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Use sanctuary in a sentence

Definition of sanctuary:

  • (noun) a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
  • (noun) a shelter from danger or hardship
  • (noun) area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing

Sentence Examples:

The plunder of a bard was regarded by them as worse, if possible, than the spoliation of a sanctuary.

Some suppose that these were enraged by his support of reforms which abolished rural sanctuaries like their own.

The twin pillars, which Solomon erected in the porch of the temple, have their counterparts in Babylonian sanctuaries.

A stranger not knowing the antecedents of the little sanctuary would discern no form nor comeliness in it.

"With what poesy did his music fill this sanctuary, even in the midst of his most grievous troubles!"

Fire is brought forth from the innermost sanctuary and the Magi sacrifice heifers according to the Chaldean ritual.

These oases afford sanctuary to birds and beasts and butterflies, and are of immense value to botanists and entomologists.

The shallow would intrude into these austere places like picnickers in a sanctuary, littering it with their luncheon refuse.

To drag men out of the sanctuary was a sacrilege punished with whipping, heavy fines, excommunication, or even death.

The Greek sanctuaries of Aesculapius were almost always situated on high ground, where the air was healthy and pure.

Feeling that I was in a sanctuary, I was a little surprised that such a matchbox should have been tolerated.

There catechumens and penitents, unworthy to tread the holy ground within the sanctuary, stood outside and afar off.

These human bones show that after the cave had been used as a sanctuary it was employed as a sepulcher.

The judicial brotherhood with their dismal bar to joviality, and prisoners, disappeared within the gates of their sanctuary.

Fiend I must have been with such sophistry to endeavor to poison that sanctuary of holy thought and tender love.

The minister had decamped and found sanctuary in the manse; but there was no trace of the other.

It is this bold revel in the neglected sanctuary of the art that is most inspiriting for the future.

For the second time the chimes were pealing, and we entered a sanctuary of friendly yet dignified English Gothic.

Another time, the lover had been more adventurous, for the serenade rose from within the sanctuary of the garden.

The most sparkling and pointed flame of wit flickers and expires against the incombustible walls of her sanctuary.

The pages of nature's mighty book are unrolled to the view of every man who cares to haunt her sanctuaries.

Unchained passion overthrows the mighty towers in bitter strife, lays waste the glorious sanctuaries and proud, princely halls.

The Germans did not shrink from desecrating this renowned sanctuary and looting the famous convent of the Virgin.

A few centimeters above the lintel of the entrance to the sanctuary is a cornice that surrounds the whole edifice.

On neutral ground a man is not called on to abjure his flag; rather he and his flag are in sanctuary.

From that laden air, the so cadaverous murmur of that sanctuary, I would hook it at the beck of any jade.

The right of sanctuary possessed by the Abbey drew thieves, villains, and rogues of all kinds to its precincts.

In less than twenty years they have disfigured its valley, which until then had preserved itself like a sanctuary.

One seems to visit a series of catacombs where a rite is performed by the dim light of the sanctuary lamp.

The third article defines the extent of saran, or sanctuary, the dearest privilege of the races of these regions.

The walls and floor of this sanctuary were so bathed with congealing blood that they exhaled a horrid odor.

The chapel is separated from the sanctuary by a Fifteenth Century screen, which, though much mutilated, is still beautiful.

The hills rose out of the haze, bleak and bare, seamed with gulches, a safe sanctuary for all wild things.

The chapel was vaguely lighted by sanctuary lamps suspended from chandeliers of gilded bronze with pink glass pendants.

He sits in the sanctuary and guards the sacred rights which have been enshrined in the ark of the Constitution.

There is in that depraved soul at least one sacred precinct where this hunted, distracted, youthful head may find sanctuary.

Some scholars fled to the country, some to sanctuary, and were comforted by the excommunication and fining of their opponents.

Peter at either side of the sanctuary rested on tasteful pedestals, which supported four lofty Corinthian columns and their pilasters.

Except amongst pathless deserts or barbarous nomads, it was impossible to find even a transient sanctuary from the imperial pursuit.

Clearly, the open space, hallowed by so many remembrances, and by the appearance to Abram, was regarded as a sanctuary.

Buddhist deities gradually became installed in Taoist temples, and the Taoist immortals were given seats beside the Buddhas in their sanctuaries.

Though Hubert took sanctuary in a chapel, he was dragged out, and a smith was ordered to put him in fetters.

A further consequence directly followed from the limitation as to sanctuary, viz. limitation as to the officiating ministers of the sanctuary.

The zeal which prompted George Preston in 1616 to restore the ruined sanctuary to something like its pristine beauty found imitators.

Hidden here and there, some may exist yet, but as fugitives in a sanctuary, not as free denizens of the wild.

In this sanctuary, strong smelling of dust, size, and printer's ink, lay files, bound and unbound, of the Mercury.

Her neighbor on the right was a man of sixty, and his vestments announced him a servant of the sanctuary.

Such a bounty merits thanks a thousand times over, and praises forever, in the hallowed sanctuary of the one Beloved.

The choir and the sanctuary were to be lighted by thirty-four grand chandeliers, besides the candelabra attached to each pillar.

And so we reach the familiar parochial chancel, with its western portion forming a choir, and its eastern a sanctuary.

It is not only an inner sanctuary, but also it was guarded without all round by soldiers and by battlements.

