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Use scrutiny in a sentence

Scrutiny Definition

  • the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
  • a prolonged intense look

Sentence Examples

Scrutiny of Conscience.

She baffles my scrutiny.

Fisher's anxious scrutiny.

"He's been under scrutiny."

I grew red under his scrutiny.

She gave him a quick scrutiny.

She paid no heed to his scrutiny.

He felt and resented the scrutiny.

His eyes continued their scrutiny.

A further scrutiny enlightened him.

The woman winced under his scrutiny.

She bore his scrutiny with composure.

The most malignant scrutiny could find no fault in him.

She raised her head and endured his deliberate scrutiny.

This must pass the scrutiny of both friends and enemies.

Scrutiny, analysis, examination, investigation, sifting.

Close scrutiny does not reveal a single assignable cause.

The scrutiny was, in some respects, not greatly reassuring.

But no vestige of a clew rewarded his microscopic scrutiny.

Shrimplin returned to the scrutiny of the bill in his hand.

It invites the scrutiny of all doubters, of all unbelievers.

She was looking at him with an expression of amused scrutiny.

Sir Eustace turned from their scrutiny, and began to walk on.

The significance of that piercing scrutiny flashed upon Lyon.

Slavin bent again and made close scrutiny of the bullet-hole.

Another and closer scrutiny of the room did not alter the first impression.

Red Jim shadowed his eyes with his hand, and cast a dark glance of scrutiny out of the doors and windows.

A searching and anxious scrutiny convinced him that it was the boat in which Maxwell had made his escape.

With careful scrutiny, she looked over the blank bit of paper before she clutched it tightly in the tongs.

But a subsequent scrutiny of the pistol was cut short by the arrival of Kingsford, who announced luncheon.