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Use rift in a sentence

Rift Definition

  • a gap between cloud masses; "the sun shone through a rift in the clouds"
  • a narrow crack in rock
  • a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions);
    synonyms:breach, severance, break, falling out, rupture

Sentence Examples

A Rift of Suspicion.

A Rift in Friendship.

The rift enclosed us.

It tore away in rifts.

Along a rifted mountain range.

[From The Victories of Love, and Other Poems by Patmore, Coventry]

The earth fell, the rift widened.

Rifts were breaking in the clouds.

That was the rift within the lute.

A rift came in the collective dream.

[From The Wave: An Egyptian Aftermath by Blackwood, Algernon]

A rift now appeared in the war cloud.

[From Union and Democracy by Johnson, Allen]

A breaking rift now admitted the sun.

What a rift between the now and then!

[From True to a Type, Vol. 2 (of 2) by Cleland, Robert]

Rifts of Ice, Mount McClellan, Colorado.

And that is the rift between Marina and I.

The floor was in narrow, rift-sawed planks.

The fog-rifts are wonderful picture-makers.

[From America, Volume 5 (of 6) by Cook, Joel]

A quick rift of color flashed up in her face.

The sun was sinking in a gray rift of clouds.

There was no apparent rift in that personality.

A single star shone out of a rift in thin clouds.

A seismic belt accurately follows the Rift Valley.

Suddenly there was a rift in the curtain of vapour.

Yes, there, through a rift in the fog, stood the fox!

[From The Hills of Hingham by Sharp, Dallas Lore]

There are two main rifts splitting the Mosedale Rocks.

[From Rock-climbing in the English Lake District Third Edition by Jones, Owen Glynne]

Just then the sun peeped out from a rift in the clouds.

[From Afloat on the Flood by Leslie, Lawrence J.]

Words have made the rift, and words alone can bridge it.

[From The Little Warrior by Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville)]

One rift Of weakness humored might set all adrift.

[From Poems by Cawein, Madison Julius]

In a rift of the mist a stretch of rocky coast lay exposed.

For the first time there was a rift between the two friends.