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Definition of scabies:

  • (noun) a contagious skin infection caused by the itch mite; characterized by persistent itching and skin irritation

Sentence Examples:

Describe the symptoms of scabies.

What course does scabies pursue?

To what is scabies due?

How is scabies treated?

Scabies on the hand.

This disease is very contagious, and is much more resistant than the ordinary scabies.

Is scabies always produced by these insects?

This heals every kind of scabies.

There they had to deal with a great deal of smallpox and in another case with scabies which they stamped out in one small village.

Formerly, scabies was considered a very serious disease, for its cause and method of treatment were unknown, and potentially it may continue indefinitely.

From all this we may regard the point as so far settled, that an animal of this kind exists at least as an occasional concomitant of scabies.

Mercury is used for chronic and syphilitic laryngitis and pharyngitis; sulfur for scabies and other skin diseases.

The disease designated the "itch" or "scabies," in man has been known from time immemorial, but until within less than a hundred years it was almost universally attributed to malnutrition, errors of diet, or "bad blood."

A sufferer with syphilitic rheumatism may generally be promised relief under the use of iodide of potassium, or one afflicted with scabies under the application of sulfur ointment.

Cases of erysipelas, scarlatina, scabies, and diphtheria were met with in small numbers.

He was twice salivated by mercurial ointments applied to cure the itch (scabies), a disease which was epidemic at times among the boys.

A mysterious disease, known as the scabies, had broken out among the Russian apostles.

With contagious skin diseases such as scabies or impetigo, the principle is obviously the same, though the dangers of disregarding it are not so great.

Man is infested with both internal and external parasites of the same genera or families as those infesting other mammals; in the case of scabies, he is infested with the same species of parasites.

Many of them could very well have lived on, since they were suffering only from scabies and were, perhaps, a little too undernourished.

It was fully three months later that I mastered this disease, known by the euphonious name of scabies, and only after prolonged treatment by a doctor.

The term contagious is usually applied to parasitic diseases like ringworm and scabies, but even these can be communicated by means of infected articles as well as persons.

He knew his physical strength was failing under the unrelieved monotony of the Arctic exploration ration; he saw others with scabies and disgusting diseases of malnutrition, and wondered how long before he too would be in the same way.

How does scabies differ from eczema?

Is a dermatitis due to too active and prolonged treatment ever mistaken for persistence of the scabies?

Many cases are known of the disease being contracted from animals suffering from scabies, or mange.

In the same year more than a million square miles were released from quarantine against scabies in cattle.

These small rodents are frequently infected with scabies, but if freely provided with clean straw will clean themselves by rubbing through it.

The mites live on or under the skin of mammals and birds, where they produce the disease known as scabies, mange, or itch.

Action and Uses: Externally in the form of ointments or alcoholic solutions as a stimulant to indolent wounds and ulcers and in the treatment of scabies.

We were forbidden to use objects captured from the French, and we were especially forbidden to make use of woolen blankets, because the French were infected with scabies.

Our doctors and their staffs on their arrival immediately began a fierce fight with diphtheria, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, and scabies; and skilled treatment saved many hundreds of lives.

For the rest the passing of hands through our hair and examination of our skin for signs of scabies was not so rough, and the cleaner-looking people were not molested.

In fact, several of the earliest Writers on Venereal disease hold it to be a sort of scabies, and even at a later period there is for long frequent mention made of Venereal scars or scabs.

Further, just as the discovery of the cause of scabies proved the absurdity of many of the old prescriptions for the prevention and treatment of that disease; so the discovery of the cause of splenic fever, and other such maladies, has given a new direction to prophylactic and curative measures against the worst scourges of humanity.

Other diseases, particularly of the scalp, such as ringworm and dandruff, are due to other forms of vegetable germs, and may be cured by their proper poisons; while others, such as the so-called "prairie itch" (scabies), and lice in the hair, are due to the presence of tiny animal parasites.

A medical ambulance is theoretically able to undertake any hospital work, but in practice it confines itself when in action with its division to clearing the front line, and when at rest to treating the minor maladies such as lice, scabies, and slight illnesses which do not require much time or equipment.