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Use silver bullet in a sentence

Silver bullet Definition

  • a simple guaranteed solution for a difficult problem

Sentence Examples

We repeat our disclaimer that this is not a silver bullet.

The silver bullet fixed the cat.

"Only can kill with silver bullet."

[From The Boy Scouts on the Range by Goldfrap, John Henry]

Throw your silver bullets at the enemy.

The silver bullet had fulfilled its mission.

We have won with the 'silver bullet' before.

They could be killed only by a silver bullet.

They say you can't kill a witch but with a silver bullet.

The belief that only a silver bullet can harm a witch is illustrated in my next story.

[From Stranger Than Fiction: Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-lore by Lewes, Mary L.]

And then the Priest, he said he was a werewolf, and only a silver bullet could kill him.

[From The Dark Other by Weinbaum, Stanley Grauman]

The Werewolf can be killed only by a silver bullet, marked with a cross and blessed by a priest.

[From Bruce by Terhune, Albert Payson]

And they wished for silver bullets, to break the charm woven round the "fanatic" by a wicked spirit.

[From The Golden Silence by Williamson, A. M. (Alice Muriel)]

It is true that silver bullets alone will not do unless there are brains and bodies to use them, but the latter without the former are helpless.