affair reenacted on the same spot, you would have but made a mechanical reproduction of it, leaving the spectator to simplify the affair, and construct his own conception of it.

They chanted their cry, and reenacted the scene of the night before, while the announcer's voice rode over the muted jingle to explain that Witch products had been used to make the slum clean, clean, Witch clean, even though it took carpenters and builders and contractors to remodel a slum building itself.

Yonder, in the magic space where that exciting minute was being reenacted, there stood over me a happy creature who was gazing at me with joy and affection, who was gazing at me thus because she knew that I could not see her and because she could not know that one day I should see her.