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Use salvo in a sentence

Definition of salvo:

  • (noun) an outburst resembling the discharge of firearms or the release of bombs
  • (noun) rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms;
  • (noun) a sudden outburst of cheers; "there was a salvo of approval"

Sentence Examples:

Salvos of musketry and artillery followed.

Salvos after salvos, of artillery belched forth.

In the salvo there was nothing heartening.

The first salvo clipped off the mainmast.

The Japanese eight-inch gun salvos were either short or ahead.

What does this appalling salvo of rhetorical artillery signify?

A perfect salvo of approving cries greeted this munificence.

The opening salvo seemed to give the besiegers new life.

Then the Green House struck the door like a salvo of grapeshot.

Scientific gunnery, three salvos, two hundred minutes from the first gun.

The results of the first salvos from the German guns were nil.

Marine tanks, recoilless rifles, and rockets ripped into it with a thundering salvo.

With one terrific salvo her guns simply swept the German cruiser's decks.

Salvos of musketry grew more and more frequent; at last the cannon were heard.

They were received by a salvo of artillery, and the Horse Guards retreated decimated.

When we are offered Dreadnoughts, we accept them with salvos of rejoicing and thanksgiving.

And his shots seemed to be a signal for a general salvo of random musketry.

It was not a single salvo from a single German position that had been fired.

Protested the native, dropping a running salvo of salaams as he backed up the steps.

These pieces, with two Swedish national songs, were received with the loudest salvos of applause.

After the first terrific salvo, the German artillery, for some unknown reason, had stopped.

The general opinion was that the whole turret had been unseated by the German salvo.

Haul and belay your pieces, Master Gunner, and let 'em have a salvo of round shot.

The guns of the warships began to fire salvos, and soon the Turkish batteries were silenced.

The German guns would probably get them on the first salvo, certainly on the second.

There were salvos of artillery, bursts of military music and a few vivas from the multitude.

Instantly came the boom of the ship's guns as they belched a salvo at the tormenting submarine.

He had employed some friends of his, five or six laboring men, for these salvos of musketry.

A salvo of artillery, responded to by a discharge of musketry, announces the commencement of the ceremony.

At the close of the discourse another salvo of artillery and another discharge of musketry are heard.

All the drums, trumpets, and kettledrums sounded at once, drowning the shouts and salvos of musketry.

The officers after the first salvo sheltered at the entrance of a deep dugout owned by a Frenchman.

In addition to this, there was an indescribable, but ludicrous salvo to his dignity, in the way of surliness.

As we approached the field the sound of great salvos of musketry told us the hour had surely come.

All night the French labored to construct a bridge, expecting momentarily the first salvo of the Russian artillery.

The name by which he had christened his domicile was probably given as a sort of salvo to his conscience.

Henry gave these tales neither extension nor prominence; so far as I know, they were received without bravos or salvos.

Her next salvo went over us, and I, personally, ducked as they whirred overhead like a covey of fast partridges.

One of the hostile cruisers, hit by a double salvo from the Warrior and the Defense, capsized and sank.

The arrival of the tanks was greeted by the firing of a salvo of shells from the German lines.

However, after an agonizing wait, with an ear strained for the salvo of rifle fire, the fog rolled up.

Its next salvo of shots went above us, and I ducked as they whirred overhead like a covey of fast partridges.

Bright and early in the morning the whole community appeared and greeted the seigneur with a salvo of blank musketry.

Again came a salvo, with more effect this time, for the onrush was stopped, and disorder appeared among the attackers.

He passed slowly on to the throne and, to a reiterated salvo of priestly salaams and of shrilled flutes, took his seat.

Some yearn for a large stage with pennons and salvos and banners, while others are content with a smaller scene.

On the 26th fifty-seven pieces opened with a general salvo, and continued to play with astounding noise and rapidity until evening.

Even as he looked a salvo of shrapnel burst with deafening cracks above them, and white fleecy clouds floated over the battery.

The constable gave the apparatus another turn, and with a rattle and bang, like a salvo of musketry, the motor started.

This assault was decisive: the Portuguese gunners had only time to deliver two ineffective salvos when the French were upon them.

A loud salvo was fired from the castle batteries, and from the ordnance placed on the walls and on the gates.

Then, while salvos of artillery throughout the loyal land proclaimed the victory to the astonished nations, we hailed Grant as our standard-bearer.

A great sheet of white shut out the view in his telescope, and a deafening crack announced the bursting of a short salvo.

And the busy artillerymen worked like laborers, too, clearing their guns after a salvo, loading them, bringing up fresh supplies of ammunition.

This last fire shall but illumine its towers; and the rolling thunders of the judgment will be the salvo of its victory.

Constantly more and more stormily resounded the plaudits of her hearers; it was like a continued thunder of enthusiasm, a real salvo of joy.

Another salvo was fired, the shells droning lazily over the heads of the men and crashing terrifically more than a mile distant.

Carleton lost no time in placing a disk on his Lewis gun, and as the German approached, both observers opened up with a salvo.

The place pulsated with a roar like that of a great waterfall in a deep gorge, salvo after salvo of cheers swelling and merging.

The buccaneers stood to the guns, firing shot from them in joyous salvos, and caring not one iota where the said shot flew.

It recalled the incidents that in the palmy days of the Hippodrome gloriously ended in a plunge into deep water, amid a salvo of firearms.

