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Use scaffold in a sentence

Definition of scaffold:

  • (noun) a platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded)
  • (noun) a temporary arrangement erected around a building for convenience of workers
  • (verb) provide with a scaffold for support; "scaffold the building before painting it"

Sentence Examples:

A worm gearing, actuated by a wheel on the upper side of the scaffold, causes the scaffold to ascend or descend.

"On, to the capital of the brutalized dealers in human flesh and blood, and drag them to the scaffold!"

Him they wrapped in a robe with his little moccasins on and buried him in a high place upon a scaffold.

The pity that should be bestowed upon the victim is poured out in muddy sentimentalism at the foot of the scaffold.

When he sat down it seemed as though the scaffold were already erected, and the ghastly rope swinging from it.

His choice fell upon a Spanish orphan, whose father, of firm faith and devout, had also expired upon the scaffold.

Corruptions can only be expiated by the blood of the just ascending to heaven by the steps of the scaffold.

The sky was quite white, like a scaffolding of superimposed veils between which the air circulated, producing large mobile folds.

On the left of the gangway leading to the priory and opposite the stake, a large scaffold had been erected.

If the scaffolding proves unsound it does not affect the edifice, as it can be at once replaced with material more solid.

Jarvis, of a master who planed the timber he used for scaffolding, and tied the crosspieces with ropes of silk?

"Like one of those criminals who are pampered with all the good things of life before being led to the scaffold."

If the murder was premeditated, if the accusation of deliberate homicide could be supported by substantial proofs, it meant the scaffold.

While the ships were building, the rowers were trained on scaffolds placed upon the land like benches of ships at sea.

Meager, indeed, and cold was the sympathy that a transgressor might look for, from such bystanders, at the scaffold.

Richard would not even allow the headsman time enough to erect a scaffold; but a log of wood answered the purpose.

Rogers pointed to the near bank, where a miniature scaffolding of bright orange and blue matchsticks stood a few centimeters high.

After a buffalo hunt the Indian villages were all festooned with jerked meat, strung on scaffolds and among the teepees.

He was ordered now to mount the scaffold, to put on the priestly garments, and to recant his heretical opinions.

Heavy fetters are placed upon our limbs, and daily some of us are led to the scaffold, or to death by shooting.

These various forms of fastening are employed in many kinds of industry, as for example in scaffolding, as well as in seamanship.

King Arthur sat on a great scaffold which was raised at one end, to judge who did best in the jousting.

I look upon the Laws of Motion as part of the scaffolding which has been used to build up the Law of Gravitation.

Evidently he was not one of those who grow plump on jail regime and batten under the shadow of the scaffold.

Soon the old man appeared with a horsewhip, and climbed up to the scaffold where I was sleeping on the hay.

The Village Indians of Mexico and Central America practiced a slovenly cremation, as well as scaffolding, and burying in the ground.

The next morning all were returned to the scaffolds, but the first day had glutted the Iroquois appetite for tortures.

A judge anxious to please the powers in office, or a rabid royalist, would have sent the luckless traveler to the scaffold.

Francis Bacon and Boyle were denounced by the clergy, and Lavoisier was sent to the scaffold by the Parisian mob.

It is to be hoped that all will not escape into the grave without a previous appearance either on a gibbet or a scaffold.

She laid the garment on a chair, and went on to disrobe, with the cold dignity of a queen on the scaffold.

The scaffold, meanwhile was erected in the Place de Gr?ve where the carpenters put up five wheels and two gibbets.

The Greek framed for this chorus the suspended scaffolding of a fictitious natural state and placed thereon fictitious natural beings.

Near the judge an altar was decked with relics; and not far off there stood a gibbet and a scaffold.

Above, the sloes and hawthorns growing among the fallen scaffolding of the belfry filled up the mouth of the hole.

Although improvident, they have learned to dry a stock of meat and put up a scaffold of white fish for winter use.

It is a relic of cowardly barbarism, and it is a disgrace for civilized countries still to have their guillotines and scaffolds.

Immediately the twenty-five prisoners, the bard and druids passing last, mounted with calm tread the steps of the scaffold.

We read with horror of the scaffold and the guillotine; but what immediate death could equal in atrocity their protracted sufferings?

By the magic of mental contagion he had transferred from the scaffold this Jacobin mind to the soul of a nation.

In the pursuit of hens' eggs she knew no obstacles; from scaffold to scaffold, from haymow to haymow, she leaped defiant.

Confused and fearful images of bloodshed and its penalty, the crime and the scaffold, commingled, worked in his maddened brain.

He will say to her with his habitual oaths: "Weep for your crimes, old fright, before you expiate them on the scaffold!"

With the words, "Put not your trust in princes" on his lips, the great royalist statesman prepared for the scaffold.

As scaffolding was out of the question in both cases, each bridge was built out from its piers on the cantilever principle.

And in her last fight upon the scaffold she had triumphed gloriously; victoriously she had tasted the stings of death.

He was wonderfully consoled and strengthened, and ascended the scaffold with a calm intrepidity which astonished and disappointed his enemies.

Julia rose with the fixed smile of one who is walking to the scaffold, dignified to the last, and opened the door.

It irks me, nevertheless, that the partner of her iniquity should not at least stand on the scaffold by her side.

At the foot of the scaffold he embraced her, and exhorted her to pray, before stepping aside to give place to the headsman.

At a signal the scaffold fell, the hill crumbled, and from it a few hyenas issued, who indolently devoured their prey.

