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Security blanket Definition

Sentence Examples

"His love warms and comforts me like a security blanket."

Attachments to inanimate objects: Are children who have security blankets insecure?

[From Comfort object - Wikipedia]

I suggested that perhaps her drinking thirty-two cups of coffee was not unlike my need for a security blanket...

[From Peanuts - Wikiquote]

Providing attachment objects to facilitate learning and reduce distress: The effects of mothers and security blankets.

[From Comfort object - Wikipedia]

Pain, cruelty, ugliness, hell seem appropriate words to convey seeing our long-cherished ideas and values, our security blankets, as only false gods.

[From Humanistic Nursing by Zderad, Loretta T.]

Along with other positive benefits, having a security blanket available can help children adapt to new situations, aid in their learning, and adjust to physicians' and clinical psychologists' evaluations.

[From Comfort object - Wikipedia]