With mutual expressions of esteem and cordial parting salvos, Lieutenant Clark left his Spanish friends with a mollified feeling toward "those turbulent Americans."

Battleships, cruisers, torpedo boats, howitzer batteries, field batteries, and Maxim guns sent back salvo after salvo of a deafening and devilish kind.

With an infernal screech, the salvo trundled past the flagship's foremast, falling within a radius of fifty yards, a good three cables' lengths astern.

As I have told you, it was about our third salvo which made our first hit upon the Leipzig, a shell of this carrying away her topmast.

One can hear it approaching, irresistible; I feel the terrible shock as the first shell strikes the ground, before being deafened by the succeeding salvo.

All the buccaneers joined in such a thundering cheer that the walls shook, pounded the tables with their fists, and fired salvos of shots.

This first salvo was the prelude to a storm of shrapnel from some concealed German battery which had at last picked up the section's position.

From then on the musketry continued intermittently until half-past seven, when such a salvo went off that the walls of the house seemed jarred apart.

Plaudits in salvos rose in deafening succession with the successful accomplishment of this dexterous feat, which bespoke long and patient practice with a living model.

The day was clear but none too warm, and great buffeting salvos of dust-laden wind blew across the befouled and busy waters of the port.

This last salvo was forced into the bill by the oligarchical faction, for whose junior branches the revenue had long been a fruitful source of provision.

When we listen to a conservative orator defending the past with salvos of rhetorical fireworks, we are overwhelmed by a realization of the complete odiousness of ornamental stupidity.

At the same time as the first salvo was fired, the observation balloon in front of Divisional headquarters was brought down in flames by an enemy airplane.

Leo gave vent to his ire in a salvo of Spanish oaths, and the driver thought the best thing to do would be to send the ferryman back.

On the Russian ironclad, fifteen salvos were fired in honor of the French squadron, and a French ironclad replied with double the number, with thirty salvos.

Lines of communication, voice tubes and telephones, had to be run from all guns to fire control and spotting stations; and salvo bells and buzzers installed.

A salvo of firecrackers at noon announces that the chief is prepared to welcome his friends, and the invited guests, male and female, hasten to the prefecture.

She first fired seven rapid salvos at a German vessel of the Kaiser class, then engaged a cruiser, and again a battleship, doing them all serious injury.

In less than five minutes I was considerably astonished on hearing a salvo as of a volley of musketry, and iron pipes flying up and down in all directions.

Scott-Turner was the recipient of a special salvo, which nearly unsaddled him again; and the other officers were bored to death bowing their acknowledgments along the route.

Thirty-one pieces of ordnance greeted them with a salvo, and, as they put foot on shore, three companies of soldiers saluted them with three volleys of small arms.

As it drew near we heard music; and a salvo of rockets, the favorite Brazilian artillery on all festive occasions, whether by day or night, shot up into the air.

Whereupon the irate miners placed them on a burro, and with vigorous threats punctuated by a salvo of revolver shots fired over their heads, drove them out of camp.

Often there were sharp salvos from several rifles at once aimed mostly at the loopholes where our sharpshooters lay ready; men were shot through the forehead in this way.

A northwest wind blew in great salvos across the mournful, lonely plateau, rippling the furze, and brought to my ears the pounding of shells from behind the rise.

Up on the Ridge behind the siege batteries, when the cool of the evening came on, every post was filled with sightseers watching the salvos, watching the game.

The houses along its course were hung with brilliant draperies; flags and pennons should wave, martial music bray, and salvos of artillery were to be fired at frequent intervals.

He hurled one empty gun at the case, turned with a last salvo of shots at the coolies, and then was up on the pile and leaping for Friday's hands.

It almost seemed as if the dignified senators were determined to make their salvos louder and more genuinely enthusiastic than any that had yet been heard by the distinguished visitor.

Salvos of artillery were fired by the field battery of the advanced guard in hopes that its sound might convey to the beleaguered garrison a promise of the coming aid.

As for the nuisance of a big established roost of starlings, it may be abated by nightly salvos of Roman candles or blank cartridges, continued for a week or at most ten days.

Indeed, a salvo of eulogistic addresses in rhyme greeted the nuptial pair, headed by William Whitehead, the Laureate, who, on such occasions, could always be relied upon to write ridiculously fulsome lines.

The curtain ahead was again pierced by a retreating force of Cruisers beaten back on the protection of the Battle-Fleet and ringed by leaping waterspouts as the enemy's salvos pursued them.

To show his goodwill to the crowd, he ordered his men to fire a salvo, and then he found that the ammunition carried by the coolies had been secured, and they were defenseless.

Finally, the Remonstrants agreed to propound their sentiments in writing; but with an express salvo, of their right to liberty of conscience, and to retain their objections to the authority of the Synod.

The inhabitants lined the way, and at all the stations they were received by the princes, nobles, and residents of the district with songs, shouts of joy, and salvos of musketry.

The lid snapped down, and the tail kicked up a little, and a ragged salvo of shell from the broadsides of four light cruisers whitened the sea where the target had been.

John turned his mare again toward us, and had hardly joined our ranks when we fired a salvo from our revolvers at the maddened bear, and galloping after it, kept up our fire.

A young lady and gentleman played an impersonal game of tennis; but at five an avalanche of social leaders poured out of a dozen shrieking motors and stormed the castle with salvos of strident laughter.