The outworks, however, both wall and towers, if in course of construction, with scaffolding up, might very well have suffered severely.

Then Helene put her arms about my neck, and, upon the scaffold of death, before all the people, we plighted our troth.

As the condemned man was being actually conducted to the scaffold, the Private Secretary would appear, brandishing the liberating document.

Men were employed in decorating scaffolds erected near the gate, and other artificers were occupied in adorning the fronts of the houses.

It was only when the elaborate scaffolding of material factors was cleared away that a more ethereal conception of "the soul" was sublimated.

Going on to this was a red-brick building with the look of a warehouse, roofless as yet, and with workmen on its scaffolds.

The slaughter on the field of battle and on the scaffold was not sufficient to slake the public thirst for blood.

The body, as already stated, was conveyed from the scaffold to the lock-up, and there it remained until the next morning.

This rope lay in a seamanlike coil on the ground, with the further end attached to the transverse beam of the scaffolding overhead.

Without having assigned a cause, or given the opportunity of a defense, Philip caused them to be conducted to the scaffold and beheaded.

To die on the same scaffold as the woman whom he had idealized was to him the crowning triumph of his romantic love.

The lofty scaffolding of hope upon which the ambitious prelate was to mount to the papal throne seemed to crumble into the dust.

Signor, for should it be realized, my master would perish on the scaffold, and I would expiate my crime on the gallows!

The apotheosis is reached by the scaffold; characters have distinctive features, which engrave them as eternal types in the memory of men.

The scaffolding was blown down, the fragments scattered, and the rain, descending in torrents, instantly quenched both torch and fagot.

"What was there astonishing in that King James, not wishing to shed your blood on the scaffold, should connive at your escape?"

However, the monument looks impressive as I see it this morning for the first time with much of the disfiguring scaffolding gone.

It was simply a conglomeration of incoherent drivel from beginning to end; and so was his lengthy speech on the scaffold afterward.

When asked why he displayed such assiduity in attending the sad spectacle, he replied: "I wish to familiarize myself with the scaffold."

To the prison, to the scaffold, down to the very depths of obloquy and scorn, a loving mother clings to her son.

For by some whim of fate Madame Roland was executed on the very scaffold to which her envenomed writings had driven Marie Antoinette.

The outbuildings were now loopholed, and scaffolds were erected to enable our men to fire over the garden walls which commanded the orchard.

The scaffold was immediately new strewed with sawdust, the block new covered, the executioner new dressed, and a new axe brought.

It is sufficiently obvious that they once gave lodgment to the beams which formed the scaffolding employed in the construction of the walls.

Opposite the gallows was an open gallery, or scaffolding, like the stand at a racecourse, which, on state occasions, was crowded with spectators.

Chairs, tables, houses, very large churches, fences about the stockyards, scaffolds for buildings, and innumerable other things are made from them.

Of his six wives, he got rid of two by divorce, two by the scaffold; only two escaped his criminal humor.

They boldly carried the scaffold and effigies to within a few feet of the gate of the fort, and knocked audaciously for admission.

The artillery and the fusiliers, encamped around the demolished scaffold, looked in silence on the spots of blood that incarnadined the pavement.

Pepin rebels, dethrones the Merovingian race, and shuts his king in a cloister; but if he succeeds not, he mounts the scaffold.

Paul's to see the choir, now finished as to the stonework, and the scaffolds struck both without and within in that part.

In the event of a counterrevolution it seemed that he had nothing in prospect but a garret in Holland, or a scaffold on Tower Hill.

When he was approaching the scaffold, one of the king's scoffers stood by and tauntingly asked, "Where is your good old cause now?"

He complains that distinguished deputies, who ought to have been readmitted to their seats in the Convention, were sent to the scaffold as conspirators.

While the body was quartered by the executioner, some drops of blood fell upon the straw with which the scaffold was strewed.

Government became perplexed how to repair it, for to raise a scaffolding to such a height would cost more than the angel was worth.

That martyr is not going to recant who, on his way to the scaffold, can smile as he pats the head of a child.

This absurd declaration built the dungeons, used the instruments of torture, erected the scaffolds and lighted the fagots of a thousand years.

Already, in his miserable, excited imagination, he saw, instead of fortune and Amelia, a trial and a scaffold, and the dread name of parricide.

She was placed on a lofty scaffold, her tongue was cut out, and an attempt was made to garrote her with an iron screw.

When the Frenchman stepped on to the scaffold he surveyed the crowd with a cool stare, slightly contemptuous of their interest and excitement.

The investigations of modern writers have entirely thrown down the scaffolding on which the airy fabric, so delightful to poets and moralists, reposed.

Bryce, who would have cheerfully hobnobbed with a man whom he was about to conduct to the scaffold, lifted his glass and drank.

The fluid portion of this exudation becomes absorbed, and what remains of it forms the scaffolding on which the scar is built up.

On the other hand, a damnable scoundrel on the scaffold, with the clergyman's assurances assented to, was supposed to be jerked into heaven.

The king had been restored and was pursuing his enemies with a vengeance, and to harbor a regicide might mean death on the scaffold.

If I were destined, indeed, to walk to the scaffold, it seemed that I could do it with a better grace and a gladder courage now.

The word hung fell from her lips into my heart like the dull, sickening thud of the dropping victim from the scaffold.

The king will send me to the scaffold, but I shall nevertheless deem myself happy, for I shall at least die by your instrumentality.