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Use skepticism in a sentence

Skepticism Definition

  • doubt about the truth of something
    synonyms:incredulity, mental rejection, disbelief
  • the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge
    synonyms:agnosticism, scepticism

Sentence Examples

Skepticism is much less sinful than credulity.

[From Levels of Living Essays on Everyday Ideals by Cope, Henry Frederick]

His innate skepticism once more became active.

Skepticism is hereditary on my father's side.

Absolute skepticism is impossible.

I felt skeptical.

I asked skeptically.

I smiled skeptically.

Spread of skepticism.

Ted looked skeptical.

The Skeptic chuckled.

He smiled skeptically.

His tone was skeptical.

I eyed him skeptically.

The boy was plainly skeptical.

She made a gesture of skepticism.

Harding looked at me skeptically.

My intelligence remains skeptical.

The silence was totally skeptical.

He is a rationalist, not a skeptic.

The skeptical result is inevitable.

Everyone was hilariously skeptical.

Modern Skepticism, by Joseph Barker.

He shrugged his shoulders skeptically.

Skepticism permeated her groggy voice.

He was frowning, his usual skeptical self.

His mild skepticism quickly turned to awe.

Thus skeptical principles pervade society.

[From Modern Skepticism: A Journey Through the Land of Doubt and Back Again A Life Story by Barker, Joseph]

Sube was torn between belief and skepticism.

He detests chaos, but is skeptical of cosmos.

She remained skeptical of my good intentions.

I wish I were a skeptic, a scoffer, an atheist.

[From Abroad with the Jimmies by Bell, Lilian]

She ceased to smile, in order to look skeptical.

We cannot meet a skeptical world with weak faith.

His philosophical skepticism failed him in this hour of peril.

At first, however, there were many believers and few skeptics.

His tone was amusedly skeptical, but his eyes were still somber.

One may doubtless change from belief to skepticism by too much searching.

Skepticism should never be anticipated, but it should never be neglected.

Even the most skeptical of us respect a settled belief in a time of trial.

[From The Mystery of Metropolisville by Eggleston, Edward]