In three years these dogmas installed the crocodile on the purple carpet insides the sanctuary behind the golden veil.

The few straggling Goths who at rare intervals appeared in the neighborhood of her sanctuary never intruded on its peaceful limits.

The blasphemer, the violator of the sanctuary, the breaker of the taboo, must be secured before he could work further mischief.

Indeed, the rooms of his wife or of his mother are the sanctuary of any Korean man who breaks the law.

The gentleman would wait, yes, he could not enter such a sanctuary, and the little Frenchwoman rippled with smiles.

My lips moved in prayer, my feet carried me to the holy sanctuary, but my heart was estranged from piety.

With clairvoyant ubiquity it floats and flows into the most recondite recesses, the most reluctant sanctuaries, of other men's souls.

Other less venerated sanctuaries had been erected by the women, in honor of the other names of the multiform Aphrodite.

The Huguenots and the proscribed of the French Revolution found sanctuary as welcome guests in England and the English colonies.

Then for a few moments we entered by a low door the sanctuary, narrow and high and with pyramidal roof.

It is, however, that for the sacristan, from which he would watch the perpetual lamp of the sanctuary at night.

Such was the conduct of the adherents to the Greek Faith in their holiest sanctuary and at their holiest ceremony!

The sanctuary had a belfry of its own, a narrow, circular tower, pierced with lancet windows beneath a pointed roof.

The consular government seemed a general place of refuge and sanctuary to persons of all various opinions, and in all various predicaments.

She saw the tiara flashing and scintillating in sanctuaries where innumerable wax candles were still provided instead of electric light.

The holy priest, whose bones were now moldering beneath the sanctuary of the chapel, had said hard words of her.

Other respectable authorities assert, that the womb in which a Bodhisattva has lain is like a sanctuary where a relic is enshrined.

No retreat was sufficiently secure to escape their rapacity and vengeance; no sanctuary sufficiently sacred to repress their lust and cruelty.

Except across pathless deserts or amongst barbarous nomads, it was impossible to find even a transient sanctuary from the imperial pursuit.

While examining this doorway, notice should be taken of the ironwork of the door itself, and particularly of the sanctuary knocker.

He was a man predestined to bruises; they would be his meat and drink and happiness, his refuge and sanctuary forever.

For you at least vouchsafed me, through barred windows, a glimpse into the sanctuary where such as I may not enter.

You are treated with harshness, but they have not yet pillaged your churches; they have not profaned and desecrated your sanctuaries.

How could he think, or arrange for the ministrations of the sanctuary in the very presence of that child of confusion?

To its need for sanctuary may be attributed the origin of Maya architecture; to its desire for expression, the rise of Maya sculpture.

Here, as was so usual where the foundation was of the Anglo-Saxon period, the sanctuary has a vast crypt beneath it.

In medicine, as in bricklaying, there is a powerful trade union into which the members can retire as into a sanctuary of the initiate.

To this sanctuary of mid-Victorian calm Isabel Irish came in the late afternoon of the day following Anthony's departure into the unknown.

She did not run away, this poor, spiritless scapegoat, but wearily mounting a ladder-like staircase, took sanctuary in the loft.

How must the blood of a Greek boil to see a barbarian thus set to guard the very sanctuary of his glory.

He was also familiar with the laws of attraction and repulsion, which constituted one of the most important duties of the sanctuaries.

The other half of the prison disgorged its inmates, and I could hear the sound of their tramping to the sanctuary.

Outside, the rain went on falling; the wind wailed through the firs where the ospreys found sanctuary on their flight south.

You are my sanctuary, to you my heart bends; the poor pilgrim has come to you to confess and be shrived before he dies.

Bright vestments gleamed, a thousand lights flamed from the sanctuary, perfumed incense circled heavenward, bearing the thanksgiving of opening hearts.

They were inducted into the sanctuary of celebration, and Lilian saw a fat gentleman wearing the French national flag for a waistband.

A door opened, a white-haired secretarial head, but wearing a compassionate expression, appeared, and a skinny forefinger beckoned me into the sanctuary.

The dense cover of shrub thickets, canopied by closely spaced elm, chokecherry, hawthorn, and other trees, offers sanctuary and browse.

I entered as one enters a sanctuary or a sepulcher, and looked around; the wooden beds, the presses, the stools were all gone.

They dragged the emperor into his sanctuary; and the five sons of Maurice were successively murdered before the eyes of their agonized parent.

Beyond this we have, however two hymnal fragments, which so far as they remain to us, are devoted to the praise of sanctuaries.

During three centuries Ireland was the asylum of the higher learning which took sanctuary there from the uncultured states of Europe.

The foresters and the smuggling folk, such as were left of them, scattered and fled for the sanctuary of the forest.

The two priests who had taken refuge in a monastery were dragged from their sanctuary by the mob and barbarously murdered.

Sanctuary, however, it certainly was, and this identification explained the narrow lancets on the south wall, and the big east window.

This was to be paid "after the shekel of the sanctuary," which limitation, as rabbis had ruled, meant payment in temple coin.

It is with a feeling of national pride and security that the true-born Greek takes sanctuary beneath the shadow of the Acropolis.

Horrified by his deed, he set spurs to his horse and fled to the nearest village to seek sanctuary in its chapel.

"Not without intention," went on the visitant, "have you come from all quarters, to gather in the sanctuary of the Terrible Faith."