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Use single out in a sentence

Single out Definition

  • select from a group.
  • treat differently on the basis of sex or race
    synonyms:separate, discriminate

Sentence Examples

Why was he singled out?

I hated being singled out by her.

Each leader singled out the other.

The unlucky Davison was singled out.

Why am I singled out for punishment?

A characteristic trait was singled out.

Again his accusing finger singled out St.

But why do you single out that as heroic??

I am singled out as one lost and accursed.

I do not single out any community or any man.

Let me single out at random several examples.

How can you single out angels from among devils?

"I have so many wishes it's hard to single out one."

Rain is what is understood by singling out breathing.

I must single out a few from a great number of instances.

Some may single out the milk or the meat as the offenders.

It is impossible to single out passages, for the whole is golden.

Every man took his place, and endeavored to single out his